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The other day we posted about Micah 7, and the Shepherd that walks in compassionate action. [1] That post also includes the information about CND, and how the internationally known peace symbol was created in this land of Joseph, three years after I was born on the planet, the 13th of February, 1954.

CND stand against the building of nuclear power plants, against nuclear weapons, chemical and biological. CND is the value of 47 in Jewish gematria it also the value of Ben, it means Son in Hebrew.
In English gematria it is 126, ONE, and 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God. [4]

Today, a video has been posted about 'Mutant Spiders found in Nuclear Power Plants'.

Where it should say, 'spider web like material found in nuclear power plants'.

The news shared is that the report claims that scientists are investigating a bizarre white cobweb found on nuclear waste at a US nuclear power plant. Some have come to the conclusion that it could've been created by a 'Mutant Spider'.

Apparently, this kind of white 'string-like material has never been seen before on nuclear waste. [2] One poster stated that spiders kill mosquitos and with GMO, killer mosquito's on the loose in the USA, the spiders are certainly required.

However, what else does spider have to tell us?

Author, Ted Andrews shares with us that the spiders keynote is 'Creativity and the weaving of fate'. To Native Indians the spider is grandmother, the link to the past and future. Spider tells you that what you do now is impacting on your future, so what are they are up to at that nuclear plant that spider is bringing to your attention? This is important bearing in mind that it was the USA that introduced nuclear power plants; to serve their ever increasing demand for energetic power.

It also relates to the wheel of fortune and karma. As we know we are also in the Saturn in Libra transit until October and in that same month it moves into Saturn in Scorpio and the secrets therein. In China the spider is to do with the dragon and as we know this is the Chinese Year of the Black Water Dragon. Does it remind you of the black widow spider that kills its mate after mating has exhausted it? Is the web that man has weaved with nuclear power coming to an end? Is that what the web is telling you? Or is it warning you what will come to be if man continues in the same way?

The spider is of the earth, it gives you a message that the white web will cover what you co-create that can harm humanity. The USA is being warned, what you do now will impact on your future if you do not return to the sacred. Mother earth is not going to allow man to destroy this planet, she will respond with all of her power and strength against those that contribute to her demise. Including make sure that those that harm her will leave the planet. As we know quite a few nuclear scientists have been leaving this planet in recent decades.

In spiritual symbology it can also be to do with the life and death cycle of the manifest world. Weaving of the web of time. In Christian symbology it is the 'miser that bleeds the poor'. As we know nuclear power is sold to the poor in the form of energy, from this the people were bled dry financially. The LORD God did not give energy for the use of the 'misers that bleeds the poor'. Nor that man should keep the people on the grid to provide them with money to give to investors in nuclear power.

In Hinduism and Buddhism it can be to do with the weaving of illusion, maya, the Creator weaving the thread from its own substance. To the Romans, the spider was to do with acumen, good fortune. As we know the 'misers that bleeds the poor' do have acumen and they do make a fortune off the backs of the poor. However, the time of the Romans is coming to its end. No more control of the people by the Vatican and its emissaries.

Eight legs is also to do with the number 8, spiritual transformation and the symbol of infinity.

In spiritual symbology the web of life, and time is woven by divine powers. The web is to do with the divine plan. Author J.C. Cooper also shares with us that it relates to the labyrinth as a dangerous journey of the soul due to its co-creation. Hence, why self-purification is essential in this timeline.

In spiritual symbology of Christianity the web is telling the people that the nuclear reactor waste is the result of the 'malice of evil-doers'.

No coincidence then that Jesus also gave a 'Parable of the Net' and it speaks of the bad fish being thrown away in this timeline. He warned the blessed angels that when this time came at the end of the age, that there would be 'weeping and gnashing of teeth'. However, he also told them that the angels are the harvesters at the end. Matthew 24 tells the one that they must give their testimony to the nations, then the end will come.

Love beyond measure

Lotus Feet, the nature of ELIAKIM JOSEPH-SOPHIA

3. Traditional Symbols by J.C. Cooper

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