Thursday, 23 February 2012


Well it is a day of sevens today. First it was the seven year old child from Vermont [1] and now there has been a copter collision in Arizona and seven US marines have been killed.

The two military aircraft were conducting 'night time' training operations and 'night time' is to do with Psalm 92 and the 'Harp of Faithfulness'. The accident happened at 8 pm and eight is the number of spiritual transformation.

The copters collided over the 'Chocolate Mountain' in the South Eastern Californian desert just west of Arizona border. [2]

Chocolate is to do with the Mayan lands. The South is the sacred direction of the Queen of the Prophets, and East is to do with the teacher. This is to do with the fact, that the Americans have not supported the building of New Jerusalem financially and in any other way. We warned the USA, about the judgement of Isaiah 65 and that the Queen of the South is here.

Seven is also the number of karma in the OT and the life number of the spiritual teacher. In Hebrew gematria seven is the value of the ZAYIN, the woman of valor.

As the bible predicts it is about 'reaping what you sow' USA.

How many more people have to die USA? Will you wait until every first born child and animal dies like it did in the time of Moses?



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