Friday, 26 August 2011

Lady of the Rainbow

This manataka website shares 'The Story of Manataka' and her connection with the rainbow and rainbow warriors. It states that the rainbows of Manataka were tended by the 'Rainbow Woman' who kept a watchful eye on the peace of the valley. She kept the secrets of the crystal cave and presided over the Great Peace Council for thousands of years. Manataka disappeared to live deep within the sacred mountain when the circle was broken.

In my reality the circle in the Galilee of the Gentiles was broken this life time; when the materialism was allowed to destroy true spirituality. Then she was taken away from those that co-created it. In this picture she looks exactly like 'White Dove' who did preside with the indian leaders in a past life. She was known as White Dove in the spiritual community and wore white for all the world to see, as compelled to do for the revealing by the LORD God.  (Although at that time she was not aware that she was being revealed to the community). Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see the face of the LORD God. His face that is merciful, compassionate and strong.

He sent his Ambassador to humanity, both in divine love and in peace, to help her brothers and sisters around the world. It was divine will for her to walk on many lands and to bless them with the presence.

Many are not aware of her presence on the planet at this point in time. Although many have been given messages and visions in respect of her. That which they do not understand at this point, they will come to understand, if they truly listen to their hearts. The heart knows the truth when people have accessed the inner sanctum of peace within and 'The soul requires an inner sanctum of peace to reach its fullest potential." from Sacred Words.

Muslims have seen her wearing a golden crown, Hindu's have seen her in her office of the divine authority of the governor. A Lakotah Indian saw her in the sky holding a peace pipe. Christians have been given messages about Joseph and Prophet Jeremiah predicted that it would be female form encompassing a man. Prophet Micah also predicted that daughter ZION would receive her kingship after her return from the USA, and that was in 2008.

Great Manataka means 'Place of Peace'. [1] May my peace be with you. It is written that the 'Lady of the Rainbow' was known as Ix Chel by the Maya. The rainbow is also a good omen, it is symbolic of the coat of many colors of Joseph, the true covenant of the LORD God, the LORD God that the Indians call Grandfather is holy and true.

The covenant of spiritual independence for the children was delivered and embedded in the solar plexus of the planet on the 9th of September 2007. The spiritual mandate that is a commandment for all time, was placed energetically in the planetary centre of 'powerful virtue' in Jerusalem, Israel. Prophet Isaiah called it the everlasting covenant of peace.

I was given the smell of the earth and the soil before rest, when writing about the hurricane Irene. The people can learn to calm the storms when they live their lives in pure intention, and purify themselves with healing. The purer your own energetic being, the more power you have to change realities and become masters of them.  Pure souls can impact on that which is viewed as adverse, and experienced as detrimental to the state of being of the people and planet.

This does come to be when the sacred are aligned with the will of the LORD God. In my humble experience, only the holy, true and sacred, are given the will of the LORD God to fulfill. Only the truly righteous are worthy to lead others home to the LORD God. Those that are willing to truly live in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law of creation.

The rainbow is also a symbol of hope, and a symbol of Messiah Joseph, who is the light of hope. In the Cree Prophecy it speaks of the 'Key to Survival' and in my humble view that is the 'Key of David', David means beloved.  ELIAKIM holds the key for all time to help her people. The prophecy in the book of Revelation predicted that she would never leave it, never leave being the pillar. She would always be upright in all that she does in integrity.

In the biblical prophecies it is the divine pillar in the temple of God that holds up planet earth.

The LORD God described the pillar as a place where people can lay down their heads. In 2007, he said that the people were not yet ready to lay down their heads. In other words, they were not ready to lay down their heads, and pick up their hearts to embrace his true pillar, where they can find rest for their souls. In my experience the LORD God does not ask for worship, he asks for mercy, and that people be willing to do what is good and right - Hesed.

The nature of her soul is Lotus Feet. The Cree prophecy speaks about the return to the sacred, and in Hebrew that is Teshuvah.

The rainbow warriors did arrive exactly as the prophecies predicted that they would, it is time to build the new holy city of enlightenment as Prophet Isaiah predicted.  In the mountains, just like before in the Manataka story. The place that the LORD God as chosen for his holy city, is a sacred place. The place, the colors, the design, the angelic architects were all divinely given, after Messiah Joseph arrived on the planet. All was pre-ordained to come to be. Just like the manataka story, he did say that the holy city would be seen from miles away. There is nice play on words there with 'mana', 'ta', 'ka'.

Many rainbow warriors from Europe have already left their countries, and joined others from around the world. As Christ predicted 'The first will be last and the last will be first'. The sacred is coming to be, may our peace be with thee. For you will see those that are blessed and holy, those that live simply, those that have put the effort into healing the self by seeking within. Those that had the humility and courage to move beyond their comfort zones and ascend. Those that are truly merciful and take compassionate action, for the future of the children of humanity.

It is time beloved ones, to be together as a united force and defend the nature of creation. In the same place at the same time. Those that have not made the shift in consciousness in time, will face the consequences of their words and deeds. The people must live ecological and self-sustainably, they simply do not have a choice in the matter, and humanity will suffer the consequences for not doing the will of the LORD God as asked to do. Listen to these words and act upon them, because Mother Earth is responding to the materialism and violence of the cultures; that are destroying the planet and its people.

May my peace be with you.




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