Tuesday, 7 February 2012


No surprise that government ministers admit that there is a backlog of sickness benefits to be paid to claimants and 40% win their cases on appeal. That means that Cameron's sub-contractor Atos Healthcare and its medical henchmen, are purposely removing people that are worthy of their claims. We don't see that in the news headlines now do we?

The number of 40% also relates to the number 40, Moses and the years that they spent in the wilderness.

However, it wasn't much better under the labour government either. Its time to get rid of the sub-contractors that are paid to stand against the poor and sick. [1] Atos, a French company are paid 100 million a year to get people off sickness benefits when the government can't even provide jobs for 2 million young healthy people.

And Stephen Timms, as the audacity to this: "People out of work with health problems should be getting help to find a job and at the moment too many are not."

Its disgraceful, when the government don't even trust the GP's to do their own jobs properly. It is the GP's that know the life history of the medical conditions of their patients not the henchmen that are sub-contracted by the government.

The responsibility for assessment of patients should be firmly with the GP's of those patients not outsourced. That 100 million could then go into the NHS.

One of the claimants Nigel Love said "You don't expect somebody from a government department to recommend that you complain to a private sub-contractor about their performance."

This is happening a lot, people falling between two stalls and passing the buck. It happens with the banks as well, it is done intentionally, to wear the people down.


1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-16937742

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