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Judgement or Salvation

A Christian that goes by the name of Johnnybotwright was a given a vision of Archangel Gabriel who was destroying an ancient building by smashing a ball and chain against it. Jesus asked Archangel Gabriel to stop, and Gabriel told him 'I cannot stop'. The man asked 'Lord what does this man, the Lord replied, my church cannot stop doing the same thing over and over again'.

As we know Gabriel appeared before Mary, it is written that he was a major influence in the creation of Islam. He appeared before Joseph Smith and that is how the Mormons came to be. As we know the Mormons are also active in the current US presidential elections.

Gabriel is to do with the direction of the South. Since 2005 he was moved into frontline with Mother Mary helping the spiritual. At that time Archangel Michael began working with the new ecological and self-sustainable teachers. So Gabriel is to do with spiritual people who evolve into Angels when they teach their souls to fly divine.

However, as in Rev 12, there are two types of Angels, that also aligns with Jewish mysticism of the Angels of Elohiym -v- the Angels of Darkness. That is then repeated in the Dead Sea Scrolls of the sons of light -v- the sons of darkness. Again in the parable of the Virgins e.g the Wise Virgins -v- the Foolish ones.

Gabriel is also to do with mercy and the blunted sword of truth. In the man's vision, Jesus told Gabriel to stop. This tells you that the Archangels are not under the direction of Jesus. In other words he can communicate with them, but they are not under his command. Melchizedek is like the operations director of the cosmos. The High Priest and Jesus was from his order. Jesus is the Son of God so the dream is telling the man that Jesus is not in control of what happens. There are many forces in the cosmos.

In the bible the LORD also tells you in this timeline, ask your idols to save you. They will not do so. 

That then reminds me of when Jesus said this about the Christians and their Churches in the USA.

'The Church gives the people a false sense of security'.

Matthew 24, also tells you that there is only one person that is saved in this timeline and they must share their testimony with the nations. Then the end will come. Being under the direction of the LORD, the heavenly Father. Form experience I know that the heavenly Father is different to his Son. 

The man said "I asked the Lord what does this mean, the Lord replied , my church cannot STOP doing the same thing over and over again."

In other words they are repeating cycles and not breaking them. Jesus taught people how to break the never ending karmic cycles. As I have done my best to do as well. So for instance when we advised people to stop firing the grids and most spiritual people ignored it at that time. They enter the space of others without permission to do so, and that is a transgression of the spiritual law of creation that brings a heavy penalty.

When we tell members of the Church to heal themselves, and they simply refuse to listen and carry on keeping their heads buried in the bible and proceeding in the same way. Then we hear of another one being struck down. In the teachings of Jesus the body is the temple, so the body is being impacted upon by others who use a ball and chain to strike the structure.

It sounds to me like it is the manner that which things are done that he is concerned about. However, as the man understood the vision, it is about the time of judgement. However, Isaiah 65 is also about salvation as well. 

A building can be destroyed like dropping a bomb on it, or a building can be dismantled and the best can be salvaged. A building can also be restored and that is what Isaiah 58 is about. Its about ascension and the restoration. Rebuilding the temple is about rebuilding yourselves. However, from experience I know that you have to have good foundations in place. The foundation of love, those that have not put the effort into heal their 'inner child' can be like a 'bull in a china shop'. We witness that a lot with the shepherds that are being cut off on this timeline as per the prophecies of Zechariah. The prophecy tells you that they are being cut off because they have 'no favor or union' with the LORD. That includes Church leaders. As we told people a few years ago no stone will be left unturned.

The Malachi prophecies also tell the people to turn their hearts to the children. The prophecies inform us that the Fathers must put their daughters on their shoulders. In other words its time to put the divine feminine above your own heads. 

Then a person stood against Lotus Feet and we replied with the following: 

The Messenger of the Covenant has raised the bar. As ordained by the LORD. The standard is unsurpassed. Of course, you would have to have a foundation of love in place to truly understand that and value it.

So when you judge Lotus Feet, you are actually judging yourself. As such, you are using a ball and chain on your own structure. As per the man's vision, you can't stop doing it because it is judgement upon you that you have chosen for yourself in this timeline. However, I can tell you that I am here to help you to break the never ending cycles, and shorten these days of the end times for the elect.

So can you heal it?

'over-sized alien'.
'fiery hell'

If you continue to refuse to listen, then you will be leaving the planet a lot faster than you think. 

Then the man that received the vision wrote that the judgement is like a runaway train. 'Unstoppable judgement'. Despite the judgement, man still refuses to return. As such, more and more perish. 

Yes, although the train crash in Buenos Aires would be a better analogy for the runaway train. We did tell people that it was the 'Time of the Derailment'. That post is also about reaping what people sow and the spiritual law. You see all of the numerical correspondence, the meaning and the reasons why that crash happened on the original post. It is certainly judgement upon Buenos Aires due to what they have been involved in. The original post also relates it to the Church and Islam. [1]

So what do you choose? Judgement or Salvation? 



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