Friday, 26 August 2011

Vulcanics Update

It was earlier this month that we shared the information regarding the vulcanics of humanity and mentioned the trains and planes. As you know Peru was also mentioned and there as been an earthquake there as well this month. In addition, we've had the Red arrow go down last weekend in Dorset, a Russian rocket go down in Siberia and today there are more incidents in the UK.

This time the location is CANTERBURY, a lovely ancient, historical city with its own cathedral. Its also the city where a lot of spiritual authors include on their book tours; due to publishers demands for authors to do their job for them.  Trains have been halted across the South Eastern region and areas of Canterbury evacuated. The report states that Army disposal experts were called.

In addition, the Kent fire and rescue services were called to a Jewish store known as Marks & Spencer. Apparently, there was a fire in the baby changing area on the second floor.

Now who owns the trains across the South Eastern region? GOVIA, is the partnership between the Go-Ahead Group and Keolis, and is the UK's busiest rail operator. [3] A competitor to the Virgin group or different companies with different names with the same hidden ownership? Do you get the feeling, that the men behind the corporations were the first ones to become Anonymous?

The PLC, Go-Ahead group operates both buses and trains, they are also involved in aviation services. Now if you dig deep enough, you will find that the Keolis group have connections with VIRGINia, California and MARYland, USA.

What does the Virgin Mary have to do with? The Catholic Church. Did the Catholic Church that laundered the money from Nazi Germany, then finance the corporations to keep people in their captivity of the never ending karmic cycles? Is that why Pope Benedict from Nazi Germany is XVI? 16 is the number of the tower of destruction.

Is it a coincidence that the name GOVIER is also linked to my French ancestry, and my mother lived in KENT, in the South East during the latter part of her life? When I was a child growing up, I spent 50% of my life in what is known as the garden of Kent.





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