Wednesday, 29 February 2012

USA WEATHER 29th February 2012

I have been feeling the pressure building since the weekend, and sometimes I get very edgy when I pick up on the planetary energies. I sent out a weather alert to a friend in Illinois at 06.37 on eh 29th UK time. I told him that there was a storm coming in his direction and sent him some video links. One of those videos also mentions an earthquake.

Weather in the midwest of the USA is certainly feeling the pinch to wake people up and the death toll so far is eleven. That in itself is a miracle, when you see the sheer amount of damage that has been caused.

I looked at the videos of the tornado that ripped through Harrisburg, Illinois that are available now and I just felt that after all of the warnings people still refuse to listen. For some people it really has to be in their faces before they get the message. The reporter mentioned the number 5 and this is a 5 year of physical manifestation in this leap year. It reminds me of Amos 5 as well that began with the lambs being mourned by the farmers in the UK and the horses and cows dying mysteriously in Tennessee.

Amos 5 predicts that after the farmers mourn an exile will begin. That chapter is also about the remnant of Joseph.

On Monday the 11th of April, 2011, we made a post and it mentioned a previous post from October 2010, that was about the forthcoming 'ECO funeral', It was at that time that the heavenly Father said 'Illinois'. We also provided the number 5/12 in that post. This is a five year and 2012. The original post was called 'Abba said Illinois'.

The other area that is being reported is in Missouri, BRANSON, second time this week that name as come up. Last time it was the derailed Virgin train in the UK, and we warned people that this is the time of the derailment. In the video it also mentions LEBANON, and we all know what the current issues in the middle east. In the videos that I viewed, WALMART stores have been destroyed again.

On the 26th of August, 2011 we made a post called 'Shops Are Closing Down USA'. It includes the message from the heavenly Father and also some visions that I was given at that time. It mentions the request to cancel Christmas and it also mentions Walmart. Please see the ELIAKIM blog for the full information mentioned in this post.

29 is the numerology of 'Grace under pressure' and that came up a lot in the crop circles in 2010 and 2011.


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