Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gender Discrimination Abortions UK

Gender-Selection Abortions
Following on from the Dr Jones -v- Dr Dolittle post, [1] now there is news that there is a police investigation into abortion clinics in the UK. Goodness gracious me, this news report gives a video of an English woman that is asking for an abortion because she does not wish to have a little girl. Undercover journalism to expose what is going on in some of these abortion clinics. The Asian doctor was happy to provide the abortion privately, the throwaway society that is destroying creation. Two abortion clinics have been exposed by The Daily Telegraph and it has been reported to the police and the General Medical Council. The report states that staff at the clinic were caught 'falsifying paperwork'. Doctors were filmed agreeing to abortions based on gender. One of those doctors is Dr Prabha Sivaraman. [2] Heavy karma for those doctors and people that are involved in sex-selection abortions. Another news report states that the doctor has been suspended from the private clinic. [3] See the banner 'Discrimination against the girl child leads to abortion'. [4] The North West Nationalists made the following comment. "Once again we are seeing 'third world practices' being brought into the UK and becoming 'normal'. In these foreign countries males are preferred to females. You only have to see, for example; pakistani families arriving at maternity units to see the difference when a male baby is born and a female baby is born. It's sad faces all round if a baby girl is born, and fewer visitors turn up. The exact opposite occurs when a boy is born." 'this is blatant 'sexism', which the 'luvvies' usually leap on, but because the practise is being done by 'ethnic minorities', there is a silence." [4] As I have said in the past, if people wish to pay to train in English teaching hospitals to be doctors, fine. However, after they have finished training they should go back to their countries of origin to help their own people. Not take the jobs of the indigenous people. Then there will be more jobs for British doctors. In 2007, 8,000 doctors were laid off by the NHS and they had to find work elsewhere. Mostly abroad. As we know the health reforms that are being proposed will also privatize the NHS even more. There was some information shared in the social networks the other day of how there has been 333 donations to the Tories from individuals and companies that are associated with or from the private healthcare sector. Since 2001, the Tories have received 8.3 million. [5] Teshuvah humanity, teshuvah 

You can understand why they find it so hard to accept a woman, can't you. 

Lotus Feet is here now. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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