Friday, 17 February 2012

48 Whitney Houston

The social forums are reporting on Solar tornado that is as big as the earth and over 300k mph winds. "A giant solar tornado believed to be as large as the Earth has been captured by a NASA satellite. The tornadoes are made up of dark plasma sliding across the surface of the Sun, with gusts of 480,000 km/h". [1]

As we know dear blessed Whitney Houston died at age 48 and it is her funeral tomorrow. The news is that Kevin Costner is going to lead the funeral. That is no surprise bearing in mind the vision that I received of Whitney and Kevin in 2010. 

So what is the importance of the number 48? In scripture it is recorded that Jesus Christ predicted that I would be 48 when the heavenly Father would summon me. The number 48 also has other significance, biblewheel share with us that 48 is the gematria of 'Majesty, Greatness', 'By him, through him', 'Star', 'I will open'.  'Joy', 'Rejoicing', Strength', 'Increase, Fruit', [2]

I know that the friends and family of Whitney will give her a wonderful send off tomorrow. We love you beyond measure Whitney, for touching the hearts of the world. In your passing, many hearts around the world have opened like they did when Princess Diana died. Your music and love is like the best tornado to those that are suffering. Your life and love will always be remembered, and in time the people will come to know your charitable heart of giving and what you shared. 

One of Whitney Houston's bodyguards said that being with Whitney and Bobby was like being in the eye of the tornado. Well now you are going to see the tornado of love, that whips the world up into a new state of being. Moving everyone to a new place and location of the heart. 

The great thing about love, its eternal

God bless you all tomorrow. 

Love beyond measure 


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