Saturday, 11 February 2012

Syrian Chief Murdered

Nostradamus made a prediction about seven Islamic leaders being murdered in quick succession. [1]

A Syrian military hospital General has been killed in Damascus, the BBC report. 

"The head of a Syrian military hospital has been killed by members of an "armed terrorist group" in the capital Damascus, the state news agency says.
Three men opened fire on Brig-Gen Dr Isa al-Kholi as he left his home in the north of the city, it said." 
May the LORD ensure that the Muslim brotherhood are driven out of Syria and that peace can reign supreme. 
The LORD said 'Thy shall not murder'. 
At the same the former Archbishop of Canterbury has said 'The Christian faith is facing 'gradual marginalisation'. In the UK, I would say that it is lot more than that. The LORD said it was 'discrimination', after that a brave Muslim woman said on TV that the British people are being discriminated against. 

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