Friday, 24 February 2012

Ahmadinejad Son of Blacksmith

On the 10th of August, 2011 we featured the 'Wayland Crop Circle' on the ELIAKIM blog and it mentions the 'Blacksmith'. This is a paragraph from that post.

"Its extremely important that the children have role models of guiding lights, to lead them out of crime not into it. There as been news that people have been offering children money to riot and we all know about the blacksmiths that shape an idol with hammers. We also know who holds those hammers, that hammer the children in their communities. It seems that the baton as replaced the biblical hammer. However, as Christ said 'Woe betide anyone that harms a child'. The spiritual law will come down upon your own heads." [1] 

On the 7th of November, 2011 we featured a post called 'Judah, G20 and the Abyss'.

"In the book of Samuel there is the blacksmith. Prophet Isaiah also spoke of the blacksmith and he takes a tool and works it in the coals. As we know coal is also black and burns in the fire, there is the saying as black as coal.  In Isaiah 54, the blacksmith is called the destroyer that wrecks havoc. Does it remind you of the Leopard Obama from Africa in Rev 13?" [2] 

Today's news is that Ahmadinejad is the Son of a Blacksmith. 

"Vilified in the West for his barbs against America and Israel, his defiance on Iran's nuclear work, and questioning of the Holocaust, the blacksmith's son has long relied on his charismatic appeal to the poor and devout, as well as his links to the elite Revolutionary Guard and Basij religious militia." [3] 

Its an explosive situation in the Middle East at the moment. There have been further clashes at the temple mount and at least one man has died. From what I can see from the video the violence was started on purpose by rock throwers, throwing rocks at the police. It is not a pretty sight in Jerusalem right now. [4]

In addition, two British journalists that worked for Iranian Press TV have been taken hostage in Libya and American farmers are complaining that Iraq does not wish to buy their rice. 

If Rev 18, and Rev 6 manifests in its entirety, the USA have more to be concerned about than rice. The more that the nations around the world are turning against the USA, the more their product and exports will fall of the shelf. They will require all the food that they can grow to feed their people. Hence, why we recommended that local people create their own fish farms. 



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