Thursday, 25 February 2010

Falling from Grace

There is no foundation for supreme love to grow without integrity in place. This is the era of the transparency of Christ Consciousness. 

The bible mentioned how the sun would be darkened (Christians) and the moon would not give its light (Islam) and how the stars (Spiritual) will fall from the sky. 

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Proverbs 12:18 The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.Proverbs 16:24

There is nowhere to hide from God and his Messenger. 

Responsibility and accountability is essential for healing beyond measure. 

Only those that are willing to take responsibility for thoughts, words and deeds ascend and integrity is essential. 

Every word, thought and deed impacts on the cosmos and healing is under your wings. 

Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard. Isaiah 58:8

Why do they mourn for the one that they pierced?  They know that their bodies believe every word they say and the less good are co-creating disease with their words. Not only for themselves but for the rest of humanity. They mourn every time they bury another one, as the pins and stars fall, reality comes sharply into focus, it is a reality check. 

But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall. Malachi 4:2

Only those that take responsibility and are accountable can be trusted with the word of God. 

I continue to look for the sun in everyone....

May the sun continue to shine with its warmth of love and true heart of conscience.

The moral compass sent to help humanity to be raised out of its transgressions of the spiritual law. 

ELIAKIM = My God raises UP....

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bride and Groom

This morning I had a dream and the groom jilted me at the altar and went off with someone else. I was only 36 years old and the girl was 22. After many years he left the younger woman and asked me to take him back. 

In the dream the girl became sick after he left her and he went to visit her and told her that he was not coming back. 

Then when she was better I bumped into her with a friend and I gave her a message and told her that there was much greater happiness for her coming more than she could ever imagine. I told her that she would come to understand why things had to turn out the way that they did.

I then asked him why he left her to return to me and he said that she wasn't the person that he thought she was and as she grew older she grew ugly.

Now that is a strange dream because in real life the last words that I said to my second husband before implementing divorce proceedings were these.

'You have been reckless with my heart and now you have been reckless with her heart, I would not choose you as a friend so why would I choose to keep you as my husband?'.

After nine months of the patience and acceptance of the coming backwards and forwards; the day finally came to pick up that phone and start divorce proceedings.

Justice is a thin line to walk and integrity is essential for justice to be done for humanity.

So might you ponder upon the importance of your relationships and ensure that in all of them; whether it be friendship or life partners, that integrity is in place because love without integrity is like an ocean without fish, a library without books. A house without windows, a store without food, and a shell of love without a pearl of wisdom.

Both Moses and Jesus did not choose their close companions due to their knowledge or wisdom, they chose them for their integrity and trustful loyalty.

And it is the same with the Holy Spirit of the Christ all are forgiven. However, not all chose to walk with him as such he could not choose them because integrity and trustful loyalty was not in the right place of the heart.

As we know there was one person that did betray him and it cost him his own life. Humanity is hanging itself on the tree of life because it has not chosen to live in integrity, no matter what religion, culture or spiritual philosophy, integrity is essential to reap the spiritual rewards.

In real life, even if that man ever tried to find me again it would be very difficult to do because God made sure he covered my tracks with snow.

It is only those that live in integrity that can accept those that are sent from God, standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand in the front line.

My parents used to say that if only her partners would work with her instead of against her, then there is nothing they could not achieve.

God is my life partner now and miracles really do happen.

In my humble view the moral of the dream is this; 

The Bride is here, do not let others take you away, do not let them take you astray by appearances because some people are not all that they seem or portray themselves to be.

Once the damage is done due to leaving the purity of integrity, it is very difficult to return to the one that loved you beyond measure. When you find the love of your life do not wander because the grass is not greener anywhere else.

In the dream I only had love and compassion for the young girl that had chosen to learn the hard way.

He was listened too and forgiven.....

And then......

The sharing of the evidence of my experience in self-disclosure and the transparency of Christ Consciousness to help you to understand. 

May peace be with you


This is post 26 in 2010 and 26 is the hebrew gematria value for the name of God. 

It is also post 12 in February and this is symbolic of the Apostles. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


When I was a young girl I danced in white moon boots with silver wedges in the rain, singing in the rain with Adam. My hair and face were drenched and we were so happy carefree splashing in the puddles.

Then after all the trials and tribulations and Christ carrying me.  I danced barefeet and left my footprints in the sand with Christ.

Then after we returned from Israel and doing the will of God, Christ told me that my little bare Lotus Feet sat on the top of the feet of God.

Now I dance in SAN_DALS with God through the cosmos of many different realities caring fully and not carefree.


333 Mother Club - Red Lion

Great Celebration, enjoy the pub.

Are you ready for the return?

Are you ready to engage in the sacred union with the divine and supreme love? 

The 3rd of March 2010 is the 'Return of the Mystics" 

Wisdom humanity ready to return to wisdom? 

Hamsa indeed...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Supreme Love Rises with the Sun of Aquarius

This article was inspired a few years ago and it wasn't distributed for publication at that time. It feels appropriate to share this with you now. 

Supreme love rises
with the Sun of Aquarius

After the fall of consciousness humanity divided into hunter and the hunted. We are being asked to break down these archetypes that are buried deep within human consciousness. Archetypes are inherited patterns of thought, symbolic imagery that is derived from the past collective experience.  The victim and the perpetrator, the judge and the accused, the strong and the weak, the powerful and the powerless, men from mars and women are from Venus, man being the breadwinner and woman the receiver. All are part of duality and the polarity of fallen consciousness. Many aeons ago, we were enlightened spiritual beings living in paradise, spiritual beings knowingly living a human experience in oneness with each other and the planet on which we lived.

Humanity is crying out for peace and an end to poverty and injustice.  A world fit for the children of the future, a planet that is worthy to be inhabited by the most gracious and merciful human beings.  We are being called once more to raise our consciousness, be kind to each other and create new relationships with the self, the rest of humanity and this precious planet.

Those that read this have the opportunity to finally break the wheel of karma, created by the fall and the archetypes thereof.  The archetypes that typecast and keep us trapped in unconscious behaviour patterns that no longer serve us, it is our destiny pre-chosen by us pre-destination.

It is wonderful that the New World Children are part of the process of ensuring these archetypes come apart at the seams. They will not accept being labelled, boxed, re-shaped, controlled or dominated. Their role is mighty indeed, teaching humanity the importance of equality, freedom, uniqueness, unconditional love, compassion, peace and liberation. Respect is a state of being but to honour another means to pay homage to other’s sacred divinity. When we treat a child as our equal in all respects, we gain a treasure chest of wisdom that brings greater awareness and awakening to the importance of this journey we all share here on earth. A community of people sharing one heart and one planet all connected in the great scheme of life experience and group consciousness.

Changing the face of humanity

In this golden Age of Aquarius, relationships will indeed change. Co-dependency, the hunter and the hunted; and with it, the wars between the sexes, religions and nations will indeed become a thing of the past, ending their life in the memory of history and the mist of time.

Our very nature is changing as we allow our human selves to become truly divine once more. As our nature and consciousness changes so does our existence, relationships and planet. I am aware that for some people, it is hard to imagine that during the next 200 years planet earth will become a paradise and Kingdom of Love. However, people will heal their fears and their neediness for material things, a nanny state to protect them and the need for other people to make them feel safe and secure. They will become aware and realise that happiness is not outside of the self, and no external means can truly fulfil them if they have not found true happiness within. Desire and selfishness is the root cause of poverty and all pain and suffering.  Humanity is re-discovering that the power of love and light is more powerful then the love of power and the darkness of negativity.

Control and domination of children, individuals, partners and nations is being recognised as simply repeating the history of misqualified energies that is creating disease, disharmony and planetary imbalance. Control and domination of nature always backfires eventually, through the first principle of cause and effect, nations destroy themselves with their own hands.  People destroying themselves with their own negativity, beliefs and thought led-emotion.  When scientists attempt to control nature, our planet gives a torrid ecological, biological or energetic response.  We will have to accept this harsh reality; that we cannot control the forces of nature, although we can damage them and ourselves by attempting to do so. The root of the old tree of knowledge that created self interest, capitalism, religion and selfish life is being destroyed brick by brick, man hungers to be free of living in a hamster wheel of never ending taxes, high pressure, poverty, war and disease. Wounded leaders using money to squeeze the life and blood out of every human being. The hunter and the hunted has certainly created a crazy mixed up world, a place where children take drugs, alcohol, self harm and commit suicide, wishing to escape the illusion of the harsh reality they find in every dark corner of their own minds.

Synthesis relationship in unity consciousness, the splendour of true love.

Let us turn now to the new leaf that we are turning over, and the power of Uranus that will help us to break free from the constraints and archetypes that have bound us to old philosophies and outdated systems in science, biology, physics, psychology, health, education, politics, religion and society as a whole. 

This new aeon gave birth to an acorn of love, the seed that is growing into the new tree of life.  It is symbolic of the Age of Aquarius and in its synthesis; it predicts great promise of the Age of Enlightenment becoming a reality for each and every person that wishes to enjoy its fruit. A new species of human being is being created due to the super consciousness of positive progressive thinking, unconditional love, compassionate action and relentless zeal. It heralds the end of the world as we have known it in the past millennia – it paves the way for real and sustainable change unthinkable and unimaginable in the past. 

The revolutionary change and radical idealism will create serious birth pains for those that resist the changes that are inevitable – one cannot stop the ocean waves or the carrier of supreme love and its principles, it is our destiny.

A deviation from conformity in preference for innovation, originality and freedom of spirit, will be the hallmarks of the new relationships that will grow during this new phase of the growth and evolution of humanity and its consciousness. An age when there will be more humanitarians then capitalists, more peace makers then peace keepers, more good Samaritans than those that need our help. A time when the light of love overcomes and consumes any darkness - wherever it is found.

This supreme love is not lustful, slushy, emotionally needy or based upon insecurity. As we leave the desires and emotions behind us by purifying them through healing, we finally shake off the last of the dregs of the attachments and life experience born in the age of Pisces and before.

Aquarius is the light of the mind, like-minded people being systematically drawn together by the energy of their charisma, pure intention, intuition and powerful magnetism that brings clarity, integrity, transparency, equality, friendship and partnerships that engage for a higher and common purpose.

Individuals that share the same core values, ideals and passions, they can stand independently of each other due to their own self-mastery and self- discipline. The gentle ease of the new Love relationships will have a profound depth of loyalty, trust and unconditional love. They are supportive and inter-dependent in total equality, more centred on the collective than the personal.  They will challenge anything that smacks of tradition, repression or authority. So doing one’s own thing within these new types of relationships is going to test old dogma and beliefs of what is normal. The Aquarian relationships will be totally unique, adventurous, and expansive. The movers and shakers far sighted free thinkers, standing for truth and promoting new social visions, leaders with the lion heart of the humanitarian. Communicating on a totally different level playing field, intuitively, sentiently, sensitively, touching each soul with a sense of true connectedness with heart felt messages.

These new relationships and the engagement with supreme love, will start slowly as we move forward to a higher level of consciousness, moving our energy into our hearts of tender loving care, giving and sharing in communities that are engaged in unity consciousness of social conscience and human rights. An ecological, holistic living experience in both work and play, engaging with each other, the children, our homes, our people and our planet.

The gift of our hearts will be love beyond measure and this love union of people in universal love will be truly splendid to witness. Aquarius is an air sign and will bring constant change.  Compare the aeroplane and a space rocket with a boat and you will appreciate the speed at which humanity is now travelling. For the Grace of GOD let us go high, onwards and upwards, our hearts are in flight!  Yes, true love is a many splendored thing in thought, word and deed. Love is nature's way of giving human kind a reason to be living; it can make your heart sing and your soul fly!

It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Let your actions be for love and life for the new children of your world. Put aside any grievances that man might have for the benefit of the children and the future of planet earth.

Truly a common purpose for a Love Union, the Light will prevail and love will enter every door - the new dawn is here; the sun is rising inside every heart with the warmth and sincerity of supreme love.

Love beyond measure 


Stay true to the Christ

Remember what the Christ said "The old heaven and earth will pass away but his words will never pass away." He also told you that it will be the angels who will be the harvesters in the last days of the end of the age.

The Christ had a very good reason for asking everyone to stay with him until the end and it is very important that you understand his reasoning. There is a battle going on for the souls of humanity and we must stay true to the source of all light and love for the light of supreme love to prevail. Stay in your hearts and don't let anyone take you off your own path with God hand in hand side by side. 

God and his Son will guide you and will compel your hearts at the right time and in the right place.

As his Father said 
"Healing is the get out of jail card. Healing is the path to salvation and love is the way. 

I am the watchtower for the flock, the prophet that Jesus promised you that our heavenly Father would send to help you. On a day after I had been passing out the decisions and judgements from Abba I came out of altered state sitting in a golden chair not unlike this. 

To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throneRev:3:21 

I have to admit I have never ever seen the Christ or Abba sit on a throne. However, when I saw Melchizedek he was sitting on a throne.

Kingdom of Righteousness

In chapter 32 Prophet Isaiah also talks about the Kingdom of Righteousness and justice.

"See, a king will reign in righteousness and rulers will rule with justice. Each man will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land. Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed, and the ears of those who hear will listen. The mind of the rash will know and understand, and the stammering tongue will be fluent and clear. The noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands."

My view is that the above is about New Jerusalem because the rock will stand in a thirsty land and Israel is certainly not thirsty for spirituality. The noble plans are the plans for New Jerusalem in my humble view.



God bless it...

Glory be to God

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Man must break the curse

The curse on the Righteous and Suffering Servant was created by man and only man can break it with his eternal love, now I cry because I know that it is the will of God. 


Monday, 15 February 2010

Walking on eggshells

This weekend has been awesome and the wave of love amazing with our engagement with God on Valentines Day.

In the last week I have made a plea with two different people to not make me walk on eggshells. Today, it is time to share the insight from the story of life experience. Life experience is the sacred text of knowledge, it is the treasure that we come to share.

My Father used to bring farm eggs home from work and he left them on the kitchen table. Like most babies I was an early riser. When I was about 18 months old my mother came downstairs early in the morning. Lily found that the baby had smashed two dozen eggs and was skating on them in the lounge.

My mother screamed and then I ran upstairs to my Father. If ever I ran to Father for his defence, he would open the bedclothes and I would go straight down to the bottom of the bed. Then when it was all clear and safe to come up, I would crawl up the bed and lay on his chest, then fall asleep due to the heat and beat of his heart. My mother would never disturb the baby when she was with her father because he did night work and required his sleep.

I feel this 'Walking on Eggshells' relates back to that experience. It was a family story that was always shared and laughed at. Just one of the antics of a babies innocence and a happy memory.

Many people are being birthed and as the birds are breaking out of their shells where they were contained; they are surrounded by the broken shells until they teach their souls to fly.

When people are first birthed they can feel very sensitive and fragile, this can make people overreact to perceived words and deeds because they are still to heal perceptional consciousness. When people move beyond perception than people are teaching their souls to fly beyond earthly realities.

Taking nothing personally is all part of this process. When we don't take anything personally then we are not confined by the limitation of perceptions of our own world view. World views change as people evolve and change, truth is relative to the state of being of the person until people come to completion of truth.

Unconditional love is a state of being and when people combine that with compassionate action they become divine love in manifestation on the earth plane.

When people become aware that they are forcing others to walk on eggshells due to their state of being they then become more aware of their own selves. So sharing how one feels tenderly is all part of the healing process and connection with the heart.

If the innocent are being screamed at then they will run to where they know they are loved, it is a natural response for a baby who is still growing up. When emotional and spiritual maturity is in place in the person there is no requirement to run away, one can stand in integrity and meet the challenge with mercy, love and grace.


Love beyond measure then you can transmute all darkness. The light triggers the darkness and the darkness triggers the light until there is no more darkness left. Its all part of the ascension process.

Eggshells are actually good for the earth and my mother used to put them on the compost around the flowers. Another term that we use in spirituality is the roses growing through the thorns. Once a person has healed themselves of their thorns,  then the rose blossoms into the fullness of God's perfect creation and there are no more thorns anymore. The Cactus plant is also well known in the desert as is the Mountain Rose that grows naturally.

As the saying goes we can take a horse to water but we cannot make you drink it.

That brings us back to Hidalgo and the Mexico Memo featured on the Eliakim blog.

Do you have the courage to do what others say is impossible? 

Real courage comes when love is stronger than pride, 
then people become dauntless. 

Then people are able to share their hearts in openness and 
complete trust because they're whole people.

As the Christ once said "Love heals the world but 
compassionate action changes it". from Sacred Words.


Eliakim xx

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Planet Earth Hungers.....

Many years ago the Christ said

"Planet earth hungers for a solution to the pain. Christ light, the vendettas will be removed.

Sensibility is the way forward.
Gross misconduct from many will be removed.
Shalom will be revealed.
People are reviewing where they have been
and where they are going from here to eternity.
Beam your light child forevermore. "

from Sacred Words published in 2005. 

May God bless it....

Today is the day of God's blessing, it is an engagement with God. 

It is a blessed day..

Only when a planet and its people hunger are they ready to be fed with the bread from heaven. 


Saturday, 6 February 2010

100 million angels....

One hundred million angels have taught their souls to fly.....

"Self development is teaching the soul the fly" from Sacred Words.

Ascension doesn't happen without self development and coming home to the purest essence of being.

When Oannes designed this beautiful video little did we know that snow would cover the Isles with purification at the end of the year.

Does it make you think of snow white and her cosmic hoover?

Abba first spoke about the cosmic hoover in September 2007 while we were in Israel. In the last couple of weeks we have been advising people to empty the hoover and begin again.

Forget me not...

There are some wonderful legends about the forget me not flower. One of these legends includes a story about the Christ and his mother.

"The Christ Child was sitting on Mary's lap one day and said that he wished that future generations could see her eyes. He touched her eyes and then waved his hand over the ground and blue forget-me-nots appeared, hence the name forget-me-not."[1]

"In a German legend, God named all the plants when a tiny unnamed one cried out, "Forget-me-not, O Lord!" God replied, "That shall be your name." In another legend, the little flower cried out, "Forget-me-not!" as Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden."[1]

Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of Heaven.
Blossom he lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels. 

My grand mother Sophia  loved violets and freshia. My Father also used to bring me "forget me nots" when he came to me in Spirit. The Holy mother gave me a beautiful bouquet after our arrival back from Australia in 2000. Recently she gave me a blue rose. I have also been given blue bells and other flowers at different times for different reasons. 

Do your loved ones in Spirit bring you flowers? What flowers do they bring you? 

Let us not forget all the wonderful souls that have helped humanity to get to this point of evolution down the ages. On this day of the Holy Spirit let us keep them all in our hearts and praise them for all of their efforts. Many are returning to enjoy the well deserved party. The biggest ball of creation......

As the Christ said 'The old heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away" 

Many year's ago when the Christ first said "Sodality Stream of Love" to me I had no idea of the meaning of the word sodality. However, the dictionary states that the word means "Fellowship" and that links us back to the FILM MAKER lunar eclipse on New Year's Eve. Sodality is the fellowship and stream of love.

Love beyond measure 



Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Treasured Possession of God

Malachi 3 talks about the last days and God's treasured possession.

Mal 3:17-18 
"They will be mine," says the LORD Almighty, "in the day when I make up my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as in compassion a man spares his son who serves him. And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.

The holy ones are his treasured possession. The spiritual are the treasure in his chest. Those that live their lives selflessly, compassionately and mercifully in service to God to help humanity. In ancient days those that were wicked were those that did not look after the earth. Those that transgressed the spiritual law were called wicked. 

The patience of the saints are sorely tested yet their rewards are beyond measure because they are the treasure in our heavenly Father's chest. Sometimes he shares his treasure with humanity when humanity are worthy of the treasure that he delivers. His treasure can also help to deliver humanity when humanity have the ears to hear and the eyes to see.

Malachi 3 also talks about the covenant and prophet malachi knew full well that it would be a covenant for the children of the world. We are currently working on a video to share the information about the covenant with you. There is a full commentary on Malachi 3 on the Eliakim blog as well if you're interested to ponder upon it deeply. 

As the Christ said "The Meek shall inherit the Earth". The meek have the humility to serve God and listen and do what he asks of us.

This posted at exactly 00.36 and the gematria value of 36 = Tzaddikim. The Rabbi states the following the about the Tzaddikim. 

Q: : I have heard that there are just 36 tzaddikim (righteous individuals) in the world. What about the rest of humanity?

A: There are 36 complete tzaddikim. However, there are many, many tzaddikim and good people, who, although they have not reached the lofty heights of the complete tzaddikim, are still considered righteous individuals. There is also the one tzaddik in every generation, who is likened to the Moses of that generation, and merits to receive the Shechinah every day. This tzaddik is the foundation of the world in his time. The simple Divine service of all of these tzaddikim, and of every person, brings G-d much Nachat Ruach (pleasure).[1]