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Lorenzo's Oil - Myelin Project

When I woke up today, I saw a vision of a very large golden bell, then an image of a website with the article about the Messiah eclipse at the start of the year. A lot as certainly happened since we sounded the ships bell and everyone was called for duty.

I see a lot of positivity going on in many parts of the world, the light of love is arising in many different walks of life. The act of the children as touched many hearts deeply, and compelled them to move and take action.

I was also given an Italian name LORENZO, so keep an eye open for that name or location. San Lorenzo was also an eaterie that both our Queen of Hearts and I liked in Knightsbridge, united in the heart of compassionate action to help the children.

There was a film made in 1992 called 'Lorenzo's Oil' and Phil Collins also recorded a song called 'Lorenzo', it appeared on his 1996, album 'Dance into the Light'. They were both special years in this reality for different reasons.

The film is about parents of a child that have a rare disease. Online people state that this film is being shown in their biology and chemistry classes. Critics said that it was an astonishingly true story. It is a story about people taking responsibility and finding their own cures for disease. The boy that inspired Lorenzo's Oil, died 22 years after doctors predicted, a day after his 30th birthday. Again, special numbers in this reality and 22 is a Master Number, 30 is also the value of LAMED.

It looks like a film about courage, strength, love, and the parents that have the commitment to do what is right for a child. One film critic said 'It was about the war for knowledge and the victory of hope through perseverance'. However, I would say that it is a mission of compassion, a mission of truth for the children, that as far ranging consequences and implications, to do with the nervous system and mutated genetics. A story of hope and courage, to stand up to the stakeholders that like to hold onto the old scientific paradigm of Newtonian physics.

We also know scientifically that cuts in childhood can mutate genetics, and the birth process can impact on the nervous system of both mother and child. So the birth process and what happens to a child when they are very small, is relevant to the subject matter. Mothers and babies should really be a focus for the healing community, because that is where a lot of disease originates. In the pregnancy and birth process. Mother and baby experience a major operation, and it can be very traumatic for both, if healing isn't given pre and post birth. In hindsight, I know that baby massage and deep tissue massage is also essential for the mother.

I am sure that people with a heart of conscience, would enjoy the film Lorenzo's Oil. While I was  looking at the picture of the actors that portrayed the parents and child

The LORD said 'Saints', indeed, LORD, indeed. I agree Lorenzo and his parents are Saints. His mother as passed over as well, so we know that they are together. His Father, Augusto continues with his great work and it is an honor to honor him here on this blog. Augusto Odone and the Myelin Project.

Lorenzo can also mean Laurel and in Latin it is to do with a man.

Then the LORD said 'Torch bearer'. Yes, the torch bearer that lights the way so that others can see it.

"When the sun had set and darkness had fallen, a smoking firepot with a blazing torch appeared and passed between the pieces."Genesis 15:17

"For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.: Isaiah 62:1


Yesterday, I was given a passage from the bible and it is to do with virtue.

People were told that money is power and look where that led the people in the previous post.

They were also told that knowledge is power, so some people moved from chasing money to chasing knowledge instead. However, those that ascended beyond duality, are aware that knowledge is a duality.

Let us replace the word knowledge with truth, for as the Son of God said, the truth shall set them free.

Truth in itself is not the power, it is the love that compels it that is the power, the power of the divine will of the LORD God. 'When you truly know how powerful you are, then you live in true humility of it'. from Sacred Words.

In Luke chapter 6:19 KJV states "The whole multitude sought to touch him; for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all." I understand this in terms of his state of being virtuous, and leading by example, walking the talk. The virtues that he imparted were so pure, his purity of intention and love helped to heal others by showing them the way to return to virtue.

Hence, why his virtue triggered others and what they held inside. As we have shared previously, love is eternal and darkness dies, for the darkness cannot live in the light of love.

Hence, why we say to the people 'Teshuvah', return, return to the sacred for it is the cure for all ills.

The 18th of August is the 'Day of Endurance' and Lorenzo's parents definitely endured it all, compelled by love.

Love beyond measure


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