Tuesday, 31 January 2012


It was in 2008 that the Son of God said that the USA is 'The house that Jack Built. When one thinks of Jack one thinks of Jack Kennedy. This news item is titled "Bombshell: Barack Obama outed as CIA Creation'. The article is in three parts and I must admit Obama does look like his grandfather in the picture although something does look right about it.

The article is by a well known investigative journalist with good credentials and he provides in-depth information on the Obama family and links to CIA operations and operatives.

The Kennedy Foundation is also mentioned in addition to Crane. The Kennedy Foundation links us to the original message from Jesus Christ received in 2008. Another link to the crane. [2] And another one, see where it leads you after you read the journalists article. [3]



Recently we featured the 'Cape Cod Christian' post and the Dolphins that had died there and how it related to judgement. [1] Since then we have also had the 'Florida Crash Interstate 75' and 75 is to do with when the last days of the end times began. That was when Arafat's men murdered the Christian population in Southern Lebanon.

Now we have 100+ dolphins beaching in the past month in Cape Cod and the scientists do not know why. January 31st is the 'Day of Sociability' and as we know dolphins are social animals that care about humanity. Beings of unconditional love that are prepared to give their own lives to warn you of what is coming. The fact, that it is in Florida again, does not bode well for Florida. As we know there was also news of a virus to do with Rabbies that has also been released there.

100 is to do with the spiritual law in the new testament and when Jesus speaks of it, he speaks of it in terms of what you give will come back to you 30, 60 or 100 fold. Of course, it can also happen in the opposite way if people refuse to give or if people transgress the spiritual law. This is another warning to Florida. Teshuvah.

In the scripture Jesus told his followers that nature was the holy scroll, and Jeremiah told the people that they do not understand the signs from the LORD that are shown to the people in nature. He gave the birds as an example of how they know when to migrate and how the people do not recognize messages that the birds bring. Snowy Owls are also migrating South months sooner than is normal and the scientists do not understand that either. Of course, they don't, how could they, how many scientists can talk to animals or to the birds like the true prophets and true saints could and can?

The scientists say that these dolphins are found upon a 25 mile coastline. 25 is a quarter of a century and 2+5 = 7. Seven is also related to the spiritual law in the OT and in the NT as well. In Hebrew gematria it is the value of the ZAYIN, and Rabbi's relate it to the 'woman of valor.' In other words its about daughter ZION and the LORD's plan for the last days as written in Micah 4.

These dolphins have been beaching for three weeks and 3 x 25 = 75. I get the feeling that the Christians are being asked how many signs will it take to convince you? What will it take for you to accept the will of the LORD?

Its no coincidence that I was sent to Florida for the first time in 2008. To St Augustine on the coast. I did not know until I arrived there, that was the place where the first cross was put down by a priest. I asked for the photographs of me that were taken in Florida by Michael's camera after he died. Of course, they did not do as I asked of them. They did not honor daughter ZION, and when they did not honor daughter ZION, they did not honor the LORD and his Son either.

Teshuvah Florida, Teshuvah

1. http://christvisionloveunion.blogspot.com/2012/01/cape-cod-christians.html

Lady of the Lake

While I was waiting for the blog to load, my eye was taken to the 'Florida Crash Interstate 75'. The 75 then rang out with a bell, that it was the year 1975 that the last days of the end times began. That was the year that Arafat and his men murdered the Christian population in Southern Lebanon.

Today, we have written about the 'Byron Nuclear Reactor' event on our other blog because it is another warning to Americans in the USA. [1]

The post also mentions 'EXCALIBUR' and that also relates to Montana and Elizabeth Claire Prophet's Camelot. As we know her kingdom fell just like Babylon mentioned in Rev 18, Jezebel is also mentioned in Rev 2. We have also written about the 'Abode' of the Babylonians that frequent the conspiracy forums. Many of whom co-create disease and allow others to do so, just like the mice that look for the crumbs. As the LORD said in 2009, he is going to 'Kill the germs'. As we know the mice are certainly a carrier for the germs that they carry, just like the rats and cats.

Cats were never meant to live in the homes of the people. The job of the cats was to kill the mice that create disease on the land. The more that people lived with cats, the more they become like them. The more prosperous people became the more pets that they had. Trading in pets then became the trade of merchants. Instead of leaving the animals in their natural environment and habitat, men saw a way of making money by capturing and selling the animals. As such, the animals that were meant to live in the wild for divine purpose were then put into captivity. The more that man put the animals into captivity, the more that man was taken into captivity. As the LORD said 'It is not a one way street'.

As we know the cat is a 'stalker' and it 'stalks' the mice. Large cats like Leopards mentioned in Rev 13, also 'stalk' the gazelle that defends the tree of life. They have even been known it run in a pack and besiege an elephant and her babies. In the USA, women even call themselves after cats like 'cougars' etc.

This was an interesting video it is called 'Lady and the Lake' apparently, it was photographed in Switzerland, and I do have an Austrian friend that is currently working in Switzerland. In the video there is a figure that is completely immersed in water, like a woman that has not taught herself to walk upon it. In other words they have not become 'master of emotions' or where it leads them. As such, they stay submerged in the lake.

When the floods came, many refused to leave the beautiful palaces that were now under the ocean. So they stayed there when others went onto land of paradise. It was hard to leave those we loved behind. However, we had no choice, procreation for the continuation of humanity on the land was essential.

Atlantis was not destroyed in one go. There were many warnings before hand and a lot happened afterwards as well.

Rescue the children from the emotion that co-creates disease, please. Rescue the mothers from the emotion that co-creates disease, please. Help the people to move beyond a requirement for pharmaceutical drugs that disempower and kill the soul of consciousness.

Lotus Feet

1. http://academysounds.blogspot.com/2012/01/bryon-reactor-warning.html

Monday, 30 January 2012

Blue Sphere Shower UK

Well first it was raining Apples in England and now it is 'Blue Jelly Spheres' found in Bournemouth, in Dorset. In the interview on the BBC, you can see them.

The headline says 'Bournemouth resident mystified by 'blue sphere shower'. It was reported on the 27th of Janaury, 2012. The spheres are jelly-like and have no smell and are not sticky. The 3cm balls came raining down late on Thursday afternoon during a hail storm. [1]

At the same Richard Branson and his company Virgin are in the news again due to payments to the Met police. We knew that they were privatizing the police force due to the government wishing for them to run like a business. However, this means that legally a business can hire them to work for companies like Virgin. The government will be selling off the police force next because their running out of things they can sell.[2] As we know when a country doesn't haven't assets left to sell, then they sell the people.


Florida Crash Interstate 75

Well following on from the 6.3 quake in Peru, there is now a crash in Florida in a multi-pile-up. Ten have been killed before dawn on interstate 75 near Gainesville. Reports say that it involved at least 12 cars and six trucks that is 18 altogether. Rev 18 and that is about the USA. At least 18 people were taken to hospital as well.

18+18 is 36 and that is the Hebrew gematria of the 'Righteous' Ten people died and ten is the number of new cycle of time and the sephirot.

Apparently, the people ran into a 'bank of thick fog and smoke' and we did post the video of the fire in the rain last night. One driver said 'If I could give you an idea of what it looked like, I would say it looked like the end of the world'. [1] I have a feeling that this crash is to do with the 12/8ths prophecy given by the LORD when he said people had signed their own death warrants.

So what is interstate 75 about? 7+5 = 13, the date of my birth. In Hebrew it is the gematria of 'Love, and 'the One'. 13 also relates to Rev 13 and wisdom that was called to do the count on the man who is the Leo the Leopard, Obama. I also read today that Hillary Clinton is talking about stepping down after 20 years of public office. I am not surprised after what she has been involved with in foreign policy. 20 is the number of judgement and Clinton knows its coming.

75 in Hebrew gematria is also WISDOM. Glory, Trust, Prophecy and Hand. This is the 33rd post in January and 33 is also to do with the WISDOM gateway in 2010. That was the year that the judgement began when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel.

Well America certainly made its choice. Little do they know the impact that is having on them due to them turning away from the LORD.

Teshuvah America, Teshuvah

May those that have died rest in peace.

May those that are in hospital be raised up in health and healing.

May peace be with all reading this post.


1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-16784052

Sunday, 29 January 2012

6.3 PERU Earthquake

Well, I have just been banned from a forum and the LORD smiled and he said 'You won, they only ban you when they know that you have won, because you are the one'. I am consumed with resplendent peace. He said to me this morning, 'Your love is as deep as an ocean and as tall as a Tree'.

Then I went to youtube to collect the news, and there has been a quake in Peru. The magnitude is  6.3 and the LORD likes me to look at the magnitudes. 63 is the Hebrew gematria value of 'The Prophet Leads'. This is the verse quoted and it is from Exodus.

"Therefore now go, lead the people unto the place of which I have spoken unto thee; behold, mine Angel shall go before thee; nevertheless in the day when I visit I will visit their sin upon them". Exodus 32:34

I do know one of our spiritual community that is living in Peru, and we wrote about James Redfield earlier this evening and he wrote a book about Peru. 'The Celestine Prophecy.' 

However, Peru was not the place that the LORD spoke to me of. He knows that I know the place that he has chosen.

It is also the gematria value of 'The voice of the LORD", 'I see', 'Lead, Guide'.

6.3 Earthquake in Peru.

1. http://www.biblewheel.com/gr/gr_63.asp

Lotus Feet the divine nature of ELIAKIM JOSEPH-SOPHIA

Wealth -v- Values

There are some Native American Indian tribes that are wealthy and there are some that are the complete opposite. Are the wealthier tribes sharing with the poorer ones? It does not appear to be so. As such, what do the Native Americans have to share with the righteous in terms of true spirituality, if true sharing is not lived by them?

Many of the American tribes are in the state of 'protection' and 'preservation'. On my spiritual journey I integrated that in the true power of love, there is no requirement for protection because divine love in manifestation is the greatest defender of all that is good.

If the tribes had been living in that divine love would the Europeans been able to put them asunder? I feel not, because in the divine light of the being, the people are always guided divinely.

Some of the Indians were warned in advance what was coming to be, so that they could avoid it. However, in their innocence, they did not pass the 'temptation initiation'. They were tempted by what the white man offered them that was like a 'poison' to their beings.

Just like humanity consume that which 'poisons' them today. The difference is today, due to education, people do not know the difference between that which is good for the being and that which isn't.

People do have their eyes open, and at the some time choose to ignore what is self-evident. Hence, self-destruction and perishing continues until such time as individuals choose to return to the sacredness of their being. With many it is life circumstances that force the return, when people simply cannot take anymore of what life throws at them.

Others are not so fortunate to have the good sense to ask why? Then the right questions. In my experience, it is when people begin to ask why? Why is this happening to me?

Why I am attracting this energy into my life? What have I done to deserve it? Then people make the breakthroughs and begin their soul searching, seeking within for the reasons. Then they come to understand energy and how it impacts on their own being and the spiritual law that pertains to it. That is how my journey of ascension began. I found the holy grail because I asked the right questions.

There is always a higher perspective. I have recently completed a high level initiation, not for myself. For the sake of humanity. What I have gained from my experience these last few years, is priceless in its culmination. Now I await to be divinely guided on how best to present what has been shown due to the experience. Experience that impacts on the health of nations and the future of the nations. At the moment I am sharing it with a few people that are involved in vibrational medicine and the healing arts. As far as I am aware, what has been shown to me as never been discussed before, anywhere.

It is imperative that people change their ways, their language/words and the way that they treat people for humanity to survive. 

A person said "Individualism doesn't exist without selfishness'. 

You know sometimes people have a worldview that is based upon 'perception of reality' due to having not removed their perceptions of reality. There are always different ways to view reality. 

From experience I know that people can be unique individuals and still be divine love in manifestation on the earth plane.

In my experience people are breaking the never ending cycles of 'abuse' and 'abusiveness' that was shown to me back in 2002/3 when I was working with and helping the underprivileged families to heal themselves.

However, the conclusions that I have come to in recent weeks; is of a different reality to do with genetics, and the never ending karmic cycles that are the cause of many diseases carried from life time to life time. I had worked with that in the past in other realities. However, this new insight and truth is different to what I have been sharing for decades. It relates to specific and particular cultures that impact on the culmination of what humanity has become and is becoming; if people do not engage with turning the tide.

20 million children are being drugged with pharmaceutical drugs that will increase 1,000 fold if humanity do not return and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

That is why in the healing process of the 'new model for empowerment' we helped the people to remove their hats and masks. It was wonderful what they found when they removed them, the purest essence of their being.

There was a clinical psychologist that thought like you did, and in one of his papers that he asked me to respond to. He had written about how spiritual people view themselves as 'superior' to others. I wrote him and told him that there are two different ways of looking at that. First when he heals himself and seeks within at why he views people in that way, then his own perceptions of himself and others will change. Then he will no longer view others as being or acting as 'superior' to him. Of course, academia and its 'sausage machine' is all about their 'superiors' and so it also found in the corporations as well.

I suppose I was fortunate to be brought up in a family where we were taught that we were born free in equality with everyone, and that nobody was superior to us. As such the way that we viewed the world was different to most people. There was no 'superior -v- inferior' reality. We were inspired to work hard and through hard work the rewards come. There was never talk or mention of outcomes, and I know that our parents remained silent about their dreams for us. They never lived their dreams through their children like it often happens in families.

If people have an issue with anything or anyone, the first place to look is within. Sometimes it will be to do with what people are being asked to learn about themselves, sometimes it can be to do with karma, or a life initiation on the rite of passage that they are being asked to integrate to help others.

The professor also mentioned 'ego' in his paper regarding spiritual people and I reminded the professor of Carl Jung's philosophy in regards to the 'altered ego'. I explained it to him in simple terms, not in the way of the academic Jung. The 'ego' can be altered due to many life circumstances, when people allow others to adulterate their being. People often go their willingly due to their 'desire'. Hence, why 'desire' brings back to the root of the tree of life that began rotting in 2004.

Both Jesus and Buddha taught that 'desire' was the cause of all pain and suffering. That is certainly true. Hence, why we have encouraged people to heal the 'need' of their 'desires'. That relate to their childhoods to assist them to break the cycles.

In my experience when people are willing to do that, then they begin the ascent into the heart of the essentials of 'we give', 'I GIVE'. Sometimes people cannot afford to give financially. However, they can give of themselves, they can give their energy to help others. The other day a friend popped in and she brought me some eggs from her chickens. She also offered a hair appointment with a top hairdressing salon in town, because she has been offered two for the price of one. Her giving from her heart is appreciated. It is the fact that person has thought about you, and put the effort into showing you that they really do care. Its about caring fully for others and most of all the children that require all the care that we can give them.

The heart was made for giving and that is why it is forgiving.
'The depth of your forgiveness, determines the depth of your love' from Sacred Words 

The fact is that the people that worked hard, feel that they have the right to spend their own money, that they worked for in the way that they choose. And who is to tell them differently?

I know from my involvement in charities and fund raising for charities; that business people and their friends give a lot of money to charities local and national. Many of them give their money instead of their time; and the charities simply would not exist without the financial support that they receive.

Hence, why there was great concern a few years ago when the rock stars were dying off because people from the music industry were very supportive of the eco charities like Greenpeace during the 20th century.

It is clear from the fact that St Pauls Cathedral receive 20,000 pounds everyday, there is plenty of money slushing around. However, it comes back to priorities and values. Do people value a religious building for worship more than the children? This is what Jesus was saying to the Jewish priests.

It was about values and what people valued. He was telling them that they valued earthly realities above heavenly ones. If people did not value what he was sharing about heavenly realities to help humanity to change its values, how do you think it is going to happen now? Jesus told the priests that as they did not listen to him about earthly realities, how will they ever understand heavenly ones? Hence, why he told them his kingdom was not their kingdom.

Lotus Feet nature of ELIAKIM JOSEPH-SOPHIA 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

X.17 Solar Flare USA

Today is the 'Day of Outstanding Achievements' 28th of January.

The birthday of my Son, Jordan and he is 29 today.

Yesterday there was this breaking news
X.1.7 Solar Flare on the 27th and that was the day of'Tumultuous Energy'. 
The number 17 also came up a lot in the crop circles in 2011. The 17th week in pregnancy is when the babies skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord is lengthening, becoming thicker and stronger. In Jordan's case it is his first Saturn Return when major changes happen. That coincides with my second Saturn Return, with him being exactly half the age of his mother in a couple of weeks. 

17 weeks from now takes us to the 28th of May, 2012 and in June the 42 months mentioned in Rev 13 comes to completion. In England that is marked in the calendar as the day of spring. On the 27th it will be 'Feast of Weeks'  'Shavot' and 'Whit Sunday', 'Pentecost.' With Trinity Sunday on the 3rd of June and 'Corpus Christi' on the 7th.  

In the major arcane, the STAR card, is a graphic of a woman who is naked and she has the star above her head. She is the water carrier and pours out the water upon the land. She has one foot on the water and one on the land. Just like the Angel in the biblical prophecies. I have always related the 'STAR' to the USA, due to its star spangled banner. Its always an auspicious card and can also relate to astrology and the positive planetary configurations. If we knew when Obama was born, then we could look at this chart. However, so far it looks like that Georgia have won their court case to ensure that Obama will not be on the ballot for the 2012 election. That means he loses 17 delegates in the electoral college. 
In all of the energies combined, it does look like Obama is heading for defeat, and in his heart he knows that the feminine energies are rising against him due to what he has done. 

The card is full of sunshine and twinkling stars so it does indicate that there will be some impact made by some celebrities in the USA. As we know out of all of the celebrities in the USA, Kevin Costner is the one that made 'Water World' and invested in 'water technology'. So he is certainly one to keep an eye on this summer. It is about the Virgin that is pure, the purified and the purifier. It is related to the Wise Virgins that know how to bless the waters and create an harmonic epiphany. 

It is a card of hope, optimism and destiny and the people begin to accept that water is offered to cleanse their consciousness of their lands and nations. The number 17 is also an age of 'youthfulness' and youth inspiring others. The inspiration of the children who love the water. It is about goodwill, harmony, renewal and regeneration. 

In Hebrew gematria 17 is also the value of 'Good', 'Fishermen',  'Gedi' that means 'Kid', Young Goat'.

17 the number of the morning  STAR of Venus, of peace, love, which promises a spiritual arising. Its also to do with immortality and going beyond 'the trials and tribulations' in your lives that are currently happening. You can be sure to see an evening bigger uprising in 2012, then you saw in 2011. I feel it is positive for the USA if they have the eyes to see it, the ears to hear, and the heart to understand. 

The 29th is the 'Day of Compassion' good one for Sunday.

So why not spend time today reviewing the 
'Outstanding Achievements' of your life.

You don't have to share them. Just ponder upon them, and let them bring all that is good to you.

Time to give yourselves a hug and a well done. In fact, to hug everyone that you know that has co-created an 'Outstanding Achievement'. Certainly what happened in Georgia was that, through sheer tenacity, patience and perseverance those that worked so hard, won the day. I feel sure that Michael M Mauldin is celebrating due to the success of the court case in Georgia to do with Obama. 

Human kind is purposefully born to be kind in its humanness, and from the purity of that kindness springs forth the divine nature. Hence why in the Psalms, Jesus was called the 'Lute of Lovingkindness' because he helped others to bring forth their divine nature that can always see the higher perspective. We do not always speak of the higher perspective, because some people are simply not ready to hear it. 

Love beyond measure 

Lotus Feet 


Friday, 27 January 2012

Orthodox 'Filthy' Rags

The orthodox and 'filthy rags. The Christian orthodox are accusing others of wearing 'filthy rags' when it is in fact themselves that are wearers of them.

Let's look at that word shall we?

When it is mentioned to do with Joshua it is given in comparison of Joshua when he is standing in front of an angel. In other words the angel is pure.

In the Hebrew it is Tsow and it comes from an unused root that meaning 'to issue'. So in the Hebrew it relates to people that have 'issues' to heal.

The same meaning could be applied to when Jesus told the Jewish priests to take off their garments and trample them under their feet.

The terminology also appears in Isaiah 64 and it is to do with 'iniquity' that is no surprise, because it is only people that haven't healed the root causes of their core issues that co-create 'iniquity'.

In the Greek, it appears again in the book of Revelation and the origin of the word means to be 'defiled'. As we know people can be 'defiled in many others. It happens between parents and children. It happens when parents 'indoctrinate' their children into religious beliefs and when they crush the will of the child. 

It happens in health and education as well. In addition to it happening in relationships when a person commits adultery, when the people involved are sleeping with more than one person at time, they adulterate their own energy. The sexual energies stay with a person for at least six months. Hence, why it can take time for people to get over a break up of a relationship due to the mix of the energies.

Now to the man that wrote about the 'filth', it is important for the orthodox to understand and appreciate that there are many pure Angels that have put a tremendous amount of effort into healing and purifying themselves for the LORD and his Queen.

In Jewish mysticism they're called  the 'Angels of Elohiym'. 

The energies of the 'pure' can also be 'defiled' by the issues of others energetically. Hence, why it is very important that the people are aware of the energies of the people that they get involved with.

The Son of God once said to me that when children grow up learning about energy, then their marriages will last, because they will be attracted to the right energy. 

Interdependence and Essentials

Today, 'interdependence' and helping each other is being discussed and the person that raised it was talking about the 'needs' of the community.

IMHV, there is a big difference between 'need' and 'essentials'. Essentials are of the heart and we did predict that the time of would come when people would move into 'interdependence' and it is part of the community being self-sustainable together.

It feels like many are going through a training in the social forums for what it would be like to live in a self-sustainable eco community together. Everyone has their own purse and yet, people share what they have in their purse if another as an essential requirement for it.

That is the strength of the people involved sharing together.

As we know we are interdependent on the planet and its resources, it is only when those resources are shared equally that the people receive what is essential to live in harmony with it.

If and when people speak of 'need' all of the time, then they stay at that level of consciousness. That is why I have continually asked people to heal it within themselves.

A child has a 'need' when it cannot feed or dress itself.

Adults have essentials when they come from the heart, and when people truly come from the heart of pure intention, their essentials are always provided for.

Does that make sense?

If I remember correctly, there was also a 'commonwealth' crop circle in 2011.

Vulnerability is a strength when people view it that way, it is when people allow themselves to be vulnerable that the divine can draw really close, because all of the barriers are down.

It is that vulnerability that is a sign of humility, and those that have the humility to heal themselves, have great courage to do so.

From vulnerability comes courage IMHV, and from courage comes dauntlessness. 

In the biblical prophecies for this timeline, it is written that the LORD would gather the 'lame and outcasts' and a new strong nation would come from them. 

Lotus Feet 

Irresponsible Cameron NHS

Apparently while Cameron was in opposition in 2006, he spoke of the 'irresponsibility' of the shops and their marketing techniques of what the news report calls 'unhealthy food'. Today, BBC report that Ed Milliband said the following:

"As Britain faces an obesity crisis, why does WH Smith promote half-price chocolate oranges at its checkouts instead of real oranges?"

"If he can't sort out the chocolate orange, he's not going to sort out the train companies, the energy companies, the banks, is he?" Mr Miliband said.

"Try and buy a newspaper at the train station and, as you queue to pay, you're surrounded, you're inundated by cut-price offers for giant chocolate bars," he said.

So can Cameron seek within and heal his 'irresponsibility'? 

His government ministers have put pressure on the colleges of the medics not to stand against the current health reforms. The Medics have no comprehension of what they are allowing themselves and their patients to walk into. The medics are not trained in economics or politics, the job losses to the NHS will be immense. That's what happens when people allow governments ministers to sway them away from their own heart of conscience. The medics have 'betrayed' their own souls' and that happens if people are not in alignment with their souls and its divine purpose. 

The more that people heal themselves the more aligned they become. 


Monday, 23 January 2012

Truther 'Pestcontrol' Release Him NOW

This is the 26th post in January and 26 is the gematria value of the name of the LORD God.

After I made the post on the Alabama Tornado and the two that have died, I went to post the information at a forum that do not visit very often because I had moved on. When I arrived one of my old threads called 'Days are numbered' was at the top. When I went into the thread there was a message from a truther that goes under the name of 'Pestcontrol'.

He was arrested on the 2nd of December 2011. If any of you know a truther that goes by the name of "pestcontrol' (USA) please send good intentions to him. 

This is what he posted on one of my old threads that was called the 'Days are numbered' and it was about the USA.
pestcontrol wrote:
I was arrested on December 2nd and the boobylonions sent me to a secure mental facility, i think i scared them the full body scanner was beeping and flashing but when they used the hand held on me they were met with silence, i was down to my underpants and they gave up in the end, i was treated like a sub human, it has taken me this long to get "supervised" internet access, under the mental health act i have "no rights" and the shrinks are god, so anybody posting in my name after dec2nd is not me because it has taken me this long to get access, i expect to be held for a very long time at least you know what happens to people who dissapear, they are trying to re educate me using powerful medication and so i most likely will not be the same guy if i ever get released.

If you know any of his friends in the USA you may like to contact them. Thank you.

In the meantime I will hold him in my heart, and say a prayer for him. Jesus warned us about the medical profession. 

Dear LORD God please get this man released as soon as possible. Please do all that you can to make sure that he comes home, safe and sound. 

Thank you LORD may your will be done. 


Alabama Tornado

Well it was in August 2011 we mentioned the 'Vulcanics of Humanity' and Alabama. [1]If you do a search on google you will also find that the name ELIAKIM can be found in Alabama post past and present.

Today there is announcement of at least two dead in Alabama after the tornado there on the 23rd of January, 2011.

The 23rd of January is the 'Day of Character'.

The video uploader mentions 'OAK Grove' and acorns are to do with love, Abraham and the little known place of the birth of the one known as Jesus Christ in Northern Israel. The tornado then went on to St Clair County and St Clair is to do with St Francis of Assisi. The St Francis of Assisi prayer is also the song on our video produced for the covenant for the children.

May they rest in peace


1. http://academysounds.blogspot.com/2011/08/vulcanics-of-humanity.html

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Those that Shunned will be shunned

While I was writing the 'Holy Womb' post. The Son of God came in the presence of his love, the Lute of Lovingkindness. While he was here with me while I was writing. He mentioned those that have stood against us. He said "Those that have shunned, will be shunned and it will be a ton. Your rivals will give up, you've come this far and there is no going back." 

The word 'shunned' is not one that is heard of these days. So I was surprised to hear him use it. Of course, he was also 'shunned' so I can understand why that word would be important to him in this context. 

In the bible the people who are shunned are the poor, and it is because he defended the poor, weak souls, the sick, innocent and the children, that he was shunned by the rich and wealthy. The book of Ecclesiastes speaks of the never ending cycles and an appointed time. It speaks of how the sons of men occupy themselves and it includes throwing stones and the shunning of embracing, Ecc 3:1-10 

The appointed time was when the herald ran with the prophecy about Islam in 2009, you will notice that verse also mentions 'occupy' and people starting occupying in 2010. I have also been sharing with people the importance of 'embracing' for decades. 

In the proverbs it states "The poor are shunned even by their neighbors, but the rich have many friends' Proverbs 14:19-21 Isn't that the truth. When a person is financially successful people put you on their party guest list. "The poor are shunned by all their relatives - how much more do their friends avoid them! Though the poor pursue them with pleading, they are nowhere to be found. Proverbs 19:7 

Proverbs 19 speaks of the poor whose walk is  blameless and the 144,000 mentioned in Rev 14 are also blameless. It compares them with the 'fool whose lips are perverse' and that can be seen in their posts and heard on live chat. You would be amazed at what comes out of their mouths. 

In a different translation it states 'better a poor man that walks with his integrity. Than he who is perverse in speech and is a fool'. As the LORD said 'To HE that understands the promise, there is no secret'. So we know who the fool is then don't we? Its a man and the word 'secret' is part of his avatar name. He claimed that he was a Virgin and 'clerk of wisdom''. Now you know why the Queen of the South has more wisdom than Solomon. Men are so easily flattered by women, that they are even prepared to betray their own souls, and join in with the group shunning. 

That also links in with the parable of the Virgins, the wise Virgins -v- the foolish ones'. 'Desire without knowing (gnosis)  is not good - "He who hurries his footsteps errs'. 'A person's own folly leads to their ruin, yet their heart rages against the LORD.' 

It mentions the 'false witness will not go unpunished, and whoever pours out lies will not go free'. I have noticed that some of those that stood against me vigorously have all become very ill. They've been eaten up by their own rage that they held inside of them, and I knew it would happen. Hence, why I walked away from many places and then the LORD withdrew his light from them. 


The text mentions how 'many curry favor with a ruler' and this relates to leaders of the groups that they engage in. As I told them, I am not a people pleaser due to the sheer urgency of what has to be done in this timeline to help the people. 

Then it speaks of wisdom and says 'The one that gets wisdom loves life: the one that cherishes understanding will soon prosper". It looks like this prophecy is talking about three different people. 

1. Wisdom that is also featured in Rev 13. In the prophecies wisdom also has understanding and patience. Patience is related to sainthood and the initiation of 'patience of a saint.' That is integrated prior to mastership being accomplished. 
I have certainly demonstrated patience of a saint in the last five years, combined with sheer perseverance. 

2. The one that gets wisdom and loves life. 

3. The one that cherishes understanding. 

So there is a person that is attracted to wisdom, and there is another that is attracted to the understanding of wisdom and where she is coming from. 


You will see that it is a woman that holds the key. Funny how there are also keys on a key board.  
and a shift button, well prudence certainly knows how to push their buttons to get them to shift!
These piano fingers were created to work with the key. In the prophecies she is what is known as the 'skilled writer'. 

It mentions the inheritance that she received from her parents that began at the end of 2005, and also how the 'prudent wife' comes from the LORD. It speaks of the 'rage of the king' being like a Lion, and in Rev 13, and the book of Daniel, Obama is the Leopard that speaks like a Lion. His favor is like the dew on the grass. In other words the 'dew' comes at dawn. It speaks of the 'Lazy that go into a deep sleep and the shiftless go hungary'. Hence, the predicted famine in the USA that Joseph was sent to help them to avoid. The land of Joseph is England where prudence resides. 

'Whoever is kind lends to the LORD and he will reward them for what they have done'. 

It mentions the hope that comes from the discipline imparted. It tells the people to listen to advice, accept discipline and at the end you be counted amongst the wise. As we know in Matthew 24, the end comes when the one that is saved shares their testimony with the nations and Jesus told them that then the end would come. Proverb 19 is definitely a prophecy, and I do feel it links in with the timeline of Rev 19 as well. 

It tells them that they would be 'counted' and in Rev 13, wisdom does the count. "Many have plans in their heart. However, it is the LORD's plan that prevails. The unfailing love of the poor, better to be poor than a liar." 

'The LORD leads to life, then one rests content' that links into Isaiah 53, the servant of the LORD and the person that is contented with their completion of truth. 


It speaks of their 'mocking of justice.'  and they were still doing that today. Unfortunately, there is no escape from the spiritual law. Hence, why the Son of God mentioned the ton. You can view it as a heavy load that descends  upon them when the light of the LORD  removes his prudence from them. As Jesus taught his followers if they do not welcome you, then dust off your feet because judgement will come upon them. He is telling me that I have been set apart from others for divine purpose. 'Now they have to sort it out. They know in their hearts of conscience, that if they stood against supreme love when it arrived, if they stood against caring fully for the mother and child, then the darkness would fall upon them. and there is nothing that they will be able to do to save themselves'. They mocked justice that was delivered by the Harp of Faithfulness for the LORD and and his Son. 

I looked at the word shun and what it means modern day. 

I am pure from the blood of all men. For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God. Acts xx. 26,27.
Scarcity and want shall shun you. Shak.[1]
Interesting that mentions the words 'scarcity and want' because they simply were not prepared, or had the courage to look at their 'want's and how that it is related to their childhoods. They simply refused to see that there spiritual 'scarcity' was related to their 'wants' and lack of healing the self. If people are unprepared or unwilling to heal, then how can they become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven? 

We know from life experience that they can't. Hence, why they speak of 'ruthless struggle'. Jesus did not call their struggle 'ruthless', he called it a 'turmoil'. He made it clear that their minds are not at rest, because they have not found peace of mind. In my experience, peace of mind only comes when people make peace with the self and that comes from seeking within to heal. That is how the ascent of the tree of life comes to be. Prophet Isaiah understood it very well indeed, and so did Prophet Malachi, in fact all of the Jewish prophets did. 

As such, they are not ready to lay down heads at the pillar of the temple of the LORD and that goes back to 2007 when he sent me to help the Americans. 

In 2007, the LORD said 'You are the pillar where man can rest his head. Man is not yet ready to lay down his head'. As we know, they have to lay down their heads before they can pick up their hearts. 


Shunning is an 'act of social rejection' and of course the rejection was mentioned in the biblical prophecies. Shunning usually involves groups of people working together against a specific individual. 
People that leave a trade union, a religion and even whistleblowers and dissidents are shunned. In my own family it happened to the RAB,  when he left the trade union and took a management job for Times newspapers. The shunning was a contributory factor to the development of his cancer. 

The sheer effort that the men that he loved put into the shunning was beyond measure. They sent funeral cars to pick up his body, removal vans to pick up everything that was in the family home. 

They sent letters that filled a large bag of a postman every day. Some had man's and dogs toilet in it, it got to the point that no post could be delivered and everything had to be sorted out at the post office by the RAB personally. They even painted the house with red blood X's and the word 'scab'. The RAB bought a rotti to defend his wife. 

They sent letters wishing cancer upon him,  and I experienced that with American's as well. Not with any other nation. Research has also been carried out and the researchers discovered that 50% of Americans have experienced serious 'bullying' in the workplace. This has been a part of their culture. Yet, they still do not wish to take responsibility for what they do on a daily basis. 

Wiki write that 'the social rejection has been established to cause psychological damage and has been categorized as torture'. Their intention and motivation is 'to modify the behaviour of a member'. [2]

I can surely understand why Michael responded to them the way that he did, it definitely impacted on him and his life. Hence why when I arrived in supreme love, he knew that I was the one. He kept saying 'you are the one'. Michael was also shunned at a time when he required the greatest help. I asked the American's to help him, and they simple shunned my request for help. I did everything I could, but it was hard living 1,000's of miles away from him. Michael required practical help, that only a man could provide. They simply could not hear the song, just like it says in Rev 14. 

The source link also states that their methodology is to 'remove or limit the influence of a member'. Their approach is to 'isolate, discredit and or disempower' a person. The core issue can stem from their 'ideological beliefs' and 'ideals'. That certainly happened to Jesus Christ. They usually have a leader of the group mindset that carries them forward together. As such, they do not develop their uniqueness or individuality, because they are following the group ruler. These people are incapable of standing completely alone on the spiritual path as I have done during my life.  Hence, why you find them congregating in groups that give them a feeling of belonging. 

Shunning is usually agreed upon by the group involved in engaging in it, and there is also a term called 'stealth shunning' and that applies to banning or silence. As Jesus said 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'. From Sacred Words 

The methodology of the 'shunners' is also related to 'disruption that causes chaos'. The research carried out by Heartmath also found that 85% of Americans live in 'emotional chaos'. Hence, why they disrupt different threads purposefully. The link below tells you that their intention is to 'cause pain', 'unjustly inflicted' and it can cause 'psychological damage, reducing self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence and trust in the divine', if individuals have not been trained how to deal with it. [2]

Hence why I was led to the spiritual community in the Galilee of the Gentiles, first to work with them decades in advance. It was only because I had been divinely trained by Jesus himself for what lay ahead of me. That I had already attained enlightenment, and been through the timeline of Rev 12, that I was able to suffer it peacefully and mercifully for nearly five years, 24/7. 

I was also fortunate, that I had a tremendous amount of life experience, including what goes on in business and the corporate world. And had spent decades healing myself well in advance. 

There are very few people that could withstand the onslaught of the 'shunning' that I experienced from those that live in 'Babylon' USA. Many have died due to it. 

Not just in one place but in five different places. However, my dignity, grace and mercy was upheld through it all, they could not take who I am away from me, nor who I was born of the Spirit to be. As the scripture advised me in advance 'Don't let anyone take your crown'. 

This kind of 'shunning' can also go on in families, like when children marry outside of their families religion, two of my female ancestors were both shunned by their families. So there will be a genetic link- up here. I also experienced it partially, when I left home and lived with my boyfriend. Parents simply could not accept him or that we lived differently to them. 


I am sure that if parents and people understood the 'psychological damage' that is done to children through shunning, I am sure that they wouldn't do it. Making a child sit in the corner of a room if they refuse to eat what is put in front of them, is also a form of 'shunning', because parents isolate the child. 

I remember discussing this aspect with grandparents of a child in question. I informed the grandmother at the time that the parents were co-creating 'low self-esteem' for the child, and that can impact on their whole life if not healed in adulthood. 

In the USA, they have even developed 'timers' for how long the child is to have what they call time-out'. While the child sits there in their state of 'shun' the mother carries on as normal. How it grieved me to see such a video of that happening and the little toddlers sad face. 

Then they wonder why the children tell their parents 'I don't like you' and why they develop 'eating disorders'. Wiki state that shunning can cause 'permanent scarring' and I can truly understand why the LORD chose for me to experience it. To understand what his Son experienced when he walked the earth, and also to share with those that would like to break the status quo. 

In fact, the Christian orthodox have been involved in such a method since the inception of the Church. That is how they defeated the true followers of Jesus Christ that they called 'heretics'. That is another reason why Jesus warned about the wolves, and as we know the Wulf, Jezebel in Rev 2 was also an American. One of her aides thought it was his job to police spirituality. Of course, he was trained in the USA as well. 

It is certainly, against human rights and the rights of the child. Let alone, the spiritual law of the LORD our God and his Son. It goes without saying that all of the Jewish prophets were 'shunned' and many souls were ex-communicated from the Church. However, being forced to leave the Church can be the best thing that has ever happened to a person because then they can learn to stand on their own two feet and walk the spiritual path. Also when I arrive on a forum it usually blossoms, and I don't have to tell you what happens when I leave it. 

However, what some people experience in cyberspace can be absolutely 'traumatic' and as we know it resulted in the healers in medieval Europe being murdered. At least 10 million healers died at that time and yes they were peasants, the poor, ordinary people that loved to heal others. Totally connected with the nature of the land as the LORD intended. Just like the desert Hebrews and American Indians. 


The wiki link on the 'shunners' then linked to the 'Psychology of Torture', it has been written that its easy to engage willing parties to get involved with it. 'Under the right circumstances, and in the 'appropriate circumstances', groups of people can literally be encouraged to stand against individuals in this way. The encouragement usually comes from their friends, peers or group leader. Hence, why the PM's fly before and during an onslaught. Clearly, this also happens in Islam as well. 

John Conroy wrote: "When torture takes place, people believe they are on the high moral ground, that the nation is under threat and they are the front line protecting the nation, and people will be grateful for what they are doing." And America is a country that views guns as a symbol of freedom and that is the complete opposite to Europe. 

A Christian Charles Graner Jnr said "The Christian in me says its wrong. but the corrections officer in me says 'I love to make a grown man piss himself'. [3] The duality of a man that is born of the flesh instead of being born again of the Spirit, In the scripture Jesus said that his opponents were coming from the flesh, in other words earthly realities. He said that if they have been born of the Spirit then they would not stand against him and if they truly loved him, then they wouldn't do it either. 

Seriously, is it any wonder that the USA is in the state that it is in? 

I am so happy, incorruptible, in integrity. I can walk the talk with my head high blamelessly.  Knowing full-well that I did everything I could to try to help them to break their never ending cycles before it was too late to do so. 

I do know that there has been at least one organization involved in training people in the 'Psychology of Torture' and its 'Shunning' methods', it has been going on for decades in the USA. In my experience, the internet, its forums and social networks are full of it. One man even claimed that he had been one of the original trainers for the organization, and he now trains people how to stand against those he trained after he left the organization in 1987. There is a cyber war going on for the minds and the hearts of the people, and its far more serious than the recent showdown between Israel and Saudi; due to the long term psychological impact of it on the children.

The fact that people are innocently walking straight into it 'unconscious' of the repercussions, certainly fulfills the prophecy. We offered them the greatest defence possible, at a time when the people will have no defence; and they still chose to 'shun' instead. They simply refuse to see, that the 'shunners' are keeping the status quo in place, and the LORD said 'The king is not allowing'. 

As the Son of God said 'Those that stand against Supreme Love will fall'. 

No surprise then Proverbs 19 mentions the 'False witness -v- Wisdom' and people have been purposefully impersonating 'Lotus Feet, registering in my name, even writing posts in my name for a few years and signing into live chat. 

Hence why in the proverb it mentions 'the Prudent wife that comes from the LORD' to re-emphasis the difference between Wisdom, the Prudent Wife and those that spoke 'falsely' about Lotus Feet and avatar name. 

The proverb mentions their 'folly that leads to ruin', exactly where Obama has led them. 

However, some of my 'rivals' as Jesus called them,  did apologize for what they had done and written. Their apologies were accepted graciously and they were indeed forgiven. The proverb/prophecy also tells them that I overlooked a lot, and that is why I was given the glory of being the one that was sent to Israel. The biblical prophecies informed them that a 'bruised reed he would not break'. 

As we told them many times, 'Love without integrity is like an ocean without fish' and the Son of God said 'Sometimes you can open a can of sardines and you find worms instead'. from Sacred Words 

This Spirit of Truth speaks it and writes it, and nothing shall remain hidden in this timeline. 

Yes, the prudent wife that comes from the LORD arrived in divine timing as predicted in Micah 4. 

In the text she is daughter ZION that was given her kingship. However, the word translated as kingship is from the Hebrew word Melek and its root can mean king or Queen. In Psalm 45 she is the Royal Bride that was given the golden gown to wear. She is also featured in Psalm 46 plus a lot more. 


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