Friday, 17 February 2012

End of Religious War?

Nostradamus provided a prophecy that stated that when the bird died it would be the end of the war. The prophecy relates to France and Italy and as we know France and Italy were both Catholic so is the prophecy to do with their war? [1]

In January a post was made that thousands of doves are dying in Italy. [2] The report was posted on the 7th of January, 2011. What does the dove represent? The peace makers and the bible predicted that there would be only 3-4 olives left on the tree by the time the LORD is finished with them. Why? They supported Islam and Obama. In the Rev 13, those that supported Obama are not written in the lambs book of life, and the Leopard only has 42 months and that ends in June. 

As we know Obama went to see the Pope and so did the Islamic baroness WARsi. Islam is trying to hold on with the skin of its teeth, due to the winds of change that are sweeping it away, Islam is being being blown back to where it came from. 


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