Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hurricane Irene

The BBC report that hurricane Irene as hammered the Bahamas Islands and brought flooding and power cuts across the Caribbean and even to the remote 'Crooked Islands'. As we know there are a lot of off shore havens in this area.

Its a category three storm with winds of 115 mph and it is anticipated that this will strengthen as it heads towards the US East coast. This as followed very quickly after the VIRGINia earthquake.

A state of emergency as been called in five American states. Irene's path is heading for major US cities and New York is the latest of the five states to declare a state of emergency. North Carolina is anticipating the first landfall on Saturday, and the other states listed are Virginia, New Jersey and Maryland. I can smell the earth, the soil,  as I write this.

People who stayed during Katrina are sharing pictures, advice and their stories, they are also advising people to evacuate now. The timing of this comes when the people that were involved in Katrina are also organizing Katrina memorials.

So what can we do to help? 

We can direct our positive intention and thought towards redirecting Irene away from all land. It can have an impact. Pure intention can create miracles, if enough people are involved in the right point of focus. Here is a map so that you know where to focus your attention for the next few days.

Let us put forward our best foot, and do our best to calm this storm. With the will and the help of the LORD God, everything is possible with him.

May everyone be safe, may my peace be with you.




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