Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Mayan View Crop Circle

A video on the West Wood Hay Crop Circle was shared at DTV this evening and it is a different view of the crop circle. However, after watching the video the LORD God said "The Rainbow Warriors know. It is the Christians that are worried". What can one do if they refuse to listen and do what is asked of them?

After that I viewed the original crop circle interpretation that I wrote in July, and the soferim and it does link into the the recent storm in the USA, the planes and rockets going down. It also has the number 39, as well and that links in with the planes going down in Lithuania.

I had a lovely email from Orly today, and I was not aware that she was born in 'Lithuania', it is her birthday today. God bless her.

Last week a Christian in the USA asked me why there are so many crop circles that appear in England. I told him, as I have told others in the past, it is because I am here.

This is where Messiah Joseph is. It is the land of Joseph.


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