Saturday, 11 February 2012


This wonderful song sung by Petula Clark 'This is My Song'.

Amazing that my name is in the code.


V for Victory
8 is the number of spiritual transformation and the symbol of infinity.
X in the ancient pictographs it was a sign or signature.
mLuT, the Lute of Lovingkindness mentioned in Psalm 92. The one that was known as Jesus Christ.
mKIM, the Harp of Faithfulness also mention in Psalm 92 and by Prophet Hosea. In Arabic, Kim is QUM. You can also find it in Hebrew, hence QUMRUN and QUM in Iraq.

King David predicted that it would be the combination of the Lute and the Harp that would make a resounding sound on the Lyre.

Smile and the world smiles with you.

Happiness within is a great healer.

Love beyond measure

The Lute and the Harp loves you

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