Thursday, 18 August 2011

Luke 6 Prophecy Fulfilled

In the last post we shared about the VIRTUE and the power of it for healing. So let us continue with Luke 6 and the prophecy. Christ told his followers that when the Son of Man came and the people treated the Son of Man like the Pharisees treated Christ. It was time to 'Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their ancestors treated the prophets'. 

Included in his words was another clue to the prophecy about the Messenger of the Covenant. The key words in the prophecy is 'LEAP FOR JOY' and that aligns perfectly with what prophet Malachi said.

The leaping of his true followers relates to the Malachi 4 prophecy about the 'Sun of Righteousness' that was predicted for the last days of the end times. The Spiritual Alchemist and Messenger of the Covenant, that is sent for the sake of the children and as a helper to Israel. In the Micah prophecies they are also sent to help the USA. Malachi 3 also mentions the scroll of remembrance that was bestowed upon me in 2006 while I was in Israel.

In some translations the word 'leap' is translated as 'go out'. A leap can also relate to the great leap of consciousness into the heart. Otherwise known as a quantum leap in consciousness from the power centre of 'I AM POWER', to the heart of 'WE GIVE'. In the light of the word 'power', in Luke 6 also being translated as 'virtue'. Is it appropriate for Jerusalem, Israel to become the planetary solar plexus
of 'I AM VIRTUE', I AM VIRTUOUS. It feels right for me, if it feels right for you. Let your virtue be your power to heal others, when leading by example, walking the talk. I view it as a realignment in more ways than one.

So it is no surprise then that the one that is currently standing against me like a Pharisee (USA) says her name in the bible is joy. The more that she stood against me in a public discussion on Reiki, the more she proved that I am, who I say I am, exactly as predicted. It should also be pointed out that it is only Americans, that have treated the one sent to help them this way. However, in their innocence they helped to fulfill the prophecy for the glory of the LORD God and his true prophets.

Psalm 48,  'Beautiful in elevation, the joy of the whole earth, is Mount ZION in the far north. The city of the great King". MELEK.

No coincidence that this as come to be, at the same time as the children opening the hearts of many, and compelling them to act to defend them. As we say, another prophecy fulfilled.

Love beyond measure


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