Monday, 28 February 2011

Emotive Social Evolution

The worldwide truth movement are calling this the worldwide revolution. It is global now and nothing can stand in the way of 'Emotive Social Evolution'.

We predicted it years ago, at that time people laughed and said it would never happen.

After the Iraq war began, the Christ and the Holy Mother came together and they told me that there was a new dawn on the horizon and out of the darkness would come the light. The information was published at the time and in the years that followed.

In this video you will see the clenched fist and the clenched fist was in the numerics of the 2010 crop circles.

A lot more prophecies have come to be for those that have the eyes to see.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


After we finished writing up the commentary on the prophecy in Matthew chapter 12, I checked into youtube and this was on the front page. Its so impressive it is worthy to post on both blogs.

A spiral of a whale/dolphin appeared in the sky, Russia East of the White Sea yesterday on Shabat.

The 26th of February 2011. What is important about the date?

26 is the gematria value of the name of God.

26th of February is also the 'Day of Arousal'.

26 x 2 = 52 The number of the Spiritual Elder.

It arrived in the EAST and the EAST is the direction of the Spiritual Teacher.

WHITE SEA, the colour WHITE also relates to the DOVE = JONAH = Prophet.

Its also a BLUE SPIRAL, blue = HEALER.

Divine intervention




The roof of the MetroDOME caved in at Minnesota due to sheer weight of the snow. I was asked what was the importance of the message. Our response:


Snow is symbolic and a sign of the true prophet of God, you will find it in the bible connected to Moses.

The reply was 'Heavy snow and roof construction that was unable to carry the weight?'

Indeed, check out the Michelangelo fresco of the LAST JUDGEMENT and what happens.

It all caves in due to the heavy weight of the prophet sent by God.

In the fresco you will see the whale and that is the sign of JONAH, that means DOVE.

The whale was also promised as a sign to Israel, when the Queen of the South comes with judgement. The south is the direction of the prophets, so he was telling them that she is the Queen of the Prophets.

In Psalm 45, she is the ROYAL BRIDE, the skilled writer who wore the golden gown when God presented her with the covenant for the children. She holds the sceptre.

The whale turned up in Israel in May 2010.

May the will of God be done.


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Increase Orange Energy, Vit C

Due to the energetics of the planet right now. Its important to ensure that you are getting enough Vit C and sunshine energy.

Hearts re-grow when cut

Scientists in the United States have found newborn mice can re-grow their own hearts.
The mice had a large chunk of their heart removed a day after birth, only for the heart to restore itself within three weeks.
Fish and amphibians are known to have the power to re-grow heart tissue, but the study in Science is the first time the process has been seen in mammals.
British experts said understanding the process could help human heart care.

The Fish that lives on land - Mudskipper

Libya in Peril

The latest news that Gadaffi as launched poison gas/chemical weapons at the people. In the last TV interview with the BBC, the son of Gadaffi said "We have plan AB and C. Plan A is that we will live and die in Libya, plan B is that we will live and die in Libya, plan C is that we will live and die in Libya". In other words, he made it clear that they have no intention of leaving and will fight until they are dead.

Please light a candle for the people of Libya and the rest of the Middle East.

May Abba remove Gadaffi and his family so that the will of the people can come quickly and peacefully for all of them.

Peace beyond measure


Friday, 25 February 2011


There is always a reason for everything. Now Assange will take on the law and encourages brave journalists in the media to do the same.

At great speed Assange, great speed to you.

Elephants in Christian Icon?

In recent days a friend and I, have been looking at the mudra of the right hand of Christ in this icon because hand mudra's come from Indian spiritual philosophies.

If you zoom in very close, there is a golden pyramid capstone behind the hand. The right hand is also the right hand of God. If you look at the hand on the side, it looks like four trunks of ELEPHANTS and this is a FOUR year. As we know the ELEPHANT is the totem animal with the most wisdom.

Also in 2010, 4 elephants were allegedly poisoned, dead in Assam. India.

Was it a sign? Yes.


The Hand on the SUN 24th Feb 2011

Taken yesterday, the 24th of February when we were doing some shamanic healing work.

What else happened on the 24th?


Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Obelisk

Today, I was shown an obelisk that was being smashed, and then the clock of Big Ben at the side of it. Big Ben wasn't being smashed only the obelisk. There is an obelisk on the Thames in London called 'CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE' and this is the one that I saw being smashed. It was presented to the UK in 1819, by the ruler of Egypt and Sudan, his name was Muhammad Ali. This was the first sign of Islam's intention to take over the UK. A sign that would put the captivity of Egypt on the map of England.

When Cassis Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali, that was also a sign for the USA of Islam's intentions. There was also Malcolm X, at the forefront of the Nation of Islam, then USA elected OBAMA as the president of the USA.

It does make you wonder where are the spiritual people at there? What on earth have they been doing; to not see and understand the signs that have been planted all over the world. As I said to the Americans the other day 'What have you been feeding to your children?".

In modern times the obelisk was also erected in New York and Paris.

However, apparently, the tallest obelisk is in Rome, and Rome as more of them then anyone else. Did they think that the Queen of the South would go to Rome to see them? Did they think their obelisks would impress her? The heavenly Father never sent his Queen to Rome. Although he did send her to New York and Paris. However, he didn't send her to look at obelisks...

In the early 90's a lady asked me to value a large SMOKEY quartz crystal obelisk, then afterwards she asked me if I would be willing to buy it from her. At that time, I liked crystals and had a collection for healing purposes. Anyhow, the first time that I took that SMOKEY quartz obelisk out, afterwards, it simply disappeared. I was not meant to have it by my side.

The show must go on...QUEEN....

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Suppressed Histories African Queens, Libya, Jamaica, Ghana

This is a wonderful link about the African Queens/Libyan Amazons. 

"According to Greek accounts, the earliest Amazons came from Libya (then a name for most of North Africa). They wore red leather and carried crescent-shaped shields. It was these Libyan Amazons, they said, who later founded cities and temples in the Aegean and Anatolia.

At a much later period, the Amazons of Dahomey were crack all-female troops, all female, who also served as royal bodyguards. They were also priestesses and wore crescent moon crowns." 

See the link for more on the women that beat the slave catchers. Interesting that there was an ABA rebellion in Southeastern Nigeria. They managed to mobilize 2 million women and the writer that provided the information states that it was the most significant rebellion against colonial rule. 

Similar protests took place in Senegal against the French. 

We also have the RAIN QUEENS of LOVEDU, how lovely. The rain queens obviously knew how to work with the weather, like the Native Indians of America and shamans from other indigenous peoples. 
In Swazi, the Queen is called 'Mother of the Country' and 'LADY ELEPHANT'. She has the power to give sanctuary to others. [1]


THE REBEL SHAMANS - The Liberators 

"Priestesses, diviners and medicine women stand out as leaders of aboriginal liberation movements against conquest, empire, and cultural colonization."

Here is one the websites videos. 

This information is relevant to this blog at this time because Christ was an amazing Shaman. 

His shamanic work in the bible is not understood by Christians because they're not Shamanic healers. 


Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Just catching up with earth news and there is a lot going on.

After QUEENS LAND, Australia was flooded, now a 7.3 earthquake at CHRIST CHURCH, NEW ZEALAND on the 22nd of February 2011.

22 is a MASTER number and it is DIVINE FEMININE...

73 is also an important number in Hebrew gematria.

Its a few years ago now that Abba said '9.73 is what really counts'. 

Are you listening Christians?


As we posted a couple of times. Abba said 'Annie get your gun'.

Well here we go....


Please see the Middle East Update on the ELIAKIM blog.

A sweet little song.

A song that we were singing decades ago when I was still innocent
about the mission.

Love beyond measure



Monday, 21 February 2011

107 Whales Dead Stewart Island

We post most of our news about the animals on this blog, as such we are posting this here.

107 Whales washed up in the South of STEWART Island, New Zealand. The whales were discovered on SUNDAY,  near a place called 'CAVALIER CREEK'. As we know, New Zealand, part of the commonwealth.

Most of Stewart Island is a nature reserve and the South is the direction of the prophet. The whale is symbolic of the prophet Jonah = DOVE of Peace. Professor Horace Dobbs, once said that swimming with whales is like swimming with God.

Stewart is a French and Anglo-Saxon name. In the UK it is usually associated with Scotland and the old Scottish Royal Family. In Scotland, the Campbells and the Stuarts fought against each other until the bitter end. The name Cavalier was a name used by parliamentarians for a Royalist supporter of King Charles I and II during the English Civil War. Of course, in modern times there was also a car called the Cavalier manufactured by FORD.

So why did 107 whales arrive here? What message do they convey to humanity?

107 is a 28th prime number, it is an atomic number, emergency number in Argentina, Cape Town and the police in Hungary. Its also found associated with CARS, being the 107% rule, a FORMULAR ONE Sporting Regulation. The FRENCH CAR company PEUGEOT also launched a Peugeot 107.

The French have also been involved in contracts with Libya, with a nuclear involvement mentioned in the media in 2008/9. In the above information we also have FRANCE, CAR = OIL.

107 is the Jewish gematria value of Greek and 2Afrika.

Hebrew gematria also brings us the following words that relate to the above:



Prophet Jonah is featured in the Michelangelo Fresco of the "Last Judgement" and the word MICHAEL also as the gematria value of 107.

There is a lot more to the message in the Hebrew Gematria. However, I feel sure that you will get the gist of what is going on in Libya. Especially, as Gaddaffi did a rather fast exit to his chums in South America.

People have to come to understand that mining for oil is destroying the habitat of the oceans and seas. The whales are giving their message again. Last but not least, there were an additional 48 that had to be put to sleep. 48 hours = 2 days. 48 months = 4 years and this is a 4 year. Four years takes us to 2015, the date they were found is the 20th and 20 is the number of judgement.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


In the 2010 crop circles, the number 11 came up a lot and it is the number of the clenched fist.

This is your life, don't let governments/elemental forces deny you your human rights, or your divine right to be free, to be who you are.

The sacred union with the divine is the cure for all ills.

Love beyond measure



It was shown to me a couple of weekends ago, that the TEA PARTY PLATE is smashed. The tea plate fell on the floor and smashed to pieces. Why did the 'Tea Party Plate' get smashed?

Its 'Made in CHINA', and a lot of businessmen in the USA are Republicans. As we know, money speaks and money got involved in the tea party, including the Chimps from the democrats. The Obama supporters. The New World monkeys like to break plates, purely for fun and we warned the Americans about the New World Monkeys in 2009.

Also the people of the USA did not implement the advice given, nor did they do the will of God.

On a conference call they asked me if they can avoid a violent revolution in the USA?

I responded that the difference is that Americans view a gun as a symbol of freedom, the rest of the world view it, as a symbol of oppression. The USA is at odds with the rest of the world, in more ways than one.

The USA were advised to impart to the people that they must heal themselves,  they were asked to get this show on the road. From 2007, they ignored the call to act, they ignored the SOS, they ignored the will of God and what he was asking of them. We told them that it was the final countdown that ended at the end of August 2010. Still they did not shift, still they were talking about money, money, money, the banks and the Fed. They just didn't get it, that the inner world co-creates the outer world of nature, nurture and environment on planet earth.

The measure that the American people gave from their hearts, will be the measure of help that they will receive. We asked a few people in the USA to help, that help wasn't given. Even though God did his utmost to help them. Our mission with the land of ESAU, USA finished in 2010. Same with Israel, they broke the covenant with God, they received their last warning when the 5 million trees burned to the ground on the prophet's mountain.

Now we must build New Jerusalem.

No surprise that its kicked off in Winconsin = WIN CON SIN.

Now we have this co-creation as a manifestation of thoughts, words and deeds of the American people, due to them not listening and doing.


 Well I have been in the wars again during sleep state. I also had a dream of a car just before I woke up. In the dream the wheel of the car had come off and two men came to sort it out.

Then while I was making coffee,

Abba said 'SOLAR CARE'. 

So what do we have to do with Solar Care?

Did you know about the World's Fastest Solar Car? 

Meet the Sunswift team.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Abducted Greek Children Must Be Returned

Following on from Abba mentioning 'EAST TIMOR' and the Indonesian children being kidnapped. (See the ELIAKIM blog). Today, I have been led to the information about the Greek children that were abducted by the communists.

The video is called 'Macedonia Greece, Abducted Greek Children are still looking for their roots.' These 30,000 children must be returned to their homeland.

30 is the gematria value of the Hebrew letter LAMED, it became the letter L and in the ancient pictographs it is the shepherd's staff.

May the will of God be done


Friday, 18 February 2011


This video about the food price hike is an important one. The money men are at it again, well they can take a hike and leave the food alone. Time for the money men to find a heart of conscience and stop doing what they doing to the people of this world.

No coincidence that today is the 18th.

The number 18 was in the crop circles in 2010 and it represents 'materialism destroying spirituality'.

We also predicted that the Chinese Year of the Rabbit would impact on FOOD on our other blog.


As we know the fish became the symbol of the Church, but few in the Church know that the fish symbol was part of many ancient cultures. 

Fish existed prior to the Church, it is a TAO symbol. Little do the Church know that the TAO is in the mosiacs of the ancient Eastern Churches. Most of which were destroyed and built over. 

The original TAO symbol was two fishes swimming head to tail in harmonic concordance.

There was no yin/yang originally.

The fish is also a very important symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism. 

The golden fish saved the people from the floods and was believed to be a vehicle of Vishnu. In Buddhism it is a symbol of Quan Yin and is also symbolic of the footprint of Buddha. As we know both Christ and Buddha were called fishers of men.

So what were Christ and Buddha doing by being fishers of men? 
Saving people from themselves and their emotions that co-create disease. 

They were teaching people to become masters of the self so that they could have a healthy consciousness. Did other spiritual teachers down the ages do this? 

Of course. 

In fact, there was a time in India when the gurus would hit their students to bring up their issues for healing.

Massacre in Bahrain

Where is the international support for the people of Bahrain? There is a massacre going on there.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Following on from our EAST TIMOR post on the ELIAKIM blog regarding what is going down there with the children being kidnapped.

What else is going on?

Scientists were searching for the remains of giant RATS as big as DOGS and rock art of human faces were found there, these ancient carvings date back at least 12,000 years.

In spiritual symbology RATS are to do with cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing, its the rats that carry it out. The Dogs are also symbolic of Christians.

Is it a warning sign to Islam to leave the indigenous children alone in East Timor? It certainly is.

God is watching YOU....and every move you make. 

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Happy Valentines Day

Sound beyond measure


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Suppression of the People

In Matthew Chapter 10, Christ warned us about the medical profession. The word oppression is related to those who hold power over others against their will. However, it is an oppression that can also be understood as a 'suppression' because the drugs that they administer suppress the feelings that people have. Everything as a reason for being and every dark cloud as a silver lining. However, if the drugs stop you from seeing the clouds, how can a person find the silver lining?

If the drugs stop you from feeling the pain, how will you find the root causes of the core issues to heal them? As we know the medical profession only understand the symptoms they don't seek to understand the root cause of any disease because they have not been trained to do so. Many don't understand the symptoms either and really are a waste of time. How can the NHS charge your doctor 400 pounds for a 20 minute appointment without offering a cure?

Amazing isn't it, how healers and complimentary medicine therapists are not allowed to state that they can cure anything, is that because the NHS can't?

For the first two years of a doctors training they don't even work with a real, A-LIVE body, a real person, they only work with a corpse. They learn more about dead bodies, then they do about live ones. That's like living on cereal for two years and never having any fresh food. 

Junior doctors call August, the killing season because that is the first time they go on the wards to work with real people.

In my humble view, the training of doctors should be much more precise and much more focussed. As they don't understand the root causes of disease, they should work with people that know how to access the root causes of the disease. Otherwise just stick to surgery, the medical profession are good at that.

So be aware that the medical profession are suppressors who work for the oppressors of humanity. Currently the medical profession is in complete disarray because the government in the UK are handing over NHS budgets to them. Doctors don't know what to do, they weren't trained to be 'BUYERS' of products and services. They were not trained to manage multi-million budgets that you gave them in your national insurance contributions.

They were not trained to think outside of the box, they have been put into a box by the general medical council/academia and sometimes they pop up like a JACK in the USA. The doctors have closed ranks, that few break. How many medical whistle blowers are there? Very few because their medical careers can be destroyed by not towing the party line and that is another form of suppression and oppression. The medical staff themselves are oppressed and stuck in a system that simply does not solve and reduce disease.

Governments are going to have to come to the point and admit that they don't know how to eradicate disease. They've had 100 years to try (that's long enough) and disease is increasing and not decreasing. Isn't taking national insurance contributions for a service that they cannot and do not provide in breach of the trade descriptions act. The same with the insurance companies in the USA. The Western world as been milked for every single penny, and now they have the audacity to turn the tables on the people yet again.

The medical profession is being privatized in the UK and socialized in the USA. Who are the losers in the governments debacle? The people.

Adminstrators and managers that failed in the NHS are now being handed over to the pay roll of the local councils and the local borough councils are going to be responsible for your health. Council tax is rising and rising for services that are diminishing.

Is that empowering? No, its just a move of power of quangos from one place to another. Are borough councillors trained to deal with the health of the community? Certainly not. Are they medics? No. Are they healers? No. So what advantage is it to the people? Pray tell me, I would love to hear it.

The suppression and oppression of the people will be removed because it is all part of the divine plan.

Its time for the people to take their power back from those that take your money without your consent. Not only do they take your money without your consent, they also spend your money without your consent. We did not give them a power of attorney.

All their working lives the people have paid into the 'system' and then when the people ask for help that help is not there. Those that are suffering are then humiliated by the government henchmen for asking for what they've paid for, in other words their own money back.

The whole system is corrupt including those that installed it.


Justice will be brought to the nations.


Friday, 11 February 2011

World Supports Egypt, Peace and Freedom

God bless it

The world is celebrating with you Egypt.

We love you


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Student Nurses Protest - No Pay, No Way....

Thousands of student nurses are protesting pay cuts. They are chanting NO PAY, NO WAY....

In my humble view the nurses have always been underpaid for the long hours that they work and the work that they do.

Justice beyond measure


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tomb of Zechariah found

For more information see the link.

For some information on his prophecies please see the KIMMO ELIZABETHS SONG post.

Julian Assange Challenges the Internet Generation

An important message from Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

"For there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs." Matthew 10:26-27

Monday, 7 February 2011


The ancient Jewish prophecies include a canticle from the prophet Zechariah and its about the promise to Abraham. I was led to this awesome work after God told me that I was a 'protagonist". This was shared on an Aramaic biblical forum by Paul Younan and it was originally posted on August 13th, 2001. 

Zechariahs canticle

Strophe One

1. Blessed be the Lord God of Israel
2. for He has looked favorably on his people
3. and He has redeemed them. 

"Una and the Lion" by Briton Rivière (1840-1920).

Strophe Two

1. He has raised up a mighty savior for us in the house of his servant David
2. as He spoke through the mouth of His holy prophets from of old
3. that we would be saved from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us

Strophe Three

1. Thus he has shown the mercy (Aramaic - "Khanan" - root of the name 'Yukhanan' (John)) promised to our ancestors
2. and has remembered (Hebrew - "Zachar", root of the name Zechariah) his holy covenant
3. the oath (Hebrew - "Shaba", root of the name Elishaba (Elizabeth)) that he swore to our ancestor Abraham. 

Strophe Four

1. to grant us that we
2. being rescued from the hands of our enemies
3. might serve him without fear in holiness and righteousness before him all our days

Strophe Five

1. And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Most High
2. for you will go before the Lord
3. to prepare His ways

Strophe Six

1. to give knowledge of salvation to his people
2. by the forgiveness of their sins
3. by the tender mercy of our God

Strophe Seven

1. The dawn from on high will break upon us
2. to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death
3. to guide our feet into the way of peace [2]

We can see from Strophe three that it was divinely planned that Abba would present 
his mercy, he would keep his promise to Abraham and his people, to send his 
Virgin Queen with his holy covenant. 

Three in one.

This is a wonderful video called 'ELIZABETH'S SONG by Kimmo.