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Kishore Mahbubani on the East - West Divide. He wrote a book 'Can Asians Think'. He mentions how the West were 'arrogant' by thinking that their Liberal Democrat society could be imposed on Asia overnight. Obama also admitted that the Americans were 'arrogant' including himself. Yet, he still strikes Pakistan again this Chinese New Year.

"In his provocative book of essays "Can Asians Think? Understanding the Divide Between East and West", Kishore Mahbubani, Singapore's United Nations Ambassador as well as High Commissioner to Canada, says they can't, at least not very well. He expands on this controversial statement and comments on Western arrogance in regard to democracy, human rights and the West's "free press". (Originally aired June 2001)."

Kishore speaks of the 'blindness of Western thinkers'. Isn't that the truth. However, IMHV, it applies to people all over the world. Human rights is also in question with the double standards of the West. He says the 'Dam has burst' in regard to the mainstream media. In other words, the water cannot be stopped. No coincidence that this is the Aquarian Age when the dam bursts and the water bearer pours out her water. 

He mentions how the fabric of American has broken down due to its lack of social justice. He tells America to get your own house in order before you try to impact on other civilizations. Kishore compares the higher standard of life in Singapore compared with the US. 

He speaks of the fact that the USA has been the greatest power in the history of man. No other nation has ever dominated the world in such a way. As such, the USA and its people have become 'insensitive'. In my experience in the last five years being amongst Americans; that 'insensitivity' has been co-created by the Christian orthodoxy that was imposed on most of their population during its history. Imposed by parents, educators and its religionists. If and when any parent, educator or religionist crushes the will of a child, it always has a detrimental impact on that child and their view of the world. That is why 'inner child' healing is essential for people to enter the kingdom of heaven. That is why Jesus told his followers that you have to become like little children to enter the gateway of the heart. 

What does the detrimental impact co-create? 

Research shows that 50% of Americans have experiencing 'bullying' in the workplace and 85% of their people are in 'emotional chaos'. Of course the sheer numbers of military personnel and its result of PTSD, has not helped either, the deeds of the parents impact on at least 3-4 generations, it is all part of the spiritual law of the cosmos. 

We have written previously on this blog about the 'psychological torture' that Americans engage in and they do it with the intention to do so. As we know when a nation uses its power to dominate other nations, eventually those nations will break free from the dictators and their power over them. History shows us that those nations that attempt to control others are destroyed by their own hand. In so doing, those nations learn humility, although it does not happen overnight. It can take generations for people to understand what happened and why. It takes humility and courage to seek within and for people to heal themselves, their nations and the land on which they live. 

So then it is no surprise that the USA is modern day babylon mentioned in Micah 4, Rev 13, Rev 17, Rev 18 and Rev 19. It was 'desire' that brought the USA to where it is, and it is that same 'desire' that is bringing it to its knees. As the prophecies predicted there will be 'weeping' and 'gnashing' of teeth in this timeline. 

The more that people open their eyes, the more they shall weep and mourn a nation that was self-serving. The 'gnashing of teeth' is also to do with 'belief', belief that creates perceptions of themselves and their nation, belief that is not healthy for human consciousness will be thrown away by the nations and that is why Jesus told his followers that the 'bad fish' will be thrown away in this timeline. Why? The bad fish makes people sick, just like the pharmaceutical industry. There are 20 million children hooked on drugs, and that doesn't even account for the sheer numbers of drug users for pleasure in the USA. The USA has to be the largest drug taking nation in the world in my experience and some researchers state that the numbers are as high as 72%. 72% of Americans have been a drug user. 

When a nation reaches those kinds of peaks and valleys; there is only one way to redeem themselves and that is teshuvah, to walk the highway of holiness in integrity and justice. In my experience, due to the 'arrogance, and blindness' that Kishore speaks of, I do not see that happening sometime soon. It is going to take a major event to get them to shift and clearly 9/11 didn't do it. Nor did Obama taking their money as it was predicted in the biblical prophecies. 

I remember when Jesus gave me the vision of his head three times and when I asked him why? He said it was to do with the American Christians, 'Deaf, dumb and blind'. 

You can take a horse to water, you can not make them drink. Now the dam has burst and many will get swept away with the water  because they simply refused to do the will of the LORD when asked to do so. Micah 7 explains it well about what is happening in this timeline. It speaks of 'Israel's misery' and Israel means 'struggle with god'. It mentions how they come into the light when they see the LORD's righteousness and Prophet Hosea told them that the LORD would betroth his people to him in his righteousness and faithfulness. His Harp of Faithfulness that was sent to Israel in May 2006 and September 2007. Micah 7 tells the shepherd to lead the flock that are in the forests, and we know the saying about 'those that cannot see the woods for the trees.' 

The saying means that they cannot understand the sheer importance of the situation at hand due to where they are in their reality.  Plato understood it with the analogy of the 'Cave of Illusion' and that is all about 'Perceptions that have no basis in reality' from Sacred Words. 

Jesus also said that the 'The Church has given the people a false sense of security'. 

Interesting that in 2011 we also mentioned the Dam and the LORD gave a message about the 'Sultans leaving'. The post was called 'Mellah-Delta Hebrews'. 

Micah 7 mentions our compassion for Jacob and Abraham. In my reality, Jacob is to do with Israel and Abraham is to do with Egypt. Of course, the flame of Joseph is also to do with Egypt and as we know it was Joseph that saved the Egyptians from the famine. Once again the LORD has compassion for Egypt and for Israel and they shall return. If the LORD has to choose between Egypt-Israel, peace in the Middle East and in the process USA must fall, then that is what he will do. 

As he said the 'King is not allowing'. The LORD is not allowing the USA to carry on in the way that it has done so. The American shepherds have no favor or union with the LORD has such, its shepherds in the USA are being cut off in this timeline. Even the spiritual leaders in the USA, did not lead the return and as Rev 14 declares, only the 144,000 can hear the new song. New Jerusalem will come to be as ordained. This time will be shortened for the sake of the spiritually elect as ordained. 



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