Monday, 29 August 2011


Earlier today a vision was given of a space station. [1] Just put space station in the youtube search engine and this video came up from NASA.

On the 28th of August they captured a face of a dog in the storm cloud of Irene. It looks like our temple dog to me and IRENE means PEACE in Greek. It aligns with the biblical prophecy of Zech 9 and Isaiah 54 that mentions this storm. This is our Temple (Lion) Dog, Bertie and I have seen him in visions previously.

The 28th of August is the 'Day of Language'. So once again, this is to do with communication and understanding the signs being shown to you. In ancient times the Temple Lion Dogs were kept in Buddhist temples to defend them. In my humble view this is a sign of the defender, of course if you turn the word 'dog' around you also have 'god'. [4]

In Feng Shui they are a symbol of protection and that links in with the biblical prophecy. There were once two of these in the stone work at the LION's gateway in East Jerusalem, before they were washed away by the weather.

A dog is also featured and hidden in this icon of Christ that we have shared in the past. You will also see the fingers make the shape of four elephants and this is the year of four. Its also featured in the 'GESU Fresco'. [2]

In our post on the biblical prophecies to do with this storm, we also shared these words with you. [3]






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