Saturday, 28 January 2012

X.17 Solar Flare USA

Today is the 'Day of Outstanding Achievements' 28th of January.

The birthday of my Son, Jordan and he is 29 today.

Yesterday there was this breaking news
X.1.7 Solar Flare on the 27th and that was the day of'Tumultuous Energy'. 
The number 17 also came up a lot in the crop circles in 2011. The 17th week in pregnancy is when the babies skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord is lengthening, becoming thicker and stronger. In Jordan's case it is his first Saturn Return when major changes happen. That coincides with my second Saturn Return, with him being exactly half the age of his mother in a couple of weeks. 

17 weeks from now takes us to the 28th of May, 2012 and in June the 42 months mentioned in Rev 13 comes to completion. In England that is marked in the calendar as the day of spring. On the 27th it will be 'Feast of Weeks'  'Shavot' and 'Whit Sunday', 'Pentecost.' With Trinity Sunday on the 3rd of June and 'Corpus Christi' on the 7th.  

In the major arcane, the STAR card, is a graphic of a woman who is naked and she has the star above her head. She is the water carrier and pours out the water upon the land. She has one foot on the water and one on the land. Just like the Angel in the biblical prophecies. I have always related the 'STAR' to the USA, due to its star spangled banner. Its always an auspicious card and can also relate to astrology and the positive planetary configurations. If we knew when Obama was born, then we could look at this chart. However, so far it looks like that Georgia have won their court case to ensure that Obama will not be on the ballot for the 2012 election. That means he loses 17 delegates in the electoral college. 
In all of the energies combined, it does look like Obama is heading for defeat, and in his heart he knows that the feminine energies are rising against him due to what he has done. 

The card is full of sunshine and twinkling stars so it does indicate that there will be some impact made by some celebrities in the USA. As we know out of all of the celebrities in the USA, Kevin Costner is the one that made 'Water World' and invested in 'water technology'. So he is certainly one to keep an eye on this summer. It is about the Virgin that is pure, the purified and the purifier. It is related to the Wise Virgins that know how to bless the waters and create an harmonic epiphany. 

It is a card of hope, optimism and destiny and the people begin to accept that water is offered to cleanse their consciousness of their lands and nations. The number 17 is also an age of 'youthfulness' and youth inspiring others. The inspiration of the children who love the water. It is about goodwill, harmony, renewal and regeneration. 

In Hebrew gematria 17 is also the value of 'Good', 'Fishermen',  'Gedi' that means 'Kid', Young Goat'.

17 the number of the morning  STAR of Venus, of peace, love, which promises a spiritual arising. Its also to do with immortality and going beyond 'the trials and tribulations' in your lives that are currently happening. You can be sure to see an evening bigger uprising in 2012, then you saw in 2011. I feel it is positive for the USA if they have the eyes to see it, the ears to hear, and the heart to understand. 

The 29th is the 'Day of Compassion' good one for Sunday.

So why not spend time today reviewing the 
'Outstanding Achievements' of your life.

You don't have to share them. Just ponder upon them, and let them bring all that is good to you.

Time to give yourselves a hug and a well done. In fact, to hug everyone that you know that has co-created an 'Outstanding Achievement'. Certainly what happened in Georgia was that, through sheer tenacity, patience and perseverance those that worked so hard, won the day. I feel sure that Michael M Mauldin is celebrating due to the success of the court case in Georgia to do with Obama. 

Human kind is purposefully born to be kind in its humanness, and from the purity of that kindness springs forth the divine nature. Hence why in the Psalms, Jesus was called the 'Lute of Lovingkindness' because he helped others to bring forth their divine nature that can always see the higher perspective. We do not always speak of the higher perspective, because some people are simply not ready to hear it. 

Love beyond measure 

Lotus Feet

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