Sunday, 26 February 2012

Brain-Dead Scientists -v- The Chickens

As we are on the judgement of the farmers and the corporations. Let us share this offering that has just been posted in the social forums. 'Brain-Dead Chicken Farming? This contraption designed by an Architecture student, Andre Ford, provides a solution that provides brain-dead chickens that are not allowed to have any normal life.

In all conscience how could anyone even consider such a thing? Only scientists and architects that are brain-dead themselves would even consider such a solution for farming animals. [2]

Ask yourselves what does a brain have to do with the soul? Egyptians threw the brain away on death, they knew it was purely mechanical. Like the hard drive. Can the hard drive work without the software to operate it? Just because they make a chicken brain dead, doesn't mean that the soul cannot feel. All animals are sentient. Do you know what sentience is? Do you know what consciousness is? Do chickens have consciousness? Yes, just like you do.

Would you do to a human being what you would do to a chicken? Well the pharmaceutical industry do it to human beings. How about that. Satisfied now? Made your mind up now? Or would you like a few more reality checks? Jesus warned about those that can take the soul. 

The original poster 'Whimszy' wrote: 

"I would hate to think a soul can feel pain, then you would have to question people who's organs are being harvested!" 

Our response: 

Of course a soul can feel pain that is why the soul gets out of the body when there are operations or crashes. I have even experienced it due to dental treatment, I started to lose consciousness because my soul was leaving the body.

It is also proven that organs carry memory just like blood does. Where have you been the last 30 years?
I recommend a book for you called 'Hearts Code' by Dr Paul Pearsall. First they found that the heart carries memory then they found it the same with other organs as well.

From experience of working with soul consciousness professionally, I also know that soul brings with it memories from past lives to heal. Those memories impact on your life unconsciously. I made a thread about the animals on our blog the other day. Here is a little from it.

How many children and animals have to die before people will return to all that is sacred?

As we know Dr Dolittle can speak to the animals and there is a passage in the bible about that as well.

'Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you." Job 12:7-8

How many Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu's, Sikh's and Buddhists can communicate with animals, birds and fish? Why is this teaching of the prophets not conveyed in the congregations and assemblies? How many Christians know that Jesus said the same? You can find it written in the Gospel of Peace, book 4, teaching of the elect.

Why is it that some spiritual people like myself can communicate with the animals and birds and fish, but religionists can't? Do you know? The religionists are attached to their books, instead of being connected with the creation of the LORD, his creation that is living, breathing and consciously aware. 

By the time we have finished with the corporations and the farmers, they will be praying on their hands and knees to the chickens for forgiveness. Should I be humane to those that are not humane to the animals? Should the LORD be merciful to the corporations and the farmers?


Those that show no mercy will receive no mercy in this timeline. We asked humanity for mercy and humanity did not give it. So now humanity pay for not doing what they were asked to do in the first place. 



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