Monday, 13 February 2012

Ann Holmes Redding

This is a story of how one woman compromised with Islam and in so doing she betrayed her own soul. Its a story from a Church in the USA from 2009. An episcopal Christian priest, Ann Holmes Redding was defrocked after refusing to recant her Muslim faith. [1]She thought she could have two at the same time. Well, she has a lot to learn.

1. They they are not meant to wear their priestly frocks anyway. Jesus taught his true followers to trample their religious garments of pride under their feet. Interesting that the wondrous woman from heaven in Rev 12, also have the crescent moon under her feet and we all know that the moon is the symbol of Islam.

2. The LORD said 'NO COMPROMISE'. That means no compromise with Islam.

3. The article speaks of her speaking of her surrender to Islam and surrender has got nothing to do with a religion. Its surrender to your own soul, those that have truly surrendered to their own souls do not surrender to religions, organized or otherwise. Once again, the priests reject the capstone of spiritual independence.

4. The god of Islam is Allah and Allah is not the god of the Christians. Biblically speaking, Muslims worship a foreign god, and the bible predicts that 'shame will cover their glory'. It also tells them to drink and be exposed in this timeline.

Biblically, the Mosque in Jerusalem is an abomination in the sight of the LORD, it should never have been placed in Israel. Although Prophet Daniel did warn of it.

5. There is a difference between 'god' and God. There is also a difference between the LORD and his Son. Only those that have seen and spoken to them both know the difference between the Father and the Son, and the divine realities in between.

6. When people sign up to Islam, they then deny their spiritual inheritance that was promised to the Children of Abraham.

7. This is the 26th post and 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. Today, is also the 13th of February, my birthday. 13 x 2 = 26. The LORD manifests the most wonderful ways.



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