Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Today the social networks were talking about 'CHRISLAM' spreading in the USA. Please see the link below for full information. [1] 

I spent some time replying to the posters, including one of the people who claims they live in Turkey. I told the person that the book of Revelation tells the people of Turkey, to repent and return to the LORD.

After that I opened an email, and this picture had been sent from a Christian in the USA, he had taken the photograph on the 28th of February, 2012. The 28th of February is the 'Day of  


The picture was taken in Chicago on the South side. As we know Jesus predicted that the Queen of the South would come when the sign of Jonah was seen. The whale arrived in Israel in 2010, and that is when the judgement began as predicted.

The difference is the prophet of Islam was not a woman. As such, Islam's prophet is not the one that the LORD promised to send for his people. Nor did the prophet of Islam arrive at the appointed time of the last days of the end times as predicted.

As we know Obama was residing in Chicago and Rev 13 it mentions the captivity. It is the same town where Catholics are praying to a statue of Fatima, the daughter of the prophet of Islam. The statue is dressed in red with her head covered.  

As the Son of God said 'If people were meant to cover their heads, they would have been born with a foreskin'.  Profound words of wisdom.

I have received another email from the rooster that sent me the photograph. The rooster wrote that the picture was taken close to an Islamic school on 76th street. It also appears on a listing of African-American Schools.

76 is the gematria of MICHAEL and Michael is mentioned in the book of Daniel. Michael was born in  South Africa but he lived in the USA. He used to say to me 'I have the body of a white man and the soul of a black man'. He loved his beloved Africa and Africans. 

As we know Michael died, because Americans did not respond to our call for help. Michael stood with me and worked with me, hand in hand, side by side. The book of Daniel tells you that he was the only one that stood with me against the Islamic Prince of Persia. Americans did not step up to help us both at that time. As such, Michael died in 2010, and he had been dead for three weeks before anyone found him. 

When he died the LORD said 'The dark Lords have descended'. Isn't that the truth. We all know what has taken place since I received that message in June 2010. Jesus also warned about the vultures around the carcass. Nobody told me that Michael had died, as Marion had been instructed to do.

It is also the gematria value of ‘Face God’.  Can the Muslims face God? Can the Christians face God? Muslims do not believe that they can see the face of God. That's because the Islamic prophet wasn't the one with the favor to do so. This is also the time that Zechariah predicted that the shepherds are being cut off. He described them as 'worthless', with 'no favor or union' with the LORD. 

76 is also 'Bible Eagle' [2] and as we know the eagle is to do with the USA and Italy. It turns out that Ron Paul is also 76 years old, and there was a recent video from Saudi, where Saudi's had invited Ron Paul to convert to Islam. 

76 is also the value of 'serve', 'dove', 'el', 'wine', 'honour', 'elohiym', 'great', 'sweet', 'heart', 'vision', 'eminent', 'hand'. 

In the above post we mentioned the sign of Jonah and Jonah means dove. In the last judgement fresco that Michelangelo painted at the top of it is a man with a whale, symbolizing JONAH. In other words, he was telling the people that the DOVE would come as well as the WHALE. I was inspired to give out broaches of wooden doves of peace to the Israeli's that were with me when I blessed the Sea of Galilee on the 22nd of May, 2006. 

The doves were also seen in the Galilee of the Gentiles when I was touring in the land of Joseph. 

The wine is a sign of ELIJAH, not the ELIJAH of the Nation of Islam, the ELIJAH mentioned in the Malachi prophecies. In Psalm 46 that Obama read out on 9/11, last year.  Elohiym is feminine, she is also the woman in the golden gown mentioned in Psalm 45. The same woman that is in Rev 12 and Micah 4. The daughter that was crowned for divine purpose in the last days of the end times. 

The wine was poured out for me to drink in Israel in May 2006 and in September 2007. 

Now there are weather warnings of storms and earthquakes in the USA. Its on its way to Chicago and other places in America. 

Teshuvah USA, teshuvah 

So what messages did the LORD give to the USA? There have been many. However, these are the ones that I shall give to you again. 

The LORD said '$365, a dollar a day you must pay'. 

'Do not refrain, remember Abraham Lincoln'. 



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