Monday, 15 August 2011


Large fish kill in the Pearl River, Louisiana, catfish gasping for breath. Plus an Oil Spill and Dead Sea life in China. August 2011.

Louisiana is an interesting one. PEARL RIVER. Pearls relate to WISDOM.

The company responsible, Temple inland.

August 9, 2011 it was posted that "International Paper Extends Temple-Inland Bid; Has 7.7% of stock.

77 is a biblical number to do with forgiveness in the NT.

International Paper Company, extended its 3.3 billion hostile tender offer for Temple-Inland Inc to September 8 amid a low response from shareholders.

Yesterday, the LORD God said 'Paper' for the second time. The first time he said paper within weeks the Murdoch story had hit the papers.

One the directors of the International Paper Company is called Craig Kimmel and we posted the name KIMMEL on our blog yesterday. I can smell the rye again. 

Sara-Ka-El  Wrote:
All of the South East is slated for hellholishness and its been happening since last year.

So we asked Sara the following: 

Is there any common denominators Sara-Ka-El? For instance is it the bible belt? I was given paper for the second time yesterday. The first time the LORD God said 'Paper' within weeks the Murdoch case kicked off.

Now we have this fish kill related to paper.

East is the direction of the teacher, Saturn is also the karmic teacher.

South is the direction of the prophets. 

I then took a look at the bible belt in the USA. 

Urban Dictionary states: 

1. An area of the southern United States that has a large protestant (i.e. Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ) church attending population. Most of these people are ignorant of their own beliefs, do not follow the laws they preach, and relentlessly attempt to convert those who do not follow their sect. When you feel out of place or someone is out to get you, you can say, "I feel like an atheist in the bible belt."

2. states in the Southeast plus Texaswhere fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity is taken very seriously.


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