Sunday, 31 January 2010

Man and the Animals

The other evening I was asked about the animals because a man felt they were encroaching upon what he had planted. The animals were eating his food that he had planted. We find this beautiful response in the Gospel of Philip that was removed from the bible.

"The superiority of man is not obvious to the eye, but lies in what is hidden from view. Consequently, he has mastery over the animals which are stronger than he is and great in terms of the obvious and the hidden. This enables them to survive. But if man is separated from them, they slay one another and bite one another. They ate one another because they did not find any food. But now they have found food because man tilled the soil.

If one goes down into the water and comes up without having received anything, and says "I am a Christian," he has borrowed the name at interest. But if he receives the Holy Spirit, he has the name as a gift. He who has received a gift does not have to give it back, but of him who has borrowed it at interest, payment is demanded. This is the way it happens to one when he experiences a mystery." from the Gospel of Philip that was removed from the bible. 

As God said "Eat no meat with hooves". 

The message from the Gospel of Philip brings many messages on many different levels to those that have the eyes to see them. 

Blessings in abundance 

Eliakim xxx

Beyond Perception

This is a beautiful passage from the Gospel of Philip.

"It is not possible for anyone to see anything of the things that actually exist unless he becomes like them. This is not the way with man in the world: he sees the sun without being a sun; and he sees the heaven and the earth and all other things, but he is not these things. This is quite in keeping with the truth. But you saw something of that place, and you became those things. You saw the Spirit, you became spirit. You saw Christ, you became Christ. You saw the Father, you shall become Father. So in this place you see everything and do not see yourself, but in that place you do see yourself - and what you see you shall become.

Faith receives, love gives. No one will be able to receive without faith. No one will be able to give without love. Because of this, in order that we may indeed receive, we believe, and in order that we may love, we give, since if one gives without love, he has no profit from what he has given. He who has received something other than the Lord is still a Hebrew." Gospel of Philip 

"Perception is an illusion that has no basis in reality" from Sacred Words 

When people remove perception by healing the root causes of the core issues that creates perception they then rise in ascension and in so doing they are able to see things they have never seen before.

Its really very simple.

The more that people heal the more sacred they become, the more sacred they become the more that they see, the more that they see the more that they become.

As God said "It is not a one way street". "Healing is the path to salvation and love is the way"

Friday, 29 January 2010

Bride of Christ

"In my life I have been truly blessed. 
To fly in the plane witnessing a panoramic view with the holy spirit navigating the trip. 
So all that I am required to see is shown to me. 
And in GOD I trust"

"Flying like a dolphin in unison and joy
The sea of emotion is like a still pond once more.

He holds my hand, 
I AM a bride of Christ
I wear his ring of protection, 
it is the ring past not and carry his sacred heart in mine.

To look back at the past no more
For the present is a precious gift from GOD
Love is the path of no return,
for LOVE is the way to live life forevermore.

He inspires me with his presence
And I feel like the belle of the ball
Dancing through heaven, 
our Kingdom of Love
The Sacred Union with the Divine."


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Did you change the way you think?

There was a time in my life when I was forced to change the way that I thought because negativity and the issues that I held inside had taken me into the depths of a dark pit without me even realising it. 

After a lot of soul searching I realised that if my energy could take me down it could also take me up. I discovered that my own energy could be changed simply by changing the way that I thought. 

That was the start of the rising out of the mud. I then discovered that the body believes every word you say and then the healing began. For many years I looked for the solutions and I tried many therapies and products to help with the healing process. 

I eventually found what worked for me and it was clear that it had a divine purpose. Discovering what didn't work was a process of elimination and I was then able to discover what did work at each level of progression. 

Every place the Lord led me had a very important reason for being and nothing was wasted because I now valued everything. Starting the healing process was the beginning of taking the steps home to God. It was also the start of real empowerment that was self-sustainable. However, only desire at that time was to attain peace of mind. 

I did not realise how difficult it is for people to change the way that they think until a professor/author told me it was so. 

The more I healed the self the more in tune I was with my own soul, the more healing of self there was the more divine purpose was revealed. I came to understand the many initiations that we encounter in life and if one doesn't pass one with flying colours another opportunity is brought to you at a later time. After awhile, I came to understand the initiations at the deepest level of being. This also led me to come to know and understand spiritual alchemy and the science of being that is as natural as the cosmos and the plants that grow. 

In self development this is what we call "self-disclosure" in the therapeutic relationship. 

Did you change the way that you think? 

Did you move from being a victim to becoming a Master ?

Master of Spiritual Alchemy


Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Sitar - Orange Turban Vision

A couple of years ago God said "The Sitar is being played for YOU" and I wondered who could be playing it. When I woke up today I saw a lovely vision of an Indian Holy Man, he looked just like the man in this photograph and he was smiling at me. He was wearing an orange turban.

This is a beautiful photograph of a man in an orange turban taken by the photographer Steve Mandel and you can hear the Sitar playing.

The Sitar is playing for you holy ones....
Feel the sound that unites with YOU in the purest state of being. 

On the 31st of January it is the birthday of a Guru known as Har Rai (Nanakshahi calendar) (31 January 1630 - 20 October 1661.)  

This Sikh guru made one of his sons a guru at the age of five and here is our response to that action. 

"The master needs no successor, the seed of love and light remains to grow for eternity. 

Each life that is touched each heart that opens, becoming master of the self and the destiny."

Healing with a Hindu family in the Canaries. 
We flew in from England, the Philippines and mainland Spain 
to work together. Two men, three ladies and Eliakim. 

"A redundant teacher as proven the power of their effectiveness, the student has no further need or desire for their help." 

Sacred Words was published in 2005 on divine instruction. It includes divine words that were received from the Christ during a seven year intensive spiritual growth time of transmigration with him. 

Peace beyond measure 

Love beyond measure 


"God raises UP". 

This is post ten in January 2010 and it signifies a new cycle of time.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Bambi Vision

Earlier today I saw a lovely vision of a Bambi winking at me and it is a powerful message for the gentle and tender hearted. There is a lot of sorting out going on and humanity are just not up for being in a state of unhealthy consciousness anymore. 

Those that promote or support a lack of well being or unhealthy realities will be brought to account rather fast. Those that are driving the machine to destruction will reach their end because as the scriptures predicted the meek shall inherit the earth. 

A few years ago there was some research done in Europe by
Henley, it was the largest research ever carried out in Europe 
with over 22,000 participants. 

Most people were not satisifed with seeking outside of 
themselves for material realities anymore. At the top of 
their list of requirements was well-being and happiness. 

Those that promote well-being and a healthy consciousness 
through whatever means are a magnet for the goodness of 
humanity. The good and upright are not up for a lack of 
integrity, drugs that don't work, governments and people 
who do not catch up in 2010. 

This is the year of the great emergence out of the old ways 
of being that is destroying humanity and the planet.

Its interesting to note that there is "Golden Bambi Film Award" 
and the gentle and tender hearted will certainly receive their 
rewards for being who they are. The original film received three 
academy award nominations for Best Sound, Best Song and the 
Song was called 

"Love IS A Song".

In the film Bambi's Father tells him that his mother cannot 
be with the little Prince anymore and then leads him away. 
The cycle of power of the Deer is Spring and Autumn and 
this is certainly the final countdown. 

The Deer also represents gentleness and the luring to a new 
adventure. Its senses are very acute and its vision is designed 
for clarity at a distance. Its hearing is also equally acute. 

The gentle Bambi is gentle in its love and it understands the 
gentle and tender hearted because it is gentle and tender itself. 

You'll Be in my heart

Divine Justice will be done.

"Justice and the law can be a very thin line to walk and it 
takes great wisdom to ensure that the children are defended 
from injurious realities at the same time as allowing them 
the freedom to be."

"The unity of light foot are those that tread CARE FULLY 
along the path.The footprint on the earth is lightness itself."

"It is the LORD's purpose that prevails.”- Proverbs 19:-21 

"Wisdom is proved right by her actions."Matthew 11:19

Love beyond measure


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Insatiable -v- Contentment

Life experience is the sacred text of knowledge and God asked yesterday that we keep it simple for this next phase of the work to help humanity.

From experience contentment comes after people have made peace with the self. Through healing the self people become contented with the self because human desire falls away with each step of the ascent.

In the contentment and peace of the science of being; there is limitless potential of divine purpose and doing the will of God. When people are truly contented they accept the gifts from God with a humble heart of receiving. Being golden receptacles for divine will is mighty indeed. In divine will people manifest their limitless potential and blessings in abundance; then miracles unfold like the heavens opening up before you.

Both Jesus and Buddha knew that human desire was the cause of great pain and suffering. Hence why it is imperative that people return to the core of their purest essence of purity.

When people return to the sacred they also return to God, it really is that simple. 

So what can make people insatiable and filled with human desires like a donkey following a carrot that they never catch?

We know through experience of working with clients and 'inner child' specialists that unmet needs in childhood create needs to be met in adulthood if people do not heal the self. Unmet needs, desires and dreams of parents also impact on children when they live their lives through their children. For instance parents that influence a young person to do a specific degree or to choose a certain line of work or career because it was their dream or the parents dream for their children.

Parents have a tremendous impact on children and it is imperative that they do not reshape the gem that was born to them. Parents are the guardian of the soul and the wise soul of the child is not your possession.

Allowing a child to be a free Spirit is mighty indeed and it shows us that the parents exult children to equality.

Desire can also come from unmet desires in past lives and some people are aware of what must be addressed on a soul level. The more that people heal the self the more they reach their limitless potential because there is nothing holding them back.

People who have fulfilled their human desires can also become contented once their challenges have been met. At this point people usually find that the soul of the life then takes them into a completely different direction, and they begin a new career in their higher state of being. Some people will change career many times and nothing is wasted. Every talent and skill collected along the way home to God is valuable when you value everything. You come to know; that every part of the journey was important to the work to be done at the destination and this is usually decided upon pre-destination.

Can people be contented with limitless divine potential and move from being to becoming what they were born to be?

We hope so, keep the lantern of light burning...

Contentment and peace beyond measure.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


"Life experience is the supreme text of knowledge. 

If one can achieve peace of mind then enlightenment springs from the well of peace. 

Life experience is the treasure we come to share.

Enlightenment is like ten pin bowling. Knocking down the skittles one at a time. 

You could knock them down all at once, but what fun would there be in that? 

Enlightenment cannot be achieved through desire or aspiration. 

For one has to surrender one's own desires to achieve it. 

To have no desire, is true liberation. " from Sacred Words

Completion of truth does exist.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Thanksgiving Hymn

Hymn of Thanksgiving from the Dead Sea Scrolls
Translation by Geza Vermes page 298.

For I am made to stand with the 'god's, and I will not .....
For me with fine gold; gold and purified gold
will not be reckoned for me.

Chant, O Beloved, sing to the King.
Rejoice in the congregation of God.
Exult in the tents of salvation.
Give thanks in the dwelling of holiness.

Extol together with the eternal host.
Magnify our God and glorify our King.
Sanctify His name with powerful lips,
and a victorious tongue.

Lift up alone your voice in all ages,
Let a joyous (healing) meditation be heard.
Burst out in eternal rejoicings
and prostrate incessantly in the common assembly.

Bless the wonderful Maker of exalted things,
Him who proclaims the power of His hand,
sealing mysteries and revealing secrets,
lifting up those who stumble and fall,
restoring the progress of those who hope for knowledge,
and humbling the meetings of the everlasting haughty;
sealing the mysteries of his splendour
and establishing the wonders of glory.

O Judge, whose anger is destructive,
in righteous loving-kindness and great mercy,
be gracious too
mercy to those who bear fruits of His great goodness,
and the source of their wickedness ends....
oppression ceases, the tyrant ceases..
treachery stops and there is no senseless perversities.

Light shines and joy bursts forth;
mourning and sorrow flees.
Peace is revealed, dread ceases.
A spring has opened up for an eternal blessing
and for healing in all the everlasting ages.

Iniquity has stopped, plague has ceased with no more illness...
....has been gathered in and ....will be no more.
Announce and say "Great is God, Maker of Marvels".
For He humbles the proud Spirit with no remnant.
and from the dust He Lifts up the poor to eternal heights.
And he lifts them up to the share a common assembly with the 'gods.

And....anger for everlasting destruction.
He raises freely the totterers on earth,
and His might is with their steps,
and everlasting joy in their dwellings,
eternal glory without end forever.

Let them say "Blessed be God, Author of majestic wonders,
who reveals might splendidly, and justifies with knowledge all His creatures,
so that goodness is on their faces.
They know the multitude of His loving kindness
and the abundance of His mercies.
to all the children of His truth.
We know Thee, O God of righteousness,
and we comprehend  the King of glory.
For we have seen Thy zeal through the mighty power
and have observed Thy deeds.
and the abundance of thy mercies and wondrous forgiveness.

What is flesh compared to these?
What do...amount to
that they recite these things from age to age,
and hold themselves upright before thee.
And enter into communion with the Sons of Heaven.
No interpreter can answer according to thy mouth
and Thee.

For thou established us 

according to Thy pleasure in the territory
we have spoken to thee and not to a mediator
And thou hast lent an ear to the issue of our lips.

Announce and say: 

Blessed be God, Creator of the heavens by His power.
Designer of all their devices by His strength of the earth by his might.


God shall sanctify some of the holy as an everlasting sanctuary for himself, and purity shall endure amongst the cleansed. They shall be priests, his holy righteous people, his host, servants, the angels of his glory. They shall praise him with marvelous prodigies. Songs of the Sages, Dead Sea Scrolls....

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Anthem for humanity

We have made a post on the Eliakim blog and it does address the Haiti situation. The post is called 'Hamsa - God's Grace. 

This song is for the people of Haiti at this time.

Alan Parsons Project - There But For The Grace Of God

An anthem to the human condition

Lead Vocal: John Miles

What kind of madness rule the world today
What earthly reason holding sway
There is no heaven at all
For some may weep
And some may sleep
While some may rise
And some may fall

No one is an island
No one born alone
No man can turn the tide of
fortune on his own
Though some may dare to try
[ Find more Lyrics at ]

Say there but for the grace of
God go you my friend
Say there but for the grace of God go I
Go I

And so we live in lives of fantasy
And dream of dreams that hold the key
And we follow like sheep
We thread the path
That leads to Thee
We seek the soul that is not ours to keep

No one is an island
No one born alone
No man can turn the tide of
fortune on his own
Though some may dare to try

Say there but for the grace of
God go you my friend
Say there but for the grace of God go I
Go I

On the Children's blog we will feature what has been going on 
in Haiti with the children.

Love beyond measure


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Spirit of his Masters and the Snow

Space weather have reported on our islands snow and it feels like an important timing link. So no coincidence that it comes just days before the "Ben Hur" solar eclipse on the 15th January 2010.

" Last week when NASA's Terra satellite orbited over Europe, it saw something very unusual. The normally temperate British Isles were completely covered by snow." [1] 

When I look at our small Island it looks like a lady sitting down wearing a hat. Prior to this information being shared on a forum today. We looked at the mention of snow in the bible and this is a lovely passage from proverb 25 to ponder upon. 


Like the coolness of snow at harvest time is a trustworthy messenger to those who send him; he refreshes the spirit of his masters. Proverb 25:13

The Spirit of his Masters is a wonderful term and a Christian was correct it is talking about the Ascended Masters. Although there are Masters in many realms of being. The snow is also mentioned in Exodus in connection with Moses the prophet. 

"This," said the LORD, "is so that they may believe that the LORD, the God of their fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has appeared to you." Then the LORD said, "Put your hand inside your cloak." So Moses put his hand into his cloak, and when he took it out, it was leprous, like snow. Exodus 4:5-6 Those that are aware of the scriptures are aware that the skin disease is also mentioned by prophet Isaiah in regard to the servant of the LORD. 

What else do we have to share about England and the trustworthy messenger just before the solar eclipse? Today has been a day to share some archaeology discoveries on the Eliakim blog. So today we will also share this discovery that we included in the "Ben Hur" solar eclipse article that can be read in the December 2009 archive, This roman race track found in the oldest recorded town in England is the largest found outside of Italy. 

The energy since the lunar eclipse on the 31st December have been 'go, go, go' and the new wave is certainly rising with these eclipses. It will be fascinating to see what God has in store for us on the 15th. In the meantime we hope you enjoy this amazing sunrise with the father and son surfing together. May it warm the hearts of those that may be feeling the cold at this time. What's fascinating about this sunrise is that it looks just like a tudor rose and that fits in perfectly with England as well. God bless everyone that reads this and understands. 


The 10th of January is also the "Day of Realistic Assessment". The date is also 1+1+2+1 = 5 = Physical manifestation and expansion of the senses. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Jesus and Buddha

Marcus Borg compiled a book of the parallel sayings of Jesus and Buddha.

Universal truth is universal truth....

On the journey home to the Kingdom of God one discovers that the Christ leads you to many rooms in his Father's house and that includes Buddhism. If you are led to that spiritual room for divine purpose of helping you to integrate what is required to be understood fully.

In every room of God's house there is treasure to collect for God did not give the whole truth to one nation or culture because he knows the weakness of earthlings.

God knows that if people have the Spiritual Independence to allow their own spiritual growth to develop along the path home to him, on the way they will collect the treasure that awakens what they know to be true.

For some this can help them make a breakthrough in many different realities.

Is forgiveness integrated without acceptance? No.

Does divine love become a state of being without zero judgement?No.

Does true compassionate action become a reality without unconditional love becoming a state of being? No.

Plato and the Greek philosophers knew this too. Many different terms are used in ancient cultures to describe similar spiritual concepts. The overlap between them is immense and so it is with the languages also.

Completion of truth does exist when you have found it within. The treasure that is collected along the way are just the keys to help you to open another door within you and in so doing you open another gateway that leads to a different heaven of higher consciousness.

Every spiritual journey home to God is unique and chosen by you predestination if you choose it this lifetime. The journey is like the best cake or sweet you have ever had the pleasure to encounter. The spiritual journey is the fun a magical mystery tour and the destination is paradise for all eternity.

Beyond being divine love in manifestation on the earth plan is the Kingdom of God and it is in the Kingdom of God that divine justice is done with righteousness.

Why is that?

One is not righteous until one is divine love in manifestation on the earth plane.

One is not peace if one is not compassionate, love and mercy.

God asked for mercy not sacrifice. Both the Buddha and Jesus Christ lived in the seat of mercy, compassion, love and enlightenment.

Without mercy, divine love and integrity there is no enlightenment.

Peace beyond measure


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Its Coming....

Jesus the Christ made many predictions about the last days of the end of the age. One of these predictions is that he would help his true followers with words and wisdom to help humanity with the transition.

"For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict." Luke 21:15

Why is it not possible for Christians to contradict them? Do you know? Its because it is new treasure that relates to the 21st century of the last days. He predicted that his angels would bring the new treasure although Christians have a hard time accepting this reality. As he said "Christianity was never born it is still in the womb". Will the baby be aborted? Only time will tell whether Christians are willing to engage with the new birth and the bundle of joy that it brings.

He said this about abortion. "Save the lost soul before you birth a new one". Profound words to ponder upon....

He also called the Church a lost soul and said that the Church gives people a false sense of security.

Most Christians are not aware that the term "Lost Soul" is a shamanic term for people that are fragmented in other words they are not whole. The root of the word shalom is 'be whole' and in the New Testament Jesus spoke about the necessity to become whole. He stated that those that are not whole become sick and he used this term in relation to the tax collectors.

"They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick." Matt 9:12 KJV

The soul is fragile and very sensitive to traumatic life conditions especially those experienced in childhood. The soul can and does fragment by ‘dissociating’ itself from the conscious self. The renowned psychologist Carl Jung said “I simply believe that some part of the human self or soul is not subject to the laws of space and time. Suffering a loss of soul, a condition that sadly is everywhere present today.”. [2]

We are in the process of completing a book to explain the true Christ teachings to enable Christians to understand an essential aspect of the biblical texts in regard to healing and the meaning of salvation. Only a mystic and a healer in the nature of the Christ can truly comprehend his teachings to do with healing consciousness.

This passage should also be pondered upon by Christians.

"Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!" "Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!" Luke 19:38

The word for King in this Greek text is "Basileus" = leader of the people. Strongs 935. Study light references state that the word Basileus probably came from the greek word "basis". Its a feminine noun that means "a stepping", "a walking" , "that with which one steps", "the foot". Strongs 939. [1]

"The unity of light foot are those that tread CARE FULLY along the path. The footprint on the earth is lightness itself."


Friday, 1 January 2010


Ponder upon it and what is required...

While some are co-creating doom and calamity to fulfill biblical prophecies others realise that this time is being shortened for the sake of the elect. Most biblical scholars ignore the fact that this is the time and Jesus Christ predicted that if God had not sent the Son of Man the whole world would be destroyed.

Jesus said 'I tell you truly, the Book of Nature is a HOLY SCROLL, and if you would have the Sons of Men save themselves and find everlasting life, teach them how once again to read from the living pages of the Earthly Mother. For in everything that is life is the law written. It is written in the grass, in the trees, in the rivers, in the mountains, birds of the sky and fishes of the sea; and most of all in the Son of Man.

Only when he returns to the bosom of the Earthly Mother will he find everlasting life and the Stream of Life which leads to his Heavenly Father; only thus may the dark vision of the future not come to pass". The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 4, Teachings of the Elect. It is clear in this passage that again, Jesus was not talking about himself because he already was one with the Father.

God kept his promise to humanity are humanity listening?

God laid down his first ACE CARDS...

1. He delivered the one he promised to humanity exactly as he said he would.
2. The covenant of Spiritual Independence for the Children of the World was delivered in 2007.
3. The Revelation of New Jerusalem

God said "SHEMA" and it means HEAR a great play on words.