Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Call off Christmas and strike the corporations of materialism that profit on the backs of the poor. Let it be a silent night with empty shops, no TV screens. No gifts, no parties, no feasts. No gluttony. A dry Christmas. Can you do it? Can you just be in your own peace and allow it to be resplendent? Can you be a light to the world that you were all born to be?

Can you help the children to understand that this is to benefit them and their future? 

After Christmas last year, I picked up a couple of small trinkets in the sale to send to nieces abroad and a toaster. I got to the cashier and was compelled to look at where they had been made. All was made in China, I then complained to cashier and made an official complaint at the service desk. I demanded the store manager hear the complaint and refused the purchase. 

No more child labour. 


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