Thursday, 23 February 2012


Lloyds Bank pay the price for standing against the Messenger of the Covenant. The Queen of the South warned employees of Lloyds Bank of what would happen, if they continued to go the way that they were going. They were warned repeatedly due to their total inefficiency and lack of support for a customer that had been with them for over 28 years. Little did they know who I am.

I told them when I spoke to them, that they would be losing their jobs, and it would be best if they looked for a new job away from the bank. The news today from Reuters is as follows:

"Lloyds, 40 percent owned by the British government, will bear the brunt of writedowns and restructuring costs, as it sells non-core businesses and cuts thousands of jobs.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has forecast a loss of around 2.3 billion pounds ($3.6 billion), while Deutsche Bank has put the figure at 4.1 billion, against a 2010 profit of 281 million. Lloyds itself says the consensus forecast is for a 4 billion loss". 

As we know number 40 is to do with Moses, and Nostradamus predicted that the Iris would not be seen for 40 years and after 40 years she could be seen everyday. Nostradamus knew that the Iris is associated to the rainbow and that rainbow is to do with the coat of many colors of Joseph. He also knew that Moses had asked for the blessing of prophethood to be given to a descendent of Joseph. 

Lloyds Bank simply refused to do what was asked of them, as such, Lloyds Bank face the consequences for refusing to do what the Messenger of the Covenant asked them to do. So they have reaped what they have sown. 

This is the timeline of the judgement mentioned in Isaiah 65, the Queen of the South is here exactly as the prophets predicted that I would be. Jesus Christ called me the Queen of the South, and the paraclete. Prophet Malachi referred to me as the Messenger of the Covenant, Prophet Micah referred to me as daughter ZION and daughter Jerusalem. Micah 4. 

What governments and the bankers have to understand, is that when you stand against daughter Jerusalem, you also stand against the LORD our God and his Son who stand with me. 

So to all of the investors in Lloyds Bank, to the British government and staff of Lloyds Bank. 

Teshuvah, because heavy karma is now upon you. 

So what did Lloyds Bank do to the Messenger of the Covenant? 

1. They refused to refund and investigate the case of money that had been taken out of my account without my approval. 

2. They withdrew my overdraft facility without discussion, because I had not put any money in the bank for six weeks. An overdraft facility that I had for many years. The facility had not been exceeded and there was absolutely no reason for the facility to be withdrawn. 

3. They refused to reinstate my overdraft facility, that I had been given years previously. The local bank manager said that the matter had been taken out of his hands, and there was nothing that he could do about it. That is because it wasn't the local branch manager that removed the overdraft facility in the first place. It is most likely done by a computer because I could not get to speak to any person that was responsible for its withdrawal. You can't speak to a bank if a computer is making the decisions for the bank itself. Then they wonder why customers leave the banks, that only get to speak to an automatic call centre. 

4. Head office departments did not provide any appropriate customer service, nor were they willing to obtain reinstatement on my behalf. There was no compromise by employees of Lloyds Bank or from Lloyds Bank itself. Employees are simply reading the script and did not have a customer relationship at all. The bank customer services advisors dictated terms, and the customer did not agree with the terms that was being dictated. 

As such, Lloyds Bank have now paid the price to the tune of 4 billion. Was it worth it Lloyds Bank? You see that is what happens when you refuse to listen and do the will of the LORD. You pay the price for not doing what was asked of you. 

I am a very fair person and the LORD knows that as well. However, I will not put up with inequality or injustice, from the banks, credit card companies and or their employees. Simply as that! Nor will I put up with injustice from anyone. So justice is done on my behalf by the LORD himself. The bankers have to learn that this time, there is only one winner, and it will not be the bankers. The LORD himself will have the last word. 

Of course, the financial impact of that will also impact on the people of the UK. Had the people been willing to give to elohiym, then they could have saved themselves a lot of heartache.

Teshuvah, otherwise it is going to cost people in the UK a lot more then they currently know, in more ways than one. I have to speak the truth and tell you the truth. As the LORD said 'Don't refrain, remember what happened to Abraham Lincoln'. 

No coincidence then that this is also post 40 in February, 2012. 

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