Friday, 24 February 2012

Tennessee Horses and Cows Dead

In the same week that seven marines died in a copter collision, [1] we now have seven horses found dead in Tennessee. That was then followed by two cows in the same place and the scientists are saying that it is another mystery.

"First, seven seemingly healthy horses turned up dead last week at a Hampshire farm in Maury County."

The copter collision happened over 'Chocolate Mountain'. Chocolate Mountain is to do with the Mayan lands, building New Jerusalem and defending the eco-system of the planet.

Seven is the number of karma in the OT, and forgiveness in the NT. In Hebrew gematria it is the ZAYIN, the woman of valor. The wondrous woman from heaven that was given the divine plan for New Jerusalem and where it must be built. The book of Revelation was correct, he told me the name of the city. 

I was also born physically in the chinese sign of the horse. Horses are to do with freedom and with the horses dying it is telling you that freedom is dying. However, people die without doctors finding a cause, animals can do the same when it is the will of the LORD for his divine purpose of helping humanity.

Two dead cows were also found in the same place, two is do to with the High Priestess from the order of Melchizedek. Cows are related to motherhood and fertility, the feminine energies, its cycle of power is one year. Brahma was depicted riding a cow, and Prophet Malachi also gave a prophecy about the calves leaving their stalls in the last days when the sun of righteousness arrived with healing in their rays. 

This comes at a time when the Indian leader has rejected aid money from the UK, and David Cameron is begging India to accept it. Clearly, Obama and his puppet masters have put a better offer on the table. Although the Indian premier states that India is becoming more economically independent. This year is a five year of physical manifestation and 555 is also in India this year. It is the mystics gateway of enlightenment and Prophet Isaiah called the new Jerusalem, the city of enlightenment.

9 animals all together and 9 is the number of completion and divine love. 

The report states that there have also been horse deaths reported in two other counties, Dickson and Giles County. [2] 

Interesting that there were also a few people with the name of ELIAKIM that lived in Tennessee and it is a very unusual name. 

On the 26th of May, 2011 there was a crop circle in the county and we called it the 'Divine Order Crop Circle' at the time. [3] 

In that post the following was written. 

"This crop circle speaks to me about divine order. In the book of Hebrews it predicted that at the end a new order would be given, this order will bring order and balance to humanity and the planet. I view this as the order to build the new holy city of enlightenment. New Jerusalem.

In the centre you will see a pyramid that looks like a boat. The ARK of NOAH. The Ark of the PROPHET, its to bring balance to the poles. There are nine white circles and nine is the number of completion and divine love in manifestation on the earth plane."  Please see the rest of the post for the rest of the information. 

No surprise then that Ryan Bingham and the 'Dead Horses' are singing 'South side of Heaven' in Tennessee in this video. 

Queen of the South.

Two British journalists that were working for Iranian Press TV, have also been taken hostage in Libya.




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