Sunday, 21 August 2011

Causes of biblical 'Famine Plagues'.

We're currently looking at the 'famine plague' predicted for the last days of the end times. Yesterday, we made a post on it in-depth, including both prophecies from Nostradamus and the Jewish prophets.

Let us now look at history and what as happened in the past.

In Spain, the Jewish people were persecuted and in 1330,  famine and plague followed. In the 13th century, the Church put pressure on for legislation to ensure that the Jewish people live separately in a segregated community. Does it remind you of driving the Jewish people out to live in Israel?

Barcelona in Spain, then experienced a low crop harvest, the price of corn rose higher then before, increasing food costs. Famine struck and people began dying of hunger. Then an epidemic ravaged the city and 10,000 died. It is written that 17 years later, just as the city was recovering, then the Black Plague arrived on its route from the Orient to Europe. Christians and Jews died, nobody was immune, from top to bottom of the city. The plague did not come once, it came again and again. In 1362, 1371 and again in 1381.

Spanish history shows that it was the Church itself, that was stimulating the negative energy towards Jewish people just like many Churches do today in the USA.

Especially, the NOI etc. People can also find it being said in mosques and those preachers have been caught on camera by television researchers and investigators.

A priest Vicente from Spain, should be stripped of his sainthood for things that he said about the Jewish people that I cannot repeat. It is also written that he was the one that stirred up the populous that created the massacre of the Jewish people in Valencia. If that wasn't enough, Vicente continued to persecute Jews for the rest of his life, and as we know Spain remained a poor country, until the 20th century when  Messiah Joseph and family walked upon their land and blessed it.

As we know the same happened in Egypt, many plagues harmed Egypt until the Pharoah let the people go.




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