Saturday, 11 February 2012

Micah Richards Closes Twitter Account

This news caught my eye due to an English footballer being named after the Prophet Micah. His name is Micah Richards and he has closed his Twitter page due to a troll from Lancashire. Police are tracking down the person for what is being termed 'racist abuse'. When will people get the message?

Oh bless him, the footballer is only 23 years old, he is still very young, when having to deal with what goes on in the social networks. One might also ask why this right back who has played for England has been ignored by Italian, Fabio Capello? With Capello gone, a similar message is coming from his replacement. [2]

He was the youngest defender to ever be called up to the England squad and he is very tall. He played football from a small child, check out his profile on wiki. He was born in Birmingham and grew up in Leeds. [3]

So fans now do not have contact on Twitter to Micah due to the way that they choose to communicate.

Micah Richards currently plays for what is being termed as 'table-topping Manchester City'.

Love beyond measure Micah.

Keep the love in your heart. You will grow stronger as you mature emotionally and spiritually.

I never did feel drawn to Twitter, perhaps Micah might consider joining Diaspora instead so that his good fans can keep in contact with him. Then he can just give his new address to the best of them.

As we know Micah 4 is about Daughter ZION who lives in the land of Joseph like Micah Richards, and we are currently in the Micah 7 timeline.

Now look who owns Manchester City football club. Should foreigners be allowed to own British football clubs? No. Should Arabs be allowed to own British football clubs? No. If the fans didn't support Manchester City then the Sheikh would go home. Why are the Brits putting even more money into the pockets of the Arabs? Isn't being plundered for oil enough? The Arab group that own Manchester United from UAE, are also involved in FIFA and Grand Prix racing, check out the links between UAE and Italy. [4] As we know the LORD warned against car racing.

OwnerSheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan
ChairmanKhaldoon Al Mubarak

Come to Tottenham Micah, come to Tottenham.

Put the moon under your feet like the wondrous woman from heaven Micah,

Lotus Feet


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  1. In 2007, Al Mubarak was made Commander of the Star of the Order of the Italian Solidarity for his contributions to economic relationships between Italy and the United Arab Emirites.[17][24] Al Mubarak is a trusted aide of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.[4] As part of the takeover of Manchester City F.C. by the Abu Dhabi United Group, on September 21, 2008 it was reported Al Mubarak would replace Thaksin Shinawatra as chairman.[25] It was also reported that the takeover would be fully completed on September 24, 2008.[26] As chairman of the Abu Dhabi Motor Sport Management Company,[27] Al Mubarak was also a key figure in negotiating for the Grand Prix. He was also influential in getting the FIFA Club World Cup to be held in Abu Dhabi.[28] Al Mubarak is also a member of the Board of Trustees for New York University, and is overseeing the development of a campus in Abu Dhabi.[29]