Friday, 24 February 2012

Buenos Aires Derailment Sign

The only message that I received about Buenos Aires was from Michael in 2010 after his passing. [1] However, on the 4th of February, the day of the Egypt gateway opening, we made a post called 'Time of Derailment' on our other blog. Yesterday it was shown to me, that in Saudi they were celebrating the festival of their Islamic prophet on the 4th.

The original 'Derailment' post mentions the 'foolish virgins' mentioned in the parable by Jesus. The derailment of Islam, the Catholics and the Vatican. The post also mentions the Virgin trains. [2]

49 dead and 600 injured after a commuter train derailed. The train was overcrowded and it simply did not stop at the station.[3]

So what are the importance of the numbers? 600 is to do with the spiritual law in the NT. 6 x 100 = 600. Jesus Christ told his followers what you give will return to you 30, 60 or 100 fold. So this is a karmic situation of reaping what you sow. As we know there has been a Latin American-Arab alliance and they have held conferences together, there was talk of them creating a new currency backed by the oil rich nations.

In addition, there has been some debate over Argentina and the Falklands. As well as Hamas recruiting heavily in Latin-America. This train crash surely is another sign for Argentina and Latin America.

Biblewheel state that in Hebrew gematria, 600 is the value of 'His Righteousness', 'The heritage of the servants of the LORD', 'The Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding'. [4]

In English gematria 600 is  'Elohim Bride', 'Bride of King', 'I am a light beam', 'Behold Love', 'Gold Queen', 'Lord of Peace', 'Scale and Key'. 'Writing'. 'Lord Michael', 'Break of Dawn', 'Lampstand', 'Excellent', 'Lady Loved', 'Have Mercy', 'New Science' and 'Wikileaks'.

The gold Queen is to do with Psalm 45, and the writing relates to the 'skilled writer' that the bible predicted would come. She embraces both New Science and Wikileaks. The scale is to do with the measure of the law and she holds the key of David. His righteousness is also to do with the Harp of Faithfulness and Prophet Hosea predicted that the LORD would plant HER himself in Jezreel. That happened in May 2006, and that was an 8 year of spiritual transformation.

49 is the gematria value of 'measure' and that relates to the spiritual law. 'Love', 'Hold', 'Hope', 'Live', 'Uncover', 'Enemy', 'Fury'. In Greek gematria it is 'Great', Come'. [5]

In Jewish gematria 49 is also 'Kim', 'end' and 'in 1995'. In 1995, Kim was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles exactly as Prophet Isaiah predicted I would be. Touring with the spiritual and healers on the circuit. 

This is another major sign for Argentina, another wake up call. The train did not stop at the station, and the leaders in Argentina must stop and consider the implications of their plans. This is very serious indeed. The BBC reported that this is the worst train disaster in Argentina for 40 years, [6]and 40 is to do with Moses, and the Iris prophecy from Nostradamus about the one that was predicted to come. 

It is reported that it happened around 8.00am at rush hour, and 8 is the number of spiritual transformation. The date was the 23rd of February, 2012. The 23rd of Feb is the 'Day of Problem-Solver'. 

Teshuvah Buenos Aries, Teshuvah Argentina. 

May those that have died rest in peace, those injured recover quickly from their injuries. 




  1. Another derailment, Virgin Trains Liverpool. 14.00 14 is to do with Rev 14.

  2. 2nd derailment on the 26th, and 3rd in the last week.
    Canada. Number 49 again,

  3. I agree that there could be some relation between the derailment and the Falkland Islands. I was in one of those apartments in Buenos Aires when the crash happened and I felt a cold around my body when somebody screamed something about the British-Argentina rivalry. There is something there...