Saturday, 11 February 2012

Whitney Houston RIP

A star much loved as passed away, dear blessed Witney Houston, only 48 years old. May you rest in peace dear one. Your voice and songs will stay in the hearts of love. Always to be remembered for the star that shone so bright with light and love. I know that you will be missed.

Love beyond measure Witney.

Witney was staying at the 4th floor of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA where she was a guest. Her boyfriend's Publicist states that cause of death unknown, and CNN report that she was found by her bodyguards. So why was it the boyfriend's publicist making the statement instead of her own?

It was the 11th of February US and that was the 'Day of Comfort'.

The name Whitney Houston has the Jewish gematria value of 1992 and it is the same value as 'Make love not war'. 'Watching from Above'. [2] Bodyguard was also released  in 1992.  I will always remember it, as my son bought me the DVD and CD the following year.

I tried to upload a Bodyguard video but as fast as I was uploading them, youtube were removing them.

One of the greatest female American voices ever.

Yes we cared fully for you Witney.

Condolences to your family and friends at this time.



I was reading a thread of posts about Whitney and I was given the name of a song.

'This child of mine'. 

I cannot find any song that she sung with that title.

Although Carol King and Guns n' Roses both a song with a similar title.

'Sweet child o Mine'.

However, I came across a funeral poem.

A Child of Mine 

I'll lend you for a little while
A child of mine, God said
For you to love the while she lives
And mourn for when she's dead
It may be six or seven years,
Or forty-two or three
But will you, till I call her back
Take care of her for me?
She'll bring her charms to gladden you
And - should her stay be brief,
You'll have her lovely memories
As a solace for your grief
I cannot promise she will stay
For all from earth returns
But there are lessons taught below
I want this child to learn.
I've looked the whole world over
In my search for teachers true
And from all beings that crowd life's land
I have chosen you
Now, will you give her all your love
Nor think the labor vain.
Nor hate me when I come to take
This lent child back again
I fancied that I heard you say
"Dear Lord, Thy will be done.

For all the joys Thy child will bring
The risk of grief we'll run
We will shelter her with tenderness
We'll love her while we may -
And for the happiness we have now know
Forever grateful stay."
But should the angels come for her
Much sooner than we'd planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes
And try to understand.
I have found a link between Whitney Houston and 'Guns n' Roses' and it seems that they had worked with the same producers early on in their careers, Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero. 
I have just checked the archives and I was a given vision of Whitney in the film 'Bodyguard'. It was posted in July 2010, as we know in that film there was someone who was trying to kill her and he was an agent. [4]





UPDATE 23.50 GMT 12.02.2012

Whitney is still with me. She gave me the smell of a dog.

Apparently, she had a 'Yorkshire Terrier' and as we know Yorkshire is to do with this land of Joseph.
Here is a picture of her with the dog. She has chosen the Yorkshire Terrier as her sign.

This post states Whitney had more than one. However, the one that appeared with her
on Bobby's show was called 'Doogie'.

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  1. Daily Mail have published these comments today.

    It has also been claimed that Whitney told friends she 'really wanted to see Jesus' in the days before her death and claimed she had a feeling the end was near for her, according to TMZ.
    The Thursday before she died she apparently performed Yes Jesus Loves Me at Tru nightclub in Hollywood and told one of her friends, 'I'm gonna go see Jesus ... I want to see Jesus.'
    The next morning, hours before her death, she discussed a bible passage involving John the Baptist and Jesus when she flashed a big smile and said: 'You know, he's so cool ... I really want to see that Jesus.'