Monday, 8 August 2011

Unsolved Murder London Riots

This article from The Guardian newspaper provides a profile on Mark Duggan and it mentions the unsolved murder of the Rapper known as Smegz. Name Kelvin Easton who was knifed leaving a nightclub in March. His obituary page also states that he died a Muslim. Who was funding him to make music like this? This track is called 'Hero'. As we know there is nothing heroic about guns, is this what Islam is teaching our youth of today?

The police story is that they were chasing Mark due to the possibility of him avenging Kelvin's death. Another story states they were on their way to arrest him but the police have not stated what for exactly. In fact, the police haven't even visited the family of the dead man to explain what as happened. 

If the police story is correct and was truly the case, then why did they not simply allow him to lead the police to the possible murderer's of Kelvin? In other words do their job for them. Why did they not just keep him under surveillance? 

Why were they chasing Mark and why have they not solved the previous murder of Kelvin Easton? 

These two men that have been killed since March are both from the same family. This is a quote from the Guardian article. 

"Easton's mother Julie – who was godmother to Duggan – left this message: "Mark sweetheart i know that you are in safe hands now. Kelvin please tell Mark 2 always shine down on [his mother and brothers], semone and the kids, just like u do for me. im gonna try my very best Kelvin 2 look after them all ... but my god this is so hard. 1st they take my son away from me and now they have taken my god son who is also my sons best friend. r.i.p Mark darling may god bless u and Kelvin and keep u both safe. now ive lost 2 sons. please no more i beg u r.i.p my sons."


There is something very fishy about this whole situation. I don't like the smell of it, not at all. 

May both the boys rest in peace and may their families be comforted. 




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