Monday, 15 August 2011


Well we mentioned SNOW WHITE again on our other blog the other day, and tonight people were asking for a sign. Well here is another sign because biblically speaking snow is to do with the prophet. Hence, why we have reported on the snow in the past.

"Forecasters are describing it as a once-in-a-lifetime event. Snowflakes have been falling in the New Zealand capital Wellington, second city of Christchurch and several other areas. Christchurch rarely gets snow, the few inches that fell on Sunday and Monday is the most in at least 30 years. Services across the country were disrupted on Monday by the snow showers, which were accompanied by heavy rain and high winds."

30 = LAMED = Shepherds staff that defends the lambs in the ancient pictographs.  

Location; WELL ING TON, there were have another TON that as been found in this seasons crop circles. 

30 + 100 are both numbers in the NT to do with the spiritual law. 

30 is also the number of MEDITATION. 

So what does Wellington have to do with it? 

George Wellington was born in MARYLAND (USA). 

He died in Maryland and was buried at ROSE HILL. 

We posted videos of ROSES today. 

Mr Wellington is to do with the Children. 
Do you remember the Teddy Bear Crop Circle?

Mary, children and meditation = Angels Healing Trust.

We have at least three students in New Zealand.

Blessings in Abundance


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