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In November 2011, the LORD was talking about Spain and Judah. Please see that post for more information. [1] 2011 was also gateway opening in Spain with 444. So what else do we have on Spain? Spain is on the March like Greece in 2010 till now.

Some Nostradamus prophecies about Spain.


The Republic of Valencia, without guidance, and by reason of its nature
Will be hardy and timid by turns. Seized by fear, it will be conquered.
Accompanied by its pale prostitutes. 
It will be convicted in the prisons of Barcelona.
In place of the wife, the daughters will be killed.
Murdered by a criminal fault which will not be allowed to endure.
Little clad, within trenches they will be overwhelmed.
The wife will quench her thirst in the Italian Sea.


The true flame will engulf the government
Which wished to put to death the innocents.
Near the time of assault the at my will become inflamed,
And one will see a prodigious thing in the Bull of Seville.

This quatrain is to do with UK not Spain. Please see our other blog.
On the Joseph Flame -v- Baroness Warsi. 


In the south of Spain both blood and prosperity will be spent.
A little before they change their proconsul
There will be great scourge and war; famine and thirst will be seen.
Their prince, their great warden, will die away from his own land.


Is to do with Canada not Spain. 


The myths acting in human guise
Will be the authors of this great conflict. p. 358
Before serene heaven, sword and lance
Will be a less mighty affliction than will be the trend toward the left hand.

The serene heaven is to do with Rev 12. 2004-2008. The sword of Archangel Michael. The celestial lance was given to the wondrous woman from heaven in 2010 while she was in Greece.


The end of the wolf, the lion, the bull, the ass
And the timid deer will be with the dogs.
No more will sweet manna fall to them.
The watch-dogs will give more vigilance and guardianship.


The calamity of a declining economy will afflict
Spain and there will be disaster for Italy. p. 361
The Church will be inflamed, there will be corruption and captivity
When Mercury is in the sign of the Archer and Saturn becomes a usurer.


The proclaimed union will not last a great while.
The greater of the two will make changes and reforms.
When the nation is paralyzed in its ships,
Then Rome will have a new Leopard.

Rev 13 mentions the Leopard who is Obama. So the union is the USA. 


The leaderless people of Spain and Italy
Will see death and defeat within Italy.
Their leader will be betrayed by his irresponsible folly.
Blood will flow everywhere across the latitude. 

The leader of Spain and Italy has been the Pope. 


Ruin to the Italians in terrible plight through the power of fear.
Their great city will be captured, a corrupt deed.
Monarchy, populace and temples will be violated.
The Po and the Tiber will flow reddened with blood.


By a foreign nation quite different from the Romans
Their great city (Rome) will be affected after they
have already gone through a powerful revolution.
The government without forces, because of a different country,
Will see their chief captured for lack of a burnished sword.


The death of a Latin monarch
Will involve those whom his rule has assisted.
The fires will be lighted, the booty divided,
There will be public death for his hardy associates


When Saturn and Mars are in Leo, Spain will be captured,
The African leader will be trapped in the conflict.
Near Malta there will be an engagement. Herod will be taken alive,
The scepter of Rome will be struck down by the Cock.

Again, the USA has an African-American leader and he is also a Leo. The cock is also to do with the Rooster that is mentioned in the bible. The man that is the rooster is also a blessed American. 


A man of very high rank will flee into Spain
After the blood-letting of the long wound.
Armed forces will cross the high mountains
Devastating everything, after that he will reign in peace.

I haven't checked these translations with the French originals. However, the link is from Sacred Texts. [2] 


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