Wednesday, 29 February 2012

USA WEATHER 29th February 2012

I have been feeling the pressure building since the weekend, and sometimes I get very edgy when I pick up on the planetary energies. I sent out a weather alert to a friend in Illinois at 06.37 on eh 29th UK time. I told him that there was a storm coming in his direction and sent him some video links. One of those videos also mentions an earthquake.

Weather in the midwest of the USA is certainly feeling the pinch to wake people up and the death toll so far is eleven. That in itself is a miracle, when you see the sheer amount of damage that has been caused.

I looked at the videos of the tornado that ripped through Harrisburg, Illinois that are available now and I just felt that after all of the warnings people still refuse to listen. For some people it really has to be in their faces before they get the message. The reporter mentioned the number 5 and this is a 5 year of physical manifestation in this leap year. It reminds me of Amos 5 as well that began with the lambs being mourned by the farmers in the UK and the horses and cows dying mysteriously in Tennessee.

Amos 5 predicts that after the farmers mourn an exile will begin. That chapter is also about the remnant of Joseph.

On Monday the 11th of April, 2011, we made a post and it mentioned a previous post from October 2010, that was about the forthcoming 'ECO funeral', It was at that time that the heavenly Father said 'Illinois'. We also provided the number 5/12 in that post. This is a five year and 2012. The original post was called 'Abba said Illinois'.

The other area that is being reported is in Missouri, BRANSON, second time this week that name as come up. Last time it was the derailed Virgin train in the UK, and we warned people that this is the time of the derailment. In the video it also mentions LEBANON, and we all know what the current issues in the middle east. In the videos that I viewed, WALMART stores have been destroyed again.

On the 26th of August, 2011 we made a post called 'Shops Are Closing Down USA'. It includes the message from the heavenly Father and also some visions that I was given at that time. It mentions the request to cancel Christmas and it also mentions Walmart. Please see the ELIAKIM blog for the full information mentioned in this post.

29 is the numerology of 'Grace under pressure' and that came up a lot in the crop circles in 2010 and 2011.



This made me smile there is snow storms on the Golan Heights, Israel.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Today the social networks were talking about 'CHRISLAM' spreading in the USA. Please see the link below for full information. [1] 

I spent some time replying to the posters, including one of the people who claims they live in Turkey. I told the person that the book of Revelation tells the people of Turkey, to repent and return to the LORD.

After that I opened an email, and this picture had been sent from a Christian in the USA, he had taken the photograph on the 28th of February, 2012. The 28th of February is the 'Day of  


The picture was taken in Chicago on the South side. As we know Jesus predicted that the Queen of the South would come when the sign of Jonah was seen. The whale arrived in Israel in 2010, and that is when the judgement began as predicted.

The difference is the prophet of Islam was not a woman. As such, Islam's prophet is not the one that the LORD promised to send for his people. Nor did the prophet of Islam arrive at the appointed time of the last days of the end times as predicted.

As we know Obama was residing in Chicago and Rev 13 it mentions the captivity. It is the same town where Catholics are praying to a statue of Fatima, the daughter of the prophet of Islam. The statue is dressed in red with her head covered.  

As the Son of God said 'If people were meant to cover their heads, they would have been born with a foreskin'.  Profound words of wisdom.

I have received another email from the rooster that sent me the photograph. The rooster wrote that the picture was taken close to an Islamic school on 76th street. It also appears on a listing of African-American Schools.

76 is the gematria of MICHAEL and Michael is mentioned in the book of Daniel. Michael was born in  South Africa but he lived in the USA. He used to say to me 'I have the body of a white man and the soul of a black man'. He loved his beloved Africa and Africans. 

As we know Michael died, because Americans did not respond to our call for help. Michael stood with me and worked with me, hand in hand, side by side. The book of Daniel tells you that he was the only one that stood with me against the Islamic Prince of Persia. Americans did not step up to help us both at that time. As such, Michael died in 2010, and he had been dead for three weeks before anyone found him. 

When he died the LORD said 'The dark Lords have descended'. Isn't that the truth. We all know what has taken place since I received that message in June 2010. Jesus also warned about the vultures around the carcass. Nobody told me that Michael had died, as Marion had been instructed to do.

It is also the gematria value of ‘Face God’.  Can the Muslims face God? Can the Christians face God? Muslims do not believe that they can see the face of God. That's because the Islamic prophet wasn't the one with the favor to do so. This is also the time that Zechariah predicted that the shepherds are being cut off. He described them as 'worthless', with 'no favor or union' with the LORD. 

76 is also 'Bible Eagle' [2] and as we know the eagle is to do with the USA and Italy. It turns out that Ron Paul is also 76 years old, and there was a recent video from Saudi, where Saudi's had invited Ron Paul to convert to Islam. 

76 is also the value of 'serve', 'dove', 'el', 'wine', 'honour', 'elohiym', 'great', 'sweet', 'heart', 'vision', 'eminent', 'hand'. 

In the above post we mentioned the sign of Jonah and Jonah means dove. In the last judgement fresco that Michelangelo painted at the top of it is a man with a whale, symbolizing JONAH. In other words, he was telling the people that the DOVE would come as well as the WHALE. I was inspired to give out broaches of wooden doves of peace to the Israeli's that were with me when I blessed the Sea of Galilee on the 22nd of May, 2006. 

The doves were also seen in the Galilee of the Gentiles when I was touring in the land of Joseph. 

The wine is a sign of ELIJAH, not the ELIJAH of the Nation of Islam, the ELIJAH mentioned in the Malachi prophecies. In Psalm 46 that Obama read out on 9/11, last year.  Elohiym is feminine, she is also the woman in the golden gown mentioned in Psalm 45. The same woman that is in Rev 12 and Micah 4. The daughter that was crowned for divine purpose in the last days of the end times. 

The wine was poured out for me to drink in Israel in May 2006 and in September 2007. 

Now there are weather warnings of storms and earthquakes in the USA. Its on its way to Chicago and other places in America. 

Teshuvah USA, teshuvah 

So what messages did the LORD give to the USA? There have been many. However, these are the ones that I shall give to you again. 

The LORD said '$365, a dollar a day you must pay'. 

'Do not refrain, remember Abraham Lincoln'. 




Monday, 27 February 2012


26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God and this earthquake on the 26th of February happened in Siberia. Its a big one having a 6.8 magnitude and it went deep, 7.3 miles below the surface of the earth. On the 23rd of March, 2010 we made a full post on the important of the number 73 and all of its different correspondence.


73 We do it all for you

This is the 73rd post in 2010 and in simple gematria 73 is the sum of 'Stone', 'Joseph' 'Sound', 'Herself', 'Living' and 'Union'. In English gematria the same words are the sum of 438.
Please see the original post for all of it.

It happened at 1.17 local time. One 17 and 17 is the number of the STAR.

It is a time of remembering for the indigenous peoples. Remembering who they are.

Amazing then that 68 is the value of Eli, Eli, the name that the LORD shouted at me when he first summoned me. It is also the value of 'Defence', 'Behind', 'A Him, A Egg', Easter time could be interesting this year for Siberia. The LORD said 'You are lucky'. If Siberia is lucky, then there are some important discoveries to be made there.

Best wishes


2nd Italian Cruise Ship - Seychelles

Here we go again with Italian cruise ships and it is same company as before. Now we have a cruise ship Costa Allegra adrift, 200 miles southwest of the Seychelles. There are more than 1,000 people aboard a boat without power in the Indian Ocean following a fire on board. No one has been injured.

Southwest is to do with the Queen of the South mentioned in the NT and west is to do with peace.

It happened at 15.00 hours and today is the 27th of February, 2012. 27th of February is the 'Day of Insight'. 27 is the number of the scepter and Nostradamus made a prediction about the 'scepter', 'Rome', and the 'Rooster'. The Rooster is also mentioned in the biblical prophecies.

Powerful messages are being given to Rome and Italy. Time for the Pope and the Vatican to resign. Revelation chapter 15 is about the seven plagues and the Italian farmers of lambs have also been hit by the plague like other parts of the EU.

In that chapter it mentions the following:

"And I saw what looked like a sea of glass glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea, those who had been victorious over the beast and its image and over the number of its name. They held harps given them by God and sang the song of God's servant Moses and of the Lamb.

As we know the sea in the Seychelles is like glass. the 'beast, image, number of its name' is to do with the man in Rev 13. The Leopard Obama. The Seychelles is also off the coast of Africa. In the Proverbs 30, the strutting rooster, a he-goat, and a king secure against revolt.

“There are three things that are stately in their stride, four that move with stately bearing: a lion, mighty among beasts, who retreats before nothing; a strutting rooster, a he-goat, and a king secure against revolt." 

As we know, the biblical prophecies predicted that the Leopard mentioned in Rev 13 and the book of Daniel would speak like a lion. 

In that prophecy we have the four different people. 

1. The Lion, a mighty beast e.g. a cat and Obama is a Leo. 
2. A strutting rooster, a bird. An air sign like Aquarius. 
3. A he-goat, goat. A goat can be a Capricorn. 
4. A king secure against revolt, a sovereign. 

In the book of Matthew, Peter disowns Jesus three times, before the rooster crows. There is also a prophecy about the rooster for the last days of the end times. Jesus mentioned the 'night time' and when the 'rooster crows' in the book of Mark, 13:35 In the Psalms, the night time is to do with the 'Harp of Faithfulness'. Psalm 92.

The Nostradamus prophecy predicts the end of the scepter in Italy when the rooster crows.

At the end of Rev chapter 15, it states that 'The temple is filled with smoke from the glory of God and his power, and no one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels are completed'. Well there is some clarification right there, as the NT teaches that the body is the temple.

Matthew 24 also tells the people that there is only one that is saved in this timeline, that would align with the person that is secure in the proverb.




Tilbury Power Station is on fire in Essex, England.

4,000 tones of wood pallets.

The fire began at 7.45 GMT

40 is to do with the prophet of the LORD.

7 is a karmic number in the OT, about forgiveness in the NT and the spiritual law. In Hebrew gematria seven is also the value of the ZAYIN, the woman of valor. Plus it is the life number of the spiritual teacher.

45 is to do with Psalm 45 and the Royal Queen.

745 is the value of 'Heal', 'Scribe', 'Humble', 'Accept'. 

'This little light of mine'. 'An intimate circle of friends', 'Expert Timing', 'Stargate Atlantis', 'Her Prophetic Songs', 

In Greek, 'speak', 'judge', 'sing'.




There is a drought in the UK with the lowest rainfall since 1972. I don't ever remember people being asked to limit the time they spend in the shower during the winter time.

So what was going on in 1972?

The Tory, Edward Heath was the Prime Minister and unemployment topped a million. In this historical link it mentions the 'boom and bust economics'. Here we are 40 years later and nothing has really changed as far as governments are concerned. The plans of Edward Heath didn't work, and there are signs that many of the plans of Cameron's government are being derailed for the same reason. [2]

In 1972, I was 18 years old, I had just left the family home for the first time due to being legally old enough to do so. I was flat-sharing, and sharing a bedroom in Hampstead, because that was all I could afford at the time. I was working, six full days a week and 2 evenings, in three different jobs. Even with doing three different jobs, one in the office and two in retail, it was not enough for a place of my own. 
After that I had a bedsit, although that didn't last long either. That was the year of the drought, when I didn't have anywhere decent to live.

Biblically, droughts come when the people do not align their will with the will of the LORD that is delivered by his prophets. They were mentioned by Moses, Jeremiah and Elijah.

Haggai 1 mentions the drought and its a call to build the house of the LORD. In 2011, Israel was also experiencing a long drought. He did not ask for a synagogue, church or mosque. He asked for a house and it is repeated again by Prophet Isaiah.

"This is what the LORD says: “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me? Where will my resting place be? Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” declares the LORD." Isaiah 66:1-2 

I can smell hot cooked food as well while I am writing this. 

He is asking for a house, a home with food and a cook in it, for his Messenger of the Covenant. 



Sunday, 26 February 2012

PETA Killers of PETS

Well it has certainly been a day for the animals on this 'Day of Arousal', the 26th of February, 26 is also the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God.

We began the day with the biblical plague with the lambs in the UK. Then we have the brain-dead scientists -v- the chickens. [1]

Now we have the PETA killers of PETS story. PETA are killing the pets that they are being funded to save. The report states that they have a $37 million budget and they have only found homes for 24 pets. 

Documents published online this month show that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an organization known for its uncompromising animal-rights positions, killed more than 95 percent of the pets in its care in 2011. 

The write up is saying that they are using their funding to pay for media exposure instead of putting the effort into finding homes for the animals. In fact, one lady contacted them for a pet and was told that they did not home them. From the media shots it looks like the money is going into promoting vegetarianism.

I must admit I have always found the RSPCA to be wonderful. I did predict a couple of years ago that some charities and NGO's will fall by the way side. It looks like PETA could be one of those, if enough people share the info about PETA.

I would rather the $37 million was shared out between the people that do a good job of rescue and homing, and there are many around the world as we know. Would PETA attract such large funding if people knew the truth? I don't feel that they would do so. 

This video is from 2007, so the situation has not changed in the last five years. 

PETA also stand against hunting. Although it is natural for the indigenous peoples to hunt for their food. What is more natural? That animals and birds live free until caught humanely for food, or that they are kept like battery hens? It really is time for humanity to decide. Humanity and PETA cannot impose its will on the indigenous peoples and lands without detriment.

In addition to the PETA story, an up date on the 'Time of Derailment' shared with you on the 5th of February. 

3rd derailment in a week.

1. Buenos Aries, Argentina
2. Liverpool, England. Richard Branson, Virgin Trains.
3. Burlington, Ontario,Canada

2+3 were both today.

Brain-Dead Scientists -v- The Chickens

As we are on the judgement of the farmers and the corporations. Let us share this offering that has just been posted in the social forums. 'Brain-Dead Chicken Farming? This contraption designed by an Architecture student, Andre Ford, provides a solution that provides brain-dead chickens that are not allowed to have any normal life.

In all conscience how could anyone even consider such a thing? Only scientists and architects that are brain-dead themselves would even consider such a solution for farming animals. [2]

Ask yourselves what does a brain have to do with the soul? Egyptians threw the brain away on death, they knew it was purely mechanical. Like the hard drive. Can the hard drive work without the software to operate it? Just because they make a chicken brain dead, doesn't mean that the soul cannot feel. All animals are sentient. Do you know what sentience is? Do you know what consciousness is? Do chickens have consciousness? Yes, just like you do.

Would you do to a human being what you would do to a chicken? Well the pharmaceutical industry do it to human beings. How about that. Satisfied now? Made your mind up now? Or would you like a few more reality checks? Jesus warned about those that can take the soul. 

The original poster 'Whimszy' wrote: 

"I would hate to think a soul can feel pain, then you would have to question people who's organs are being harvested!" 

Our response: 

Of course a soul can feel pain that is why the soul gets out of the body when there are operations or crashes. I have even experienced it due to dental treatment, I started to lose consciousness because my soul was leaving the body.

It is also proven that organs carry memory just like blood does. Where have you been the last 30 years?
I recommend a book for you called 'Hearts Code' by Dr Paul Pearsall. First they found that the heart carries memory then they found it the same with other organs as well.

From experience of working with soul consciousness professionally, I also know that soul brings with it memories from past lives to heal. Those memories impact on your life unconsciously. I made a thread about the animals on our blog the other day. Here is a little from it.

How many children and animals have to die before people will return to all that is sacred?

As we know Dr Dolittle can speak to the animals and there is a passage in the bible about that as well.

'Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you." Job 12:7-8

How many Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu's, Sikh's and Buddhists can communicate with animals, birds and fish? Why is this teaching of the prophets not conveyed in the congregations and assemblies? How many Christians know that Jesus said the same? You can find it written in the Gospel of Peace, book 4, teaching of the elect.

Why is it that some spiritual people like myself can communicate with the animals and birds and fish, but religionists can't? Do you know? The religionists are attached to their books, instead of being connected with the creation of the LORD, his creation that is living, breathing and consciously aware. 

By the time we have finished with the corporations and the farmers, they will be praying on their hands and knees to the chickens for forgiveness. Should I be humane to those that are not humane to the animals? Should the LORD be merciful to the corporations and the farmers?


Those that show no mercy will receive no mercy in this timeline. We asked humanity for mercy and humanity did not give it. So now humanity pay for not doing what they were asked to do in the first place. 




As I see it, the judgement at this time is not just about the mockers of the LORD and the atheists, it is also to do with the children, and what they are doing to the gentle and innocent lambs. The farmers are big supporters of the governments due to the subsidies that they receive. So another powerful message is being given to the farmers. They rarely come in contact with what the children in the inner cities have to contend with.

This is a very important message that must be given to the farmers. They must return and turn their hearts to the children. Otherwise the livestock will continue to be plagued.

The plagues were not only mentioned in the bible, Nostradamus also spoke of them in various quatrains related to the last days of the end times. In one of the quatrains he mentions the beef and there was a ten year ban on British Beef between 1996-2006. No surprise then that in 1996 I was touring in the Galilee of the Gentiles as Prophet Isaiah predicted. In 2006 I was sent to Israel for the first time.

The book of revelation also mentions the ten days. Ten days can also be ten years in Judaism. British farmers had trouble for ten years, yet they still did not return. So now their lambs have been plagued.

Teshuvah farmers, teshuvah 

Last year the British government went after the children in the UK, they have been henchmen to the poor, and sick. In fact, one could say that the British government have been merciless and they did not let my people go. So now the farming industry of the UK gets a biblical plaque. Farmers support the government due to subsidies, they did not get the message after the beef crisis, maybe the farmers and the government will get the message this time. 

The British (and the EU) government have hurt the children and the people, now the farming industry feel the financial pinch, for what the government did and are doing to our children. They forced people with cancer to look for work. Do you understand that the LORD is not happy with the governments or its corporations?

In this timeline, all are being asked to turn their hearts to the children, our innocent lambs. Maybe the farmers will have a greater impact when they get the message and understand what this plague is really all about. 

This is not only happening in the UK either. Horses and cows are dying in the USA and the scientists have said its a mystery. Well its no mystery to me. In the time of Moses the livestock were impacted upon, and it is happening again, due to the Messenger of the Covenant being here for the children. 

Life situations will become more and more severe until the people do the will of the LORD. 

He is proving his existence to you.


The Daily Telegraph report that 20% of the lambs have been lost and 20 is the number of judgement.

“For any business to lose 20 per cent of your stock would be a huge blow,” said Mr Mackintosh. “For a farmer to lose 20 per cent of your flock is catastrophic. If it was 50 per cent you would be put out of action." [1]

I was talking to one who has 10,000 sheep. If he loses even five per cent of the animals born this year, that’s a hell of a lot of lambs. I know another who says 10 per cent of his ewes have become barren. He has 6,000 ewes, so that is 600 animals producing nothing.” [1]

Barren livestock is also biblical, and we covered the importance of the numerical correspondence of 600 in the Argentina post on the train crash due to derailment. 

In the NT, Jesus said 'What you give will come back to you 30, 60 or 100 fold.' It is about reaping what has been sown. He also said 'What you think you have will be taken from you', why did he say that? People do not give willingly to help the poor. 

"John, a farmer from East Sussex who wanted to remain anonymous, said he had lost 40 out of 400 lambs so far, at a cost to his business of more than £4,000." [1] There we have 444 and that was the 'Perfect Love' gateway in Spain in April, 2011. 

40 is also to do with Moses and the prophet that the LORD promised would come in this timeline of the  last days of the end times. 

Teshuvah humanity, teshuvah 



Saturday, 25 February 2012


In November 2011, the LORD was talking about Spain and Judah. Please see that post for more information. [1] 2011 was also gateway opening in Spain with 444. So what else do we have on Spain? Spain is on the March like Greece in 2010 till now.

Some Nostradamus prophecies about Spain.


The Republic of Valencia, without guidance, and by reason of its nature
Will be hardy and timid by turns. Seized by fear, it will be conquered.
Accompanied by its pale prostitutes. 
It will be convicted in the prisons of Barcelona.
In place of the wife, the daughters will be killed.
Murdered by a criminal fault which will not be allowed to endure.
Little clad, within trenches they will be overwhelmed.
The wife will quench her thirst in the Italian Sea.


The true flame will engulf the government
Which wished to put to death the innocents.
Near the time of assault the at my will become inflamed,
And one will see a prodigious thing in the Bull of Seville.

This quatrain is to do with UK not Spain. Please see our other blog.
On the Joseph Flame -v- Baroness Warsi. 


In the south of Spain both blood and prosperity will be spent.
A little before they change their proconsul
There will be great scourge and war; famine and thirst will be seen.
Their prince, their great warden, will die away from his own land.


Is to do with Canada not Spain. 


The myths acting in human guise
Will be the authors of this great conflict. p. 358
Before serene heaven, sword and lance
Will be a less mighty affliction than will be the trend toward the left hand.

The serene heaven is to do with Rev 12. 2004-2008. The sword of Archangel Michael. The celestial lance was given to the wondrous woman from heaven in 2010 while she was in Greece.


The end of the wolf, the lion, the bull, the ass
And the timid deer will be with the dogs.
No more will sweet manna fall to them.
The watch-dogs will give more vigilance and guardianship.


The calamity of a declining economy will afflict
Spain and there will be disaster for Italy. p. 361
The Church will be inflamed, there will be corruption and captivity
When Mercury is in the sign of the Archer and Saturn becomes a usurer.


The proclaimed union will not last a great while.
The greater of the two will make changes and reforms.
When the nation is paralyzed in its ships,
Then Rome will have a new Leopard.

Rev 13 mentions the Leopard who is Obama. So the union is the USA. 


The leaderless people of Spain and Italy
Will see death and defeat within Italy.
Their leader will be betrayed by his irresponsible folly.
Blood will flow everywhere across the latitude. 

The leader of Spain and Italy has been the Pope. 


Ruin to the Italians in terrible plight through the power of fear.
Their great city will be captured, a corrupt deed.
Monarchy, populace and temples will be violated.
The Po and the Tiber will flow reddened with blood.


By a foreign nation quite different from the Romans
Their great city (Rome) will be affected after they
have already gone through a powerful revolution.
The government without forces, because of a different country,
Will see their chief captured for lack of a burnished sword.


The death of a Latin monarch
Will involve those whom his rule has assisted.
The fires will be lighted, the booty divided,
There will be public death for his hardy associates


When Saturn and Mars are in Leo, Spain will be captured,
The African leader will be trapped in the conflict.
Near Malta there will be an engagement. Herod will be taken alive,
The scepter of Rome will be struck down by the Cock.

Again, the USA has an African-American leader and he is also a Leo. The cock is also to do with the Rooster that is mentioned in the bible. The man that is the rooster is also a blessed American. 


A man of very high rank will flee into Spain
After the blood-letting of the long wound.
Armed forces will cross the high mountains
Devastating everything, after that he will reign in peace.

I haven't checked these translations with the French originals. However, the link is from Sacred Texts. [2] 


Religion the BIG Question Mark

A young one asked 'Is religion a stepping stone or stumbling block?

Our response:
Well the word 'religion' does not exist in biblical Hebrew, and it was the British colonial academics that called the diverse spiritual philosophies of India, Hinduism. 
Why? They had to have a label or word to put them all in a 'box of religion'.

Hence, why prophet Malachi predicted that the calves would leave their stalls in this timeline.

The brother of Jesus, James told the people if they did not keep a tight rein on their tongue then their religion is worthless.

In today's culture and society, atheism/secularism has become a powerful religion. Some people even state that love is their religion.

Anything that a person is 'bound to' or 'attached' to is a form of religion. A person can be attached to their money, their wealth, their possessions, their partners. Their drugs, their music and most all their beliefs. Hence, why both Jesus and Buddha taught detachment.

Here are a few sections from a book that I began to write in 2007.

"As we know religion has a tragic history and most outlawed the esoteric teachings, Christianity and the wisdom of Sophia. Now the oppression and suppression of the divine feminine aspect of God comes home to roost. Esoteric philosophy and mysticism was the genesis and seed that became religion, whether people like it or not. The word esoteric means within and the orthodox, literal and carnal mindsets turned their back on going within to access the higher spiritual planes. 2 Throughout the Old Testement God worked with the prophets calling the people to come home and return to God, people were being called out of their cultural practises and traditions created by men. Whether they were stubborn hearted, closed-minded, innocent, or fearful of what they could not understand, or fear of losing what they considered to be their heritage and culture is for you to decide.

However, words of wisdom in the bible make the position very clear indeed. ”To be carnally minded is death and enmity against God" Rom. 8 KJV this is not talking about lust either, it is talking about being stuck in material, literal, earthly reality, also unbeliever’s of a spiritual and metaphysical reality. Jesus said "How is it that you do not understand that I did not speak to you concerning bread?” Matt: 16:1

In the 21st century, in Asia alone there is one million children sold into the sex trade. We witness honour killings, mutilation of children, children self harming and youth suicide is a devastating sign of our times.

It is important that these spiritual truths are shared so that children that were born into religion and poverty can be liberated from the captivity in which they find themselves caged.

Jesus said ‘suffer the little children, let them come unto me’. He said this because he wanted them to be free, he did not wish them to suffer due to the indoctrination and family inheritance of belief systems. He wished for children to come willingly and not forced to come to God. The mystics knew that the Church was taking the Christ teachings, the spiritual truths offering the good news of liberation into a totally different reality that Jesus did not support. They knew that Jesus taught people freedom, liberation, peace, justice, equality, community and the brotherhood of man, and what the orthodox church fathers were creating was alien to the true essence of spirituality, esoteric ageless wisdom and the universal truths and values that Jesus shared with all his heart.

The mystics and Jewish prophets knew that the orthodox had rejected the capstone of spiritual independence. In 1 Corinthians, it talks about spiritual wisdom, a wisdom that is secret and hidden since before time began. How the rulers of this age do not understand it; and as such they come to nothing. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.”

The early Christians were mainly Jewish mystics that did not speak in words taught by human wisdom, they expressed spiritual truths in spiritual words, spiritual symbology, gematria, astrology and many other spiritual forms were used. Only the light of spiritual people can truly understand the workings and way of the Spirit; due to their personal experiences of Spirit and the way the Spirit of God works.

“The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 NIV”

One cannot become spiritually discerned if one is stuck in rigid religious belief of literal material reality, the language of the Spirit is metaphysical and symbolic, most religions do not embrace the metaphysical and as such do not experience the spiritual planes. Relativity is a state of being; it is the science of being and part of the first principle of the universe of cause and effect. 

Then a posted responds 'Trying to impress another big stumbling block'.

Our response: 

The child that works the hardest when they start work gets the rapid promotions. 

Why is that?

They impressed the boss.

When the child was impressing the boss, other employees took the child out to lunch and asked the child not to work so hard. The two women were the stumbling block not the child. However, the child followed her own heart, she did not listen to the two women, she carried on and career success was her gain. She deserved it because she had worked hard for it.

Eventually the child grew into a mature woman, and ran companies of her own. She became known for being able to turn situations around, and help other companies to be successful as well. Launching products and helping them to become brand and market leaders.

When that did not satisfy her anymore, and she was financial able to put her skills and talents to use for Spirit when she called. She then moved on to help individuals that she was impressed by. Those of the true light shone out. Those without it were also helped but in different ways. Each had a different purpose for being in her life at that time.

She loves to be impressed by the efforts and skills of others, because she is happy to see others excel and reach their potential. It is the same with the LORD, he loves to see people happy when they excel at the talents that he blessed them with. 


All rights reserved. Lotus Feet 

Judgement or Salvation

A Christian that goes by the name of Johnnybotwright was a given a vision of Archangel Gabriel who was destroying an ancient building by smashing a ball and chain against it. Jesus asked Archangel Gabriel to stop, and Gabriel told him 'I cannot stop'. The man asked 'Lord what does this man, the Lord replied, my church cannot stop doing the same thing over and over again'.

As we know Gabriel appeared before Mary, it is written that he was a major influence in the creation of Islam. He appeared before Joseph Smith and that is how the Mormons came to be. As we know the Mormons are also active in the current US presidential elections.

Gabriel is to do with the direction of the South. Since 2005 he was moved into frontline with Mother Mary helping the spiritual. At that time Archangel Michael began working with the new ecological and self-sustainable teachers. So Gabriel is to do with spiritual people who evolve into Angels when they teach their souls to fly divine.

However, as in Rev 12, there are two types of Angels, that also aligns with Jewish mysticism of the Angels of Elohiym -v- the Angels of Darkness. That is then repeated in the Dead Sea Scrolls of the sons of light -v- the sons of darkness. Again in the parable of the Virgins e.g the Wise Virgins -v- the Foolish ones.

Gabriel is also to do with mercy and the blunted sword of truth. In the man's vision, Jesus told Gabriel to stop. This tells you that the Archangels are not under the direction of Jesus. In other words he can communicate with them, but they are not under his command. Melchizedek is like the operations director of the cosmos. The High Priest and Jesus was from his order. Jesus is the Son of God so the dream is telling the man that Jesus is not in control of what happens. There are many forces in the cosmos.

In the bible the LORD also tells you in this timeline, ask your idols to save you. They will not do so. 

That then reminds me of when Jesus said this about the Christians and their Churches in the USA.

'The Church gives the people a false sense of security'.

Matthew 24, also tells you that there is only one person that is saved in this timeline and they must share their testimony with the nations. Then the end will come. Being under the direction of the LORD, the heavenly Father. Form experience I know that the heavenly Father is different to his Son. 

The man said "I asked the Lord what does this mean, the Lord replied , my church cannot STOP doing the same thing over and over again."

In other words they are repeating cycles and not breaking them. Jesus taught people how to break the never ending karmic cycles. As I have done my best to do as well. So for instance when we advised people to stop firing the grids and most spiritual people ignored it at that time. They enter the space of others without permission to do so, and that is a transgression of the spiritual law of creation that brings a heavy penalty.

When we tell members of the Church to heal themselves, and they simply refuse to listen and carry on keeping their heads buried in the bible and proceeding in the same way. Then we hear of another one being struck down. In the teachings of Jesus the body is the temple, so the body is being impacted upon by others who use a ball and chain to strike the structure.

It sounds to me like it is the manner that which things are done that he is concerned about. However, as the man understood the vision, it is about the time of judgement. However, Isaiah 65 is also about salvation as well. 

A building can be destroyed like dropping a bomb on it, or a building can be dismantled and the best can be salvaged. A building can also be restored and that is what Isaiah 58 is about. Its about ascension and the restoration. Rebuilding the temple is about rebuilding yourselves. However, from experience I know that you have to have good foundations in place. The foundation of love, those that have not put the effort into heal their 'inner child' can be like a 'bull in a china shop'. We witness that a lot with the shepherds that are being cut off on this timeline as per the prophecies of Zechariah. The prophecy tells you that they are being cut off because they have 'no favor or union' with the LORD. That includes Church leaders. As we told people a few years ago no stone will be left unturned.

The Malachi prophecies also tell the people to turn their hearts to the children. The prophecies inform us that the Fathers must put their daughters on their shoulders. In other words its time to put the divine feminine above your own heads. 

Then a person stood against Lotus Feet and we replied with the following: 

The Messenger of the Covenant has raised the bar. As ordained by the LORD. The standard is unsurpassed. Of course, you would have to have a foundation of love in place to truly understand that and value it.

So when you judge Lotus Feet, you are actually judging yourself. As such, you are using a ball and chain on your own structure. As per the man's vision, you can't stop doing it because it is judgement upon you that you have chosen for yourself in this timeline. However, I can tell you that I am here to help you to break the never ending cycles, and shorten these days of the end times for the elect.

So can you heal it?

'over-sized alien'.
'fiery hell'

If you continue to refuse to listen, then you will be leaving the planet a lot faster than you think. 

Then the man that received the vision wrote that the judgement is like a runaway train. 'Unstoppable judgement'. Despite the judgement, man still refuses to return. As such, more and more perish. 

Yes, although the train crash in Buenos Aires would be a better analogy for the runaway train. We did tell people that it was the 'Time of the Derailment'. That post is also about reaping what people sow and the spiritual law. You see all of the numerical correspondence, the meaning and the reasons why that crash happened on the original post. It is certainly judgement upon Buenos Aires due to what they have been involved in. The original post also relates it to the Church and Islam. [1]

So what do you choose? Judgement or Salvation? 



Friday, 24 February 2012

Ahmadinejad Son of Blacksmith

On the 10th of August, 2011 we featured the 'Wayland Crop Circle' on the ELIAKIM blog and it mentions the 'Blacksmith'. This is a paragraph from that post.

"Its extremely important that the children have role models of guiding lights, to lead them out of crime not into it. There as been news that people have been offering children money to riot and we all know about the blacksmiths that shape an idol with hammers. We also know who holds those hammers, that hammer the children in their communities. It seems that the baton as replaced the biblical hammer. However, as Christ said 'Woe betide anyone that harms a child'. The spiritual law will come down upon your own heads." [1] 

On the 7th of November, 2011 we featured a post called 'Judah, G20 and the Abyss'.

"In the book of Samuel there is the blacksmith. Prophet Isaiah also spoke of the blacksmith and he takes a tool and works it in the coals. As we know coal is also black and burns in the fire, there is the saying as black as coal.  In Isaiah 54, the blacksmith is called the destroyer that wrecks havoc. Does it remind you of the Leopard Obama from Africa in Rev 13?" [2] 

Today's news is that Ahmadinejad is the Son of a Blacksmith. 

"Vilified in the West for his barbs against America and Israel, his defiance on Iran's nuclear work, and questioning of the Holocaust, the blacksmith's son has long relied on his charismatic appeal to the poor and devout, as well as his links to the elite Revolutionary Guard and Basij religious militia." [3] 

Its an explosive situation in the Middle East at the moment. There have been further clashes at the temple mount and at least one man has died. From what I can see from the video the violence was started on purpose by rock throwers, throwing rocks at the police. It is not a pretty sight in Jerusalem right now. [4]

In addition, two British journalists that worked for Iranian Press TV have been taken hostage in Libya and American farmers are complaining that Iraq does not wish to buy their rice. 

If Rev 18, and Rev 6 manifests in its entirety, the USA have more to be concerned about than rice. The more that the nations around the world are turning against the USA, the more their product and exports will fall of the shelf. They will require all the food that they can grow to feed their people. Hence, why we recommended that local people create their own fish farms.