Monday, 22 August 2011

Kim Kardashian Psoriasis

In the news is the wedding of Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries. I must admit I had not heard of either of them until today. I wish them both tremendous happiness in their life together.

There are also videos regarding Kim's psoriasis on youtube. It's been proven scientifically that Psoriasis is to do with mutated genetics due to cuts in childhood. Hence, why the circumcising of children must stop. The deeds of the parents impact on the next 3-4 generations.

When famous people get diseases, it usually brings more attention to it, and more effort raising money for funding the cures. However, the real cure is to cure the root causes of the core issue, and that is not related to medicines, pharmaceuticals or creams. It as been proven that hospitals simply do not have the cure no matter how hard they try, because they do not understand the root cause of it.

It was predestined that Messiah Joseph would come with this skin disease. One of the best cures for it is sunshine and living in the sunshine. When I lived in Australia for a year, the skin disease was 95% gone. On my return to England and after the LORD God began communicating with me. The skin disease began again on the sides of my head.

The Jewish sages knew that the Messiah Joseph would have the skin disease on the sides of their head and it increased substantially after I was summoned by God to do his will. At that point I was not aware that it was part of the criteria for the Messiah and in the biblical prophecies.

The snow of psoriasis is also mentioned in the Torah. Moses had the disease when he was working with the LORD God and he had it on the arm. That is how we know that the the prophet of Islam, is not who Islamic scholars claim he is. There is also nothing in the scriptures that indicate that Jesus Christ had the skin disease either.

The LORD God made a promise to Moses about a prophet that would come and be like him. Torah tells us that Moses asked for a descendent of Joseph to receive the blessing. Moses knew that the power of forgiveness and mercy of Messiah Joseph, would help them to cope with what would lay ahead of them.

So does Messiah Joseph now have this disease on their arm? Yes. The same as Moses. The Jewish sages claim that the skins disease is to do with speech. Well someone better bring their attention to the fact that it is to do with circumcision, and cutting of the flesh. Messiah Joseph stood on a glass in the river when she was seven years old, in addition to her Father and grandfather being circumcised in the Jewish tradition.

So why did Messiah Joseph have to have this experience? To bring attention to it, to understand it, and to share truth about it for all generations. Hence, why the white horse is the ACHARIT, the last.

No coincidence that Kim is marrying Kris, and the skin disease is being brought to the attention of the people.

Kim, welcome to the club.



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