Sunday, 28 August 2011

New Jersey 2nd Landfall

This post from our other blog looks at the biblical prophecies that relate to Hurricane Irene. [1]

The BBC report that it as made its second landfall at New Jersey and there as been an incident at a nuclear reactor at MARYland.

New Jersey speaks of the NEW that is to come. To wear a different garment, of course New Jersey is originally Native American land. So why did this hurricane fall upon New Jersey USA? If you look at the profile of its state its principle industries are pharmaceutical and chemical. That speaks for itself.

Of course just like New England, Jersey gets its name from England and what is known as the Channel Islands. Jersey is part of a British Crown Dependency off the coast of Normandy, France. I have only been there once when I was a very small child, I have seen photographs of parents and I there,  but have no memory of it. It was the first time that the family of Joseph took Daughter ZION abroad on holiday.

Its anthem is also 'God save the Queen'.

Does that picture remind you of ELIAKIM in the Michelangelo fresco?

Jersey in the Channel Islands, is a small Island and most of its parishes are named after SAINTS. There is low tax there and no VAT. It also has its own currency. The Island is famous for the 'Battle of the FLOWERS' and being the birthplace of Lillie Langtry who was known as the 'Jersey Lily'. No coincidence then that the name of the mother of Messiah Joseph was also LILY.

Its patron saint is Saint Helier, a 6th century recluse and it is the place of his hermitage. A healing saint that was invoked for diseases of the skin and eyes. We did warn everyone to stay out of the rain, due to the high level of radiation found in rain in Toronto.

In my humble view, this second land fall, is pointing towards the importance of building New Jerusalem. The Holy City of enlightenment mentioned by Prophet Isaiah. We have the plans, we have the directions. Are you ready to wear the new to keep you warm?






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