Tuesday, 30 August 2011


The first message about Lithuania was received in January 2009 and we gave the follow up information on this post in 2011. [1]

Today there is news that French and lithuanian jets have collided during a NATO exercise in the Baltic state but all three crew members escaped serious injury. The two pilots aboard the Lithuanian L-39 trainer ejected, after their jet crashed in a rural area. There was not civilian damage. The French Mirage pilot also landed safely.

The event was reported on the 30th of August and that is the 'Day of ROCK'. 30 is also the hebrew gematria of the LAMED and in the ancient pictographs that is the shepherds staff that defends the innocent from the predators.

We then have the number 39, that is the same meaning as 30 in numerology, and it is to do with 'meditation' and 'mental superiority'. The power of positive intention of a pure soul.

39 is also the gematria value of 'exile' so it looks like the Vulcans are being sent into exile. One Rabbi also spoke of the 39 forbidden labors. [3]

As the LORD God said earlier this year, 'Lotus is turning up the heat, the planes are burning down'.

Lotus Feet

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