Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Judge Last Days

Prophet Hosea made a prophecy about the last days. "They will come trembling to the LORD and to his blessings in the last days." 3:5

Apostle James gave a warning to the rich oppressors in James 5. Its speaks of the condemnation and murder of the innocent one that did not oppose them. Was that Gaddafi or the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2007? They have instigated the murder of so many. Once friends, then those that were friends in the West murdered him? It also states that the judge is at the door, as we know judgement began in May 2010 when the sign of Jonah turned up in Israel. 

The text also mentions the words 'Count as blessed' and the word count, is to do with wisdom that is called to do the count. Goodness gracious me its another sign. In 2005 we published these words 'You are sacred and a treasure to behold. Count your blessings as if you are counting gold'. from Sacred Words. 

In the book of Hebrews, chapter 10, it states that anyone that rejected the law of Moses died without mercy. Well Gaddafi certainly died without any of that. Is that why the bible states that only the tribes of Joseph will be saved? 

The chapter also asks who has insulted the Spirit of Grace? 

It asks us to remember the earlier days that we endured after we had received the light. It then mentions the promise and that relates to the promise that was made to Moses. 

It is also written "My righteous one will live by faith, and I take no pleasure in the one that shrinks back. We do not belong to those that shrink back and are destroyed, but to those that have faith and are saved". 

In a different translation it is written:  "MY RIGHTEOUS ONE SHALL LIVE BY FAITH; AND IF HE SHRINKS BACK, MY SOUL HAS NO PLEASURE IN HIM." Hebrews 10:38 

The original word for faith in Greek actually means 'Trustful loyalty', what we are really talking about is faithfulness and that brings us back to Hosea prophecies again. In chapter 2, I will betroth you to me forever;  I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion. I will betroth you in faithfulness, and you will acknowledge the LORD.

Faithfulness relates to the Harp that King David predicted would come at night time e.g. the last days of the end times. Psalm 92. 


Thanksgiving Dead Sea Scrolls

This is from a thanksgiving hymn in the Dead Sea Scrolls translated by Geza Vermes.

Calling to mind the might of Thy hand.
and the greatness of they compassion,
I rose and stood, and my Spirit was established.
in the face of the scourge.

I lean on Thy grace
and the multitude of Thy mercies.
for Thou will pardon iniquity,
and through your righteousness.
Thou will purify man of his sin.

Not for his sake wilt Thou do it.
but for the sake of Thy glory.


Turkey Earthquake Update

We wrote about the earthquake in Turkey on our other blog. [1]

The update is that death toll is now at 600, and just like I saw people under rubble not being able to breathe. Many were under rubble. 600 is also to do with the spiritual law of creation.

Well at last there is some common sense from Turkey, the Turkish government are planning to present a new law to government by the end of December which would see the evacuation of settlements in areas of high risk of natural disaster, Anatolia reported.

Now can the rest of the world do the same?




Friday, 28 October 2011




Staying with the battle of the Catholic Church and its war against the Spirit of Sophia, the tongue of the Spirit of truth.

I have just received this email from the USA regarding another Catholic scandal in Spain. The 27th of October is the 'Day of Impulse'. No surprise that the email is timed at 11.22. Two master numbers.

Is there any future for the Vatican and its Clergy? Clearly not.


Date: Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 11:22 PM

Subject: Another Catholic Church Scandal - Thousands of Stolen Babies in Spain

For years the Catholic Church has run hospitals in Spain and have been kidnapping babies, telling their mothers/parents that their baby died at birth and selling them to 'good Catholic families'. Some claim the incidents could run into the thousands. This seems to have started at the time of the Spanish Civil War with the blessing of the Catholic Dictator Franco - to remove children from those regarded as dissidents/opposition or enemies of the state.However, it was continued on by the church run hospitals for years after that era. 

Doctors, nuns and priests, selling babies on to more devout families. On discovering this scandal, bereaved parents insisted on exhumations for DNA evidence at the infant tombs they paid for, only to find coffins of just stones or other adult remains (showing again more Church collusion with priests acting the lie with false tombs/empty coffins).This has just been shown on a TV documentary in UK and here are articles:

Having this practice exposed in Spain has led to other countries looking at whether this may have happened in their Church run hospitals too, especially where children are sold for adoption.

If all the cases demand compensation through law (!!!:eek:), the Spanish government is in financial straits and so far, the RC Church is being as evasive as it was over the abuse scandals - the cost would be crippling! 

This posted at exactly 10:10, 10+10 = 20 = JUDGEMENT 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Impoverished British Children

The Guardian Newspaper provided an excellent article on injustice experienced by the children that went to court due to the riots. This is just a couple of quotes from it. 
Something has to give when impoverished children are told to consume and consume. In our view the advertising that saturates young people's childhood is a major concern; the biggest question is not today's rioters, it's the generation upon generation of rioters in the pipeline.
Helena Thompson
Artistic director, SPID
Even taking into account the context in which these and many other offences took place, the passing of sentences so out of line with normal sentencing practice is difficult to justify. Magistrates promise to "do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of the realm without fear or favour, affection or ill-will". It would seem that a considerable amount of ill-will has been directed at some offenders in recent weeks.
Lynda Hall JP


Monday, 24 October 2011


In Zambia they have at least six children per family yet cannot even provide the essentials. Having six children when parents cannot afford them is senseless. The more children people have, the more poverty is co-created. Then African leaders ask the Western tax payers; to fund their population growth of poverty, while Westerners restrict themselves to one or two children due to sheer cost of bringing up a child.

Why should the West pay for Africa's lack of self-discipline?

Westerner's say that African's require education to make the changes. However, every person is born with knowing what is right and what is not. Every person is born with a conscience; and it does not require education to know it. Time for African leaders to talk about having a conscience and what that means for children.

The more children that parents have is not just an economical issue. It is also an emotional issue because parents have to divide their time and effort between them and the larger the family, the less quality time there is for each child. So then the children end up looking after each other, and that can co-create issues for them later in life. Then the never ending cycles continues. Children that did not get their needs met in childhood, then grow up and have children to feed their thirst for the lack of love they received as children.

Its going to be harder in the future if African leaders do not help their people to develop organically and ecologically. Food Aid is not the solution. Never has it been, and nor will it ever be so.

Love is the key for those families that are healthy like those in this clip. These families could be provided with the techniques and have their own fish farms so that there is plenty of food for all. Education is not going to feed the people because there will never be jobs for everyone.

Food feeds the people and we have to help the people to become self-sustainable.




The LORD God said that torture was unbearable and more bodies of Gaddafi supporters have been found to be executed. Yet, they have audacity to call themselves Muslims. The LORD's commandment 'Thy shall not murder'. 'Do not pollute the land with bloodshed'. Only those unfaithful to the LORD God would ever murder a person.

From the news report it looks like conservative Islam is taking over, just like Iran.

What are men promised?

As many wives as they like.


The bible was correct about the oil rich nations that plunder the rest, shame will cover your glory.

Shame as certainly covered the glory of Obama, Cameron, Nato, and all the people that were involved in the regime change in Libya. Murder is not the right way to bring about positive change. Now what do you have instead in Libya? A regressive move and just different men in power.



Saturday, 22 October 2011


People simple don't have the human right to live their lives as they wish anymore. I wonder how the Greeks, French or Italians would respond to new guidelines on alcohol coming from the British government. Now they are trying to get people to avoid drinking for three days, because their tax on drink as not worked.

It really is none of their business what a person drinks and what they don't.

So what if they end up getting a medical problem, its their choice.

People know what the risks are, let them get on with their own lives.

If that then costs the NHS money to help them later on, well the people paid for the NHS as well.

Governments seem to forget that the people pay for everything, not the governments.




2nd of March, 2011. Abba said 'THE SULTANS ARE LEAVING'. [1]

New just in is that the heir to the Saudi throne, Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as died in a New York hospital. Apparently he had been having treatment for cancer. News reports state that this raises succession questions in the key oil-producing country at a time of regional turmoil.

Americans say that the Sultan that died was the one that paved the way for Bush and co to make war against Iraq. As we've said previously, the war from the USA against the Middle East is mainly due to the war between Saudi and Iran, and their different religious doctrines and beliefs.

It also indicates that the Sultan's death leaves his brother Nayef, a hard liner and conservative as the likely successor to the king.

Nostradamus predicted that there would only be one more King after this one, that means that hard liner will cause the people of Saudi to put an end to it, once and for all. If and when that happens, the seat of the King of Jordan will probably go as well.

The people are taking their power back because there is no democracy in the world, not even in what one would call democratic countries.

The LORD said "Now there is going to be arguments over the money." 





Prince of Persia is at it again, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Iranian Leader.

He claims that Israeli's are not Jews. Well bearing in mind that many Israeli's had to flee Israel due to many Islamic invasions, and the fact that many modern Israeli's are from Middle Eastern countries does the Prince of Persian speak truth?

Well I as about to write a report about the rest of the video of his speech to the Iranian's. However, the video was removed by its user while I was in the process of doing so. He was critical of America for what they have done to their own people and we all what the Iranian leaders have done to Iran. In one breath he talks about the love of Jesus Christ in the next breath is talking about nuclear energy. Do the two go together? Certainly not.

He also mentioned that the Prophet of Islam is honored by the world.

Is that true?


The Saudi prophet was not who the Islamic scholars have told the world that he is.

Enough said.

To cap it all he thanked ELOHIM for what uprising of the people around the world.

Big smiles



There have been a number of Mayan Crop Circles and here we will list some of the links to them.

This great video was also uploaded today.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Moral Victory For Israel

It is a moral victory for Israel, that one Jewish soldier that did his utmost to defend his nation, is worth more than 1,000 Palestinians that did the opposite by standing against Israel and the LORD God. 

Most people are not aware that the Dead Seas scrolls predicted that only one in a 1,000, would be able to stand in integrity before Joseph. Clearly in this case, it is a Jewish child. 

Messiah Joseph held the soldier and his nation in their heart ever since the young man was captured in 2006. Ever since the LORD God kept his promise to send the one he promised to send to help Israel. In these last days of the end times. It is a moral victory for Israel, in more ways than one, that the LORD God kept his promise to send ELOHIM and say to them, see your ELOHIM reigns. The judgement as helped to raise them up and to establish them, as one out of a 1,000 nations that he chose for this special timeline. All those nations down the ages that fell away, only one remained to carry the banner of the moral victory in his name. 

May Israel understand the moral victory and the one that was victorious and overcome. Rev 3 speaks of it as well. 

The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will they leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on them my new name. Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Rev 3:12-13 

The name on the pillar in the temple of my God is ELIAKIM and it means 'God will raise up', 'God will establish'. Hence why the LORD God promised that he would raise up a prophet like Moses. Moses asked for the blessing to be given to a descendent of Joseph and the LORD God granted the request of Moses for it to be so. 

The one who was victorious and who overcome was chosen. The crown, the pillar, the name of God, the name of the city of God, the new Jerusalem was also given. So in gratitude of love the new jerusalem will come to be exactly as the prophecies predicted. It will not be in Israel or the USA, the city as been chosen specifically for the next phase of evolution for humanity. Now all Isrsaeli's have to do is accept and embrace the will of the LORD God for the future of the planet. 

It is a time of celebration for the Palestinians as 1,000 of their people are returned home to them. It is also a celebration for Israel that the moral victory as been won. It is time for the Palestinians and other Muslims to learn; that when you stand against Israel, you also stand against the LORD God himself. 

Now work together as brothers and help each other, heal the differences between you. 


Monday, 17 October 2011


It was in 2010 that the LORD first spoke of the death warrants that people were signing and it was found to be to do with race tracks. [1]

13th of May we posted about the death the racing driver 'Wouter Waylands'. [2]

Now we have Dan Wheldon, British racing driver die in the Indy 300, there was carnage at the racing track as the cars piled up. Dan was driving car 77 and seven is to do with forgiveness. He was on the 13th lap and 13 is the number of 'love' and 'the one' in Hebrew. There were also 33 drivers in the race, and 333 was to do with the wisdom of sophia gateway opening in March 2010.

I have to say, I have little sympathy for people that die racing cars on race tracks. My sympathy is with the families that have to live with the race; with the danger everyday that they are alive. Its like when a man goes to war, you never know whether he is going to come home back through the front door.

No matter what you think about racing, the fact of the matter is that racing car drivers are adulterous, and what they do is the complete opposite to being godly. As such, they sign their own death warrants.

33+77 = 100 = Spiritual law, as the bible predicted, the measure you give; will be the measure that you will receive. The 16th of October was the day of 'Essential Judgement'.

The numbers mentioned are based upon information provided by the maker of the video featured.

However, the Daily Mail claim is was lap 11 not 13. As we know 11 is the master number of duality.

77+11 = 88. 88 divides by the master number of 22 x 4 and this is a four year.

No surprise then that this is the 22nd post in October.

The Daily Mail also report that he told his fans that he was planning to put on a show for them

he was racing for a controversial $5 million,  in a controversial race.

He leaves a wife and two babies who have now lost their daddy, due to a man's passion for racing.

You will never guess where he was living?

Tampa, Florida and the LORD God said that he was not happy with Tampa back in 2009.

When will men put children first?

May he rest in peace and his family be comforted at this time.




Saturday, 15 October 2011

Broken Planes and Global Protests

We have shared information about predictions of the planes burning down when the LORD God said  'Lotus turns up the heat, the planes are burning down'. He also told the people that they had signed their own 'Death Warrants'.

Today there is news of another plane crash. It mentions that the 29 nine year old pilot is a British resident, that means they are not British by birth. The plane crash took place in Switzerland and there was a 40 year old man on board as well. The two people were flying in a Piper aircraft when it hit the ground. It had taken off from Colombier in Western Switzerland early yesterday. It was heading for Amiens in northern France.

News reports state that without warning, the plane broke off contact with ground control after being in the air for 30 minutes it went down at Lake Neuchatel.

I did pick up on the word 'broke' yesterday, there was certainly something broken on that plane. The press and police have not issued the names of the people involved, and my heart sunk when I saw the news. I just hope that a friend of mine who is a pilot, a British resident living in Switzerland is OK, and that she was not the pilot. I await to hear news from her for confirmation.

There as also been another air crash in Papua New Guinea, and 28 people have died during a violent thunderstorm. The press report on the second air disaster also mentions the word 'broke'. Press reports state that part of the fuselage caught fire on impact. One of the survivors that escaped the plane crash said that 'He told the nurses he was sitting on the SEVENTH seat and the plane broke in half". The two pilots of the plane were from Australia and New Zealand, most of the passengers were on their way to their children's graduation ceremony.

The LORD said 'Somebody is doing their thesis on you'. Well I hope that it is a good one LORD, and gives glory to you.

In the meantime, there are protests running in 82 different countries around the world, and there as been some violent incidents in Rome, clearly due to infiltrators of the movement. As much as I support the global protests, and it is a biblical prophecy being fulfilled. There is still a lot for them to learn about who is leading this movement.





Friday, 14 October 2011


This seal bears the inscription "The property of Eliakim, steward of Jehoiakin." It is from Debir (Tell Beit Mirsim) located 13 miles southwest of Hebron. It was excavated by William F. Albright in 1926.

Powerful message there for Hebron. 

13 is the date of my birth on my birth certificate. 

It is also the gematria value of 'Love' and 'The One' in Hebrew. 

South is the sacred direction of the prophets and the NT told the people the Queen of the South would come when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel. The whale arrived in May 2010. 

West is the direction of the peacemakers and the universal peace ambassador. 

Don't you just love it...



This is a wonderful message received from the Son of God in January 2009, its called 'It costs nothing to save'. [1] because that is what he said five times.

The post also mentions 'Titanium' and they have found large deposits of it on the moon. The moon is enriched with titanium in concentration far higher than what is found on earth. Titanium is used in spacecraft. [2]

22 Chemistry = The atomic number of Titanium (Ti) and 22 is a Master number. More information on the importance of that in the post link. [1] There are also 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

As we know the wondrous woman from heaven as the moon under her feet. Rev 12.

The Ancient Greeks built 41 temples on Sicily. 40 facing East towards the Sun and one facing West. [3] It is written that the one facing West is the lunar one in honor of the healer Hecate. Lunar = moon = Titanium. Interesting that during the early parts of my Rev 12 time I had a titanium laptop. It was replaced in 2006, prior to the first mission to Israel.



Energy Jani-King and Courts UK

While most poor people cannot afford to heat their homes in the winter months the latest report from Ofgem is that the profit margins of the energy companies are soaring. Tell us something we don't know. I know one householder whose bill was 2,000 pounds for a quarter. [1]

You can guarantee that a lot more people will be turning off their heat this winter, as more and more people move into the bracket of poverty.

Then we have another case of discrimination against British workers in the UK. Jani-King cleaners 'sacked for being British', MP says. [2]

Criminal justice system in disrepute due to bribery by court clerk. Patel is an Indian name, so it does reflect upon Asians as well.



Occupy Together Goes Global


Thursday, 13 October 2011


AMERICA THE UNHAPPY NATION - Obama remarked on what as happened and he said ‘its immoral’ He can say that again, the people are also aware that he was party to it. 

Public distrust towards the U.S. government's also growing, according to the latest polls. More than two thirds of Americans now say they're unhappy with Washington. And as RT's Gayane Chichakyan reports, the White House and Congress are heavily influenced by equally unpopular powerful corporations.



He cannot pacify them anymore, because they know he is part of the status quo of the chess game, its over for Obama.  

The young revolutionary movement Occupy Wall Street needs to be pushed forward to evolve into a working force that can influence US domestic affairs, believes Immortal Technique, a hip-hop star who has backed the group from the start. As the demonstrations against the Wall Street corporations enter their fourth week in New York, elsewhere they have grown into a nationwide protest with 45 states and nearly 200 cities now involved in the rally. "The recent movement is the biggest expression of democracy in the past few decades here in America," states Immortal Technique, who has become one of the spokespersons for the movement. What started out as a peaceful movement has now been plagued by unrest in the Big Apple, where confrontations between demonstrators and police are only becoming tenser. Police brutality has become a tripping point for the escalation of people's anger, the rapper believes. When the pictures hit the internet, they went viral. "We saw a bunch of defenseless people simply expressing their freedom -- and they were penned off, they were sprayed down, being obviously not in danger of harming any police officers. And 'white shirts' did not seem to be held responsible for it, as if they were almost above the law," the artist explains. The reaction from the city authorities is biased and aimed at intensifying the protests, so they can portray them in a dishonest manner in the media, argues Immortal Technique.

The hip-hop star’s final remark was that we are here to stay, and we are not going anywhere. Good on him and may God bless him.

May we have such a powerful voice here in the UK and the rest of the European countries.

The people that have known my work for decades, also  know that we predicted this a decade ago. 

However, emotive social evolution will not save the people from the environmental factors.




Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Commette Meteorite

This is a lovely story of how an egg shaped meteorite weighing 3oz hit the roof of a family house in Draveil (Essonne), 12 miles south of Paris,  France.

The Independent reporter Rob Hastings wrote that its older than our solar system, and had been flying through space for more than four billion years. There have only been 50 such objects arrive in France in the last 400 years. As the journalist wrote it is an unlikely coincidence. [1]

Its prophetic that it hit the home of a French family with the family name Commette. Alain Carion, a mineral scientist said that the celestial rock is known as a 'chondrite' with an age of about 4.57 billion years.

So what are the signs? Coat of Arms of Essonne and its pronounced 'Eson'. Wiki says it takes its name from the Gallo-Roman, River goddess attested at Orleans. There is also another place in France with the name Essonne and that is Corbeil-Essonne. Corbeil Essonne also as links with the name 'Joseph' and 'Elijah'. If you look at their coat of arms it has the heart and the wheat. [4]

Essonne is the headquarters of 'Arianespace Company', a major commercial aerospace launcher, servicing companies who wish to launch satellites into space. That in itself, certainly makes one question whether this is a coincidence at all. However, let us continue looking at the numerics and their relationship with the biblical prophecies etc.

4.57, This is a four year and I am 57 years old. 457 is also the Jewish gematria value of 'First Born'.

Many people think that wormwood in the bible is a comet and we kept telling them it wasn't.

South is the direction of the Queen of the South mentioned in the New Testament to do with the judgement. 12 relates to the wondrous woman from heaven in Rev 12. Egg shape is to do with the birth and the new beginning. The weight of three is to do with the Trinity and the 'Science of Being'. Its also to do with three aspects of the one.

My genetic mother was also half French, with a French maiden name, she said the family left France during the French revolution. The flower on the coat of arms is featured in the Nostradamus prophecies, about the one that would not be seen for 40 years and then after that they could be seen everyday. Its called the Iris prophecy because Nostradamus worked with iris for healing depression. He knew that the one to come would also work with vibrational medicine. 






Wisdom of Archaeology

Science Today, report that 'Ancient structures uncovered in Turkey and thought to be the world's oldest temples may not have been strictly religious buildings after all, according to an article in the October issue of 'Current Anthropology'. Archaeologist Ted Banning of the University of Toronto stated 'that he hopes that researchers will not automatically assume that the presence of art or decoration in structures at Gobekli and elsewhere denotes an exclusively religious building'.[1]

That is what I have been saying all along, in fact, the word religion does not even exist in biblical Hebrew. Also temple type buildings were also places for learning like Plato's Academy and modern day universities.  They also taught healing therapies and modalities in the ancient temples, that were sacred places just like a healing room. 

Gobekli specifically also holds messages of prophecy about the last days of the end times, it provides a warning to humanity about what will happen if humanity does not honor all that is sacred.

I feel in my heart that the Hagia Sophia was also built on the same lines as the library of Alexandria. A great spiritual forum for the philosophers, healers and scientists. Hence, why there is a stone there with 12 lambs that are said to be the apostles. 12, tender, gentle hearted lambs, clearly, the Hagia Sophia was for the gentle and tender hearted that were in spiritual alignment of the spiritual law. The lambs can also represent children, and where children went to learn. 

There is also research on what is titled 'Houses of the Rising Sun'. 

Research that sheds light on the Ancient Greeks.

"Dr Alun Salt, an astronomy technician from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Science at the University of Leicester, found that out of all the temples he surveyed in Sicily, all but one faced the rising sun."

He also mentions the possibility of an 'Astronomical fingerprint' and that the ancient world temples were an economic and political statement. However, many of us know that they were much more than that. 

In Sicily, they found that only one temple out of 41 faced West. [1]

Now that is an interesting number isn't it. One facing West. There is clearly a message there. 

41 is the Hebrew gematria value for 'em' = Mother, and East is the sacred direction of the teacher. 

In Greek gematria, 1 = Alpha, letter A, it is written that in Greek philosophy it as the astrological significance of Saturn, saturn is also the teacher of the spiritual law. West is the direction of the peace makers. However, in my reality the Alpha is the foundation of love. That is the beginning. Hence, why from the time that baby is conceived, until the end of the first year after the birth. It is absolutely crucial for the foundation of love for the baby. It is devoted love that helps the baby to learn to stand and walk, the love from parents strengthens them, gives them balance and a strong sense of stability to walk upon. 

It is during that time that the babies soul decides whether it is truly loved by its parents, the amount of attention, touch and tender loving care that they receive during that time, will impact on their view of their life on earth and how they respond to it. It also gives them a measure of love, and the greater the measure of love that parents give to babies, the greater their self-esteem is, as they begin to grow and take their first steps into life on earth. 

40 = MU, = letter M, the Greek gematria link states that its astrological significance is Libra. In Hebrew M is the MEM, and in the ancient pictographs it was a symbol of water. As we know M is also for Mother. In many, the relationship with the mother and its impact since pregnancy, often does not surface until people reach the age of 40. It is often in the 40's, that the people start to reflect and heal their lives, due to life conditions that have been a co-creation. 

The number 40 is also related to the prophet in the teachings of the Jewish sages and Nostradamus. 
Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness with the people and Nostradamus knew that the one to come would be a healer. Water also relates to the water bearers and the Age of Aquarius. 

So do the 41 temples relate to the 'Saturn in Libra' transit for the houses of the rising sun? The mother who is a teacher? We are currently in the Saturn in Libra transit, and it takes us right up to the 5th of October 2012. Just before the next presidential election. 

Were the Ancient Greeks leaving humanity important messages on the Island of Sicily? 

41 temples and only of them ONE facing WEST. 

It is written that the one temple facing WEST was the temple dedicated to Hecate, a lunar goddess, also called Queen of Heaven. However, no evidence is given to prove that in the article. I found these words about Hecate. 

Ovid, Fasti 1. 141 ff (trans.Boyle) (Roman poetry C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) :
"You see Hecate’s faces turned in three directions so she can protect the triple crossroads."[5]

She was certainly associated with the mysteries and is referred to as the goddess of the crossroads on the spiritual path. That indicates a person that as completed their own spiritual path. That line from the poem indicates that she is the defender of the trinity that can be found in the ancient cultures as well as the 'Science of Being'. The three different faces of the woman, are also known as the three ages of woman, the third being the crone. However, Hecate was also called the 'Virgin' and the Virgin is symbolic of purity. 

An inscription from Miletus named her protector of the entrances and testimony to her presence. She has been associated with childbirth, nurturing the young, gates, walls, doorways, keys, crossroads, magic, lunar lore, torches and dogs.

In a Roman sculpture of her, she is very tall and slim, she is clearly on some kind of stake, is it meant to be symbolic of the cross? 

The Greek word Hecate means WILL. It has also been translated as 'her that operates from afar', 'her that removes or drives off'. 'the far reaching one', 'the far darter'. It is written that in the 3rd century BC, a sculptor depicted, show the three different images in age, against a single column. Around the column of Hecate, the three dancing are the charities. 

"Hesiod records that she was esteemed as the offspring of Gaia and Uranus, the Earth and Sky. Although associated with other moon goddesses such as Selene, she ruled over three kingdoms; the earth, the sea, and the sky. She had the power to create or hold back storms, which influenced her patronage of shepherds and sailors. 

It is written that she understood the nature of plants and vibrational medicine. So clearly, she was a healer. It is also written that she wore oak, oak is related to Abraham and in flower essences it is for people who overwork. The acorn from the oak is also to do with love and healing. Hence, why Michelangelo also used acorns in the artistry of his frescos. 

Garlic is also connected with her and as we know garlic keeps the colds away. Another natural medicine. The cypress is also mentioned in the bible. 

Prophet Isaiah spoke about the cypress tree and it appears in chapter 44. No coincidence then that this is a year of four. 

He cut down cedars, or perhaps took a cypress or oak. He let it grow among the trees of the forest, or planted a pine, and the rain made it grow. Isaiah 44:14

Academic historians have written about Hecate down the ages, like they do about most spirituality that they do not understand, as such they refer to the healer and those that honored her as being a cult. Then you have the other end of the pole and modern day pagans have adopted the ancient goddess as their own and have written books about her. Isaiah 44 basically tells the pagans that their idols will not save them in this timeline. 

Hecades was clearly a healer and a healer of animals as well. The dog is also associated with temple dogs, and it was traditional to have dogs to defend the sacred places in those days. 

The most gorgeous temple dogs come from Tibet, so there is clearly a strong link here with Tibet, the far east and the Chinese Year of the Dog. The next Chinese Year of the Dog will be in 2018. 

However, the dog pictured with her looks more like an afgan and as we know  there was once an incredible, and huge, thriving spiritual country in the region. Truly, a golden spiritual era in that region of what is now Afganistan during the Greco-Roman time.

In addition to the fact, that the key of life from Egypt was well known across the ancient world, and as we know the head of the cobra was worn on the headdress of the ancient egyptians. Does this mean that they were involved in what is known as the dark arts? Of course not. Not unless you can provide me with evidence to the contrary.