Monday, 13 February 2012

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Following on from the post about Whitney Houston and her speaking to me of her child, 'This Child of Mine'.  While she was with me. [1]Young Bobbi Kristina was in a state of shock at not being allowed to see the body of her mother. Clearly she was distraught by the news due to the shock of it. News reports state that young Bobbi was taken out of the hotel on a stretcher. [2]

Prayers for Bobbi at this time.

As I have said previously, Bobbi really requires a healing sanctuary and to be out of the USA.

However, in the meantime, we can all say a prayer for her, and hope that she can hold on to life, as her mother would like her to do. Whitney would like Bobbi Kristina to stay on the planet and learn from a good spiritual teacher. She would like her to be loved tenderly, and be given shelter where no harm can come to her. Where she can be loved and reach her fullest potential, once she can make peace with herself and her heart.

Please hold this child in your hearts at this time as Whitney has asked us to do.



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