Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Reiki in Pakistan

In this video a man known as Professor Dr Moiz Hussain in Karachi, Pakistan is attuning people on mass to Reiki.

It is wonderful to see Reiki love energy being spread in Pakistan. However, I do not recommend that people learn in large groups like this.

I recommend groups no larger than 8-10. Otherwise the teacher does not have the time to dedicate to each and every person being attuned. There is a lot to learn and understand on a Reiki course, so choose the best. The best price is not always the best teacher. Check out their credentials and ask to speak to some of their students at different levels of training. 

Smaller groups are also good for undivided attention. Also make sure that they provide a good aftercare service to serve their students. I served my Reiki students for as many years as they required it, they know that I am always here for them if they ever have any questions about anything at all.

Those that I trained, know that they can turn to me about any aspects of their lives because Reiki is a life changing experience. 

I viewed the students as my responsibility, because I trained them. 

When they go out to heal others, they carry my name, so I did my utmost to help them 
to become the best that they could be. 

They are sacred and a treasure to behold, they know I hold them in my heart.

This professor was the founder of the first yoga institute in Pakistan.


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