Sunday, 21 August 2011


Yesterday we wrote about the 'famine plague'' written by Nostradamus and the biblical prophets on our other blog. Today, a video as been uploaded and a young man as found that there is high levels of radioactive rain pouring down on Toronto Canada. Is that why in Rev 3, the prophecy states that ELIAKIM goes out no more?

After I wrote the above I could smell the flowers sweet peas.

It is written that the flower moved from being insignificant to be becoming a floral sensation. The most common pest to the sweet pea is the greenfly. The greenfly spreads incurable disease and a disease called the Mosiac Virus and plants are discolored due to it. So keep an eye on the plants and if they remain their natural color. If the color of the plants change you can be sure that all crops in the area of the rain are contaminated and you will be eating radioactive food.

I can smell the sweet pea really strong now, I am on track. Those involved in genetics have also been changing the genetics of plants so that they have the ability to self-pollinate. Why would the genetic scientists do this unless they knew that the bees were dying and Einstein gave a warning about the bees in connection with humanity and eco-system?

The smell of the flowers is still really strong, the flowers are your indicator. 

Also best to stay out of rain.




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