Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cape Cod Christians

20 dolphins have died after washing up near Cape Cod (USA). 40-50 common and Atlantic white-sided dolphins have been found stranded since Thursday and they anticipate that the number will rise. They have managed to save 19. [1]

20 is to do with judgement and the Queen of the South and the sign of Jonah.

19 relates to Rev 19 and the rider on the white horse.

Cape Cod is the same gematria value as 'Megiddo Dead' [4] and today we have been discussing Megiddo with a Jewish woman that embraces Christian scriptures. See our other blog where we have made some important points and intervention. Christians are also related to the symbol of fish. Hence, the Cod relates to them. The question is how to help them to keep their capes, at the same time as stopping them from being so slippery. Otherwise they're going to end up just like the dolphins and seals, dead and dead is symbolic of the spiritually dead. Just like the Jewish woman that is promoting armageddon. She said that she was once anti-Israel and could only see through the lens of Palestine. Then her heart changed towards Israel when she accepted Jesus as the Messiah, and she is now pro-Israel.

There was also a report from Southern Australia and there was 53 fur seals washed up on a beach there. Whatever killed them, affected 2 adults and 51 young. It is written that there has been a quake in the area, around the time that they died. [2]

53 = Stone of Prophecy, the Hebrew gematria values of the number 53. [3]

Stone [Ps 118.22]

Prophecy [1Sam 10.11]

Message [1Joh 1.5]

Says [Rev 2.7]

The Jubile [Lev 25.13]

Garden [Gen 2.8]

Jewel [S# 2484]


Sun, Heat [S# 2535]

The Hebrew (Ord) [Gen 14.13]

Its DIAMOND JUBILEE + Olympics this summer. (See our other blog)

Jubilee =  Dead Sea Scrolls and it relates to the number of the signs given. 

The Stone prophecy is about the one that was promised to come in the book of Revelation. The Torah is to do with the spiritual law and we have made posts on the interpreter of the law that is mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 


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