Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hurricane Irene Latest

The latest news is that Hurricane Irene as landed at NAGS HEAD, North Carolina. This is the first hurricane to do so since 2008.

New York Times report that it came ashore Saturday morning just east of Cape Lookout and thank God it as weakened to a Category 1. The storm is said to be slow moving, although it is still 500-600 miles wide.

In Wilmington, a teenager jumped off a boat ramp into a churning sea. What on earth was a child doing there when they knew that a hurricane storm was coming?

Historically, there used to be a Victorian pub in North London, called the 'NAGS HEAD', where the family of Messiah Joseph used to go. Just checked a link on the Nag's Head Pub in London, and the link says its now a small casino. So this hurricane is due to the gambling casino's in the USA that we warned them about.

So what is the significance Cape Lookout? Prophet Micah 4:8, tells you that the look out is the watchtower for the flock, and the look out is so that you can understand and see what is ahead of you before it arrives. Micah also tells you that kingship came to Daughter Jerusalem. No coincidence then that this is post 48, in a four year.

Wilmington also links in with our recent post on the Catholics that are freaking out. During the recent earthquake a stone fell from the St Thomas Church in Wilmington, Delaware. [1]

Did we help to calm the storm from Cat 3 to a Cat 1? I sincerely hope so.

There as also been a 4.6 earthquake in California and 46 is the gematria value of the name ELIAKIM.

It does feel like this storm is divine providence and the lights were flickering last night.

After I wrote the above, the LORD God shouted at me 'LIVIAH' and it means "My heart belongs to God'. However, another spelling of it is LIBIYA. So America what you sow you shall reap, remember who voted for Obama in North Carolina?


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