Friday, 19 August 2011

NO, Will and Kate

The latest on William and Kate is that they have been on a public engagement to Birmingham following the riots. Is it right that amongst the poverty of the poor of this country, Kate walks in a blouse valued at £795, skirt at £580, and shoes at £500.00. Is that the heart of essentials? No. Sure it boosts the fashion industry for the rich and famous.

Does it encourage the nation to concentrate on essential purchases? No.

How can Kate sleep at night, does she have a conscience?

If the outfit was gifted to her, the money that it cost would be better gifted to the poor. Although she did look lovely, and she would look lovely in whatever she wore.

Then the Daily Mail report that Will said 'You have gone through a terrific ordeal. Keep fighting. We will get them'.

Fighting talk from the son of Princess Diana.


"This is a wonderful country and we have much to be proud of".

Pride comes before a fall William, and Christ taught his followers to trample their garments of pride under their feet.

Those that truly have a heart of conscience do not feel that this is a wonderful country right now. Not at a time when military male politicians are fighting against the poor, and threatening children with harassment, and making their lives hell. Remember the Christ teachings of 'Love your enemies', and 'Turn the other cheek?".

It may be wonderful where you live, try living in a ghetto in Birmingham or Tottenham for two years, lets see how well you and your wife fare then, with no money or job.

Would you have become like the children in the riots if you had been born there? With your fighting talk it sounds like you would have done so. No wonder the LORD God is talking about the 'vulcanics of humanity' and its metal men of the military machine.

No Will and Kate, you will have to do a lot better than that.

Amnesty for the children William, God asked for mercy not sacrifice.



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