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Religion the BIG Question Mark

A young one asked 'Is religion a stepping stone or stumbling block?

Our response:
Well the word 'religion' does not exist in biblical Hebrew, and it was the British colonial academics that called the diverse spiritual philosophies of India, Hinduism. 
Why? They had to have a label or word to put them all in a 'box of religion'.

Hence, why prophet Malachi predicted that the calves would leave their stalls in this timeline.

The brother of Jesus, James told the people if they did not keep a tight rein on their tongue then their religion is worthless.

In today's culture and society, atheism/secularism has become a powerful religion. Some people even state that love is their religion.

Anything that a person is 'bound to' or 'attached' to is a form of religion. A person can be attached to their money, their wealth, their possessions, their partners. Their drugs, their music and most all their beliefs. Hence, why both Jesus and Buddha taught detachment.

Here are a few sections from a book that I began to write in 2007.

"As we know religion has a tragic history and most outlawed the esoteric teachings, Christianity and the wisdom of Sophia. Now the oppression and suppression of the divine feminine aspect of God comes home to roost. Esoteric philosophy and mysticism was the genesis and seed that became religion, whether people like it or not. The word esoteric means within and the orthodox, literal and carnal mindsets turned their back on going within to access the higher spiritual planes. 2 Throughout the Old Testement God worked with the prophets calling the people to come home and return to God, people were being called out of their cultural practises and traditions created by men. Whether they were stubborn hearted, closed-minded, innocent, or fearful of what they could not understand, or fear of losing what they considered to be their heritage and culture is for you to decide.

However, words of wisdom in the bible make the position very clear indeed. ”To be carnally minded is death and enmity against God" Rom. 8 KJV this is not talking about lust either, it is talking about being stuck in material, literal, earthly reality, also unbeliever’s of a spiritual and metaphysical reality. Jesus said "How is it that you do not understand that I did not speak to you concerning bread?” Matt: 16:1

In the 21st century, in Asia alone there is one million children sold into the sex trade. We witness honour killings, mutilation of children, children self harming and youth suicide is a devastating sign of our times.

It is important that these spiritual truths are shared so that children that were born into religion and poverty can be liberated from the captivity in which they find themselves caged.

Jesus said ‘suffer the little children, let them come unto me’. He said this because he wanted them to be free, he did not wish them to suffer due to the indoctrination and family inheritance of belief systems. He wished for children to come willingly and not forced to come to God. The mystics knew that the Church was taking the Christ teachings, the spiritual truths offering the good news of liberation into a totally different reality that Jesus did not support. They knew that Jesus taught people freedom, liberation, peace, justice, equality, community and the brotherhood of man, and what the orthodox church fathers were creating was alien to the true essence of spirituality, esoteric ageless wisdom and the universal truths and values that Jesus shared with all his heart.

The mystics and Jewish prophets knew that the orthodox had rejected the capstone of spiritual independence. In 1 Corinthians, it talks about spiritual wisdom, a wisdom that is secret and hidden since before time began. How the rulers of this age do not understand it; and as such they come to nothing. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.”

The early Christians were mainly Jewish mystics that did not speak in words taught by human wisdom, they expressed spiritual truths in spiritual words, spiritual symbology, gematria, astrology and many other spiritual forms were used. Only the light of spiritual people can truly understand the workings and way of the Spirit; due to their personal experiences of Spirit and the way the Spirit of God works.

“The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 NIV”

One cannot become spiritually discerned if one is stuck in rigid religious belief of literal material reality, the language of the Spirit is metaphysical and symbolic, most religions do not embrace the metaphysical and as such do not experience the spiritual planes. Relativity is a state of being; it is the science of being and part of the first principle of the universe of cause and effect. 

Then a posted responds 'Trying to impress another big stumbling block'.

Our response: 

The child that works the hardest when they start work gets the rapid promotions. 

Why is that?

They impressed the boss.

When the child was impressing the boss, other employees took the child out to lunch and asked the child not to work so hard. The two women were the stumbling block not the child. However, the child followed her own heart, she did not listen to the two women, she carried on and career success was her gain. She deserved it because she had worked hard for it.

Eventually the child grew into a mature woman, and ran companies of her own. She became known for being able to turn situations around, and help other companies to be successful as well. Launching products and helping them to become brand and market leaders.

When that did not satisfy her anymore, and she was financial able to put her skills and talents to use for Spirit when she called. She then moved on to help individuals that she was impressed by. Those of the true light shone out. Those without it were also helped but in different ways. Each had a different purpose for being in her life at that time.

She loves to be impressed by the efforts and skills of others, because she is happy to see others excel and reach their potential. It is the same with the LORD, he loves to see people happy when they excel at the talents that he blessed them with. 


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